I’ve been stress-eating! Time for another 30-day Slim & Fit Challenge (Feb/Mar 2021)

Ever encountered lots of stress and ended up eating