12 enjoyable things to do in Kundasang, except for No. 11!

Is Kundasang worth visiting? What are the things to do in Kundasang? Read on as I unveil 12 things I did in this beautiful mountainous town, located about 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu. 

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Done that? Let’s start our full day DIY tour of Kundasang! :)

Things to do in Kundasang
Kundasang has dedicated photo spots



12 Unforgettable Experiences in Kundasang

Here’s how I started my day in Kundasang, in chronological order. FYI, this is Day 5 of my 10-day Kota Kinabalu trip. 

1. Watch Sunrise at Room Balcony

Waking up naturally before 6am hardly happens when I’m in Singapore. But my body seems to yearn for sunrise-viewing whenever I’m overseas.

Similar to my experience in Da Nang, I managed to catch sunrise at around 5.50am without the help of an alarm. Yes, my eyes just opened! :)

Sunrise in Kundasang
Sleepy, but I patiently sat at the balcony watching the sun rose from behind the mountain

I excitedly stood at the balcony of JR Resort for close to half an hour, from dawn to when the sun had fully risen.

That’s Kundasang experience number #1. What’s next? 

Sunrise viewing in Kundasang
The sun has risen!

2. Breakfast with a view (of Mount Kinabalu)


One of the great things about JR Resort was its quality and affordable food. I also appreciated that the eatery opened from early morning to late hours. 

But the most amazing thing about this eatery is how it offered a full view of Mt Kinabalu right from where we sat and ate.

Mount Kinabalu Viewing
Check out my view – that’s Mt Kinabalu I was facing

And our breakfast – Seafood Hor Fun, Roti Prata and tea – were delicious!

Mount Kundasang View - JR Resort
Breakfast with a view – Seafood Hor Fun and Roti Prata
Good food in Kundasang
My simple local breakfast was good!

Did you know?

Mt Kinabalu is very shy! If you manage to spot it, snap a photo quickly. Early morning is your best bet! 

As you can see from the photo below, Mt Kinabalu disappeared behind fluffy clouds just a few moments later. 

Mount Kinabalu Viewing
Mt Kinabalu hidden behind clouds

3. Great Photo Opportunity at JR Resort@Kundasang

JR Resort offered lots of photo-taking opportunities at its premises. In the photo below, you can see me walking towards a rainbow platform with some cute sculptures such as T-rex.

I’ll show you more in next day’s post. 

Mount Kundasang View - JR Resort
Many photo-taking spots at JR Resort in Kundasang

4. Visiting a Dairy Farm in Kundasang (Desa Farm)

Did you know you can visit a dairy farm in Malaysia, and enjoy gelato, yoghurt and fresh milk while soaking in the mountain view? 

Things to do in Kundasang
Me at Desa Dairy Farm!

Not sure if it’s the mood that I was in, but I thought the Gelato at Desa Dairy Farm was really yummy (see location)! 

Desa Dairy Farm Kundasang
Bought Gelato, yoghurt and fresh milk. Favourite was Gelato!

But nothing beats being able to hand-feed calf with milk. A bottle costs just rm1.50 and the interactive experience of being mom to hungry calves was fun and unforgettable.

Desa Dairy Farm Kundasang
Feeding hungry calves!

Tour Option: Not driving? You can join a farm day tour from Kota Kinabalu that will bring you to Kundasang and let you explore Desa Dairy Farm, Rabbit Farm and Fish Spa among others.

Prefer more adventurous stuff, this adventure tour is sure to give you an adrenaline rush!

5. Must-try in Kundasang: Hike up Sosodikon Hill


What’s a great place to enjoy a superb 360-degree bird’s eye view of Kundasang? And the good thing – you’ll take just 10 minutes to get to the top of Sosodikon Hill (see location).

Though I hiked in slippers, I recommend proper walking shoes as the surface was peppered with small rocks.  

Hiking in Kundasang
Hiking up Sosodikon Hill in Kundasang
Hiking in Kundasang
My fresh milk came in handy as I’d no water to hydrate myself

Check out these amazing views! Definitely recommending this as a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Kundasang, provided the fee for foreigners doesn’t go up further. 

Now, it’s rm10 per foreigner when many countries won’t charge you a cent for climbing a hill.

Sosodikon Hill in Kundasang
Imagine 360-degree view of this…

Sosodikon Hill in Kundasang


Sosodikon Hill in Kundasang
Rainbow platform at top of hill

TIP: To make the most out of your trip to Kota Kinabalu and/or Kundasang, consider renting a car. Driving in Kundasang didn’t feel as dangerous or scary as driving up Hehuanshan or even Genting Highlands. Check out car rental price.

Sosodikon Hill in Kundasang
Glancing towards the trail that brought us here?

6. Kundasang War Memorial (Optional)

This wasn’t on my must-go list, but I thought we could pop by since Kundasang War Memorial was quite centrally located (see map).

But when I realised that the admission fee (rm15 for foreigners) has gone up three times higher than what I’d read online, I decided to give it a miss. War memorials in Singapore and many countries are free to enter?

POPULAR TOUR: Like to visit Kinabalu National Park? This popular day tour brings you to Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring. 

Things to do in Kundasang

Entrance to Kundasang War Memorial

7. You’ll love Kundasang’s Selfie Corner


Next, let’s get ready to take lots of photos at Kundasang Selfie Corner (see location). It’s a small but interesting space filled with photo props that have mountains serving as backdrop. 

Things to do in Kota Kinabalu

Interestingly, the props are split into two sections so that you have to pay admission twice (rm5 each) in order to enjoy all the photo props here.

Now you know what I mean when I said that KK tourism operators seem really eager and creative in milking the tourism dollars. 

Kundasang Selfie Corner

I chose to enter only one section and completed the photo-taking in 12 minutes. You can opt for the other half which had more dreamy/girly props.

Things to do in Kundasang

8. Kundasang Market & Central

We then walked around Kundasang Market that sold mainly fruits and snacks (see location).

Kundasang Market
Kundasang Market

Near the market is a small “central” where we bought some drinks from a convenience stall.  There were some huge fruits photo props too if you are keen (see location).

Things to do in Kundasang

9. Delightful Experience: Dining in a Bus 


What’s for lunch? How about dining in a bus? 

Things to do in Kundasang
BW Bus in Kundasang

Our experience at BW Bus was one of the key highlights of our stay in Kundasang. You’ll pay rm5 for admission which can be used to offset your F&B purchase. 

Things to do in Kundasang

We bought Iced Cappuccino, Mushroom Soup, Teriyaki Chicken Aglio Olio and Beef Cabonara and paid less than rm70. Food was decent. 

Once again, it started raining in the afternoon and we found ourselves staying in the bus longer than we’d intended to. Basically, the rain kind of ended our tour. Luckily we’d woken up early today!

Things to do in Kundasang

10. Driving to Ranau Town


Why did we decide to make a drive to Ranau town, located about 20 minutes from Kundasang central? That’s because the Shell petrol station at Kundasang ran out of petrol. Ha Ha! 

So, let’s go explore Ranau town in the heavy downpour. 

After topping up our petrol (rm40), we forced ourselves to shop at a Watson store due to the persistent rain.  

Bombon Fish Spa


When the rain finally eased, we headed to Bombon Fish Spa, where visitors can interact with large fishes in their natural habitat (i.e. river). 

Unfortunately, the clear water turned into muddy river due to the rain and there was no fish in sight.

Things to do in Kundasang

Ranau Hakka Food Court

Before leaving Ranau town, we visited Ranau Hakka Food Court (see location).

I was still darn full but the man got hungry again, and ordered Seafood fried rice and Wonton Soup from the big and uncrowded food court. 

Ranau Hakka Food Court

11. Memorable Nighttime activity: Killing over 100 ant flies

By 5.30pm, we retreated to our resort and called it a day.

What was truly “memorable “was our busy nighttime activity when we caught more than 100 ant flies…maybe 200. Not wanting to kill them initially, we painstakingly “collected” them one by one into water bottles – from bed, floor, walls etc.

But it was a never-ending task, and we ran out of patience towards the end. I had to do a few quick sweeps and drop the unfortunate ones (maybe 50 of them) into the toilet bowl.

Wish I could show you those bottles with our collectible ants within. But I forgot to take a photo of my trophy.

In case you wonder, our balcony door was shut. So how did the ants fly in? Hmm…maybe from door gaps or toilet window panes. 

12. Dinner from JR Resort was good

Lazy to get out, we ordered takeaway from the JR Resort kitchen. 

What you see here – Veggies, Sweet and Sour fish, Seafood Bee Boon and Fried Eggs – cost us about rm60. 

I enjoyed some red wine and went to bed. It was a fun but tiring day. This concludes the 12 memorable things we did in Kundasang. We’ll be covering a few more places tomorrow before checking out and returning to KK.

JR Resort Takeaway Dinner Kundasang
Takeaway dinner from JR Resort


Bonus: More things to do in Kundasang

Did you know there are a lot more things you can do in Kundasang? The places below are in chronological order of distance from Kundasang Central and most of them are family-oriented:

Hope you’ve found this post useful in planning your next Southeast Asia holiday! Stay tuned to the next post and see us spend another four nights back in Kota Kinabalu, where we climbed a low mountain, island-hopped and visited the best night market in KK.

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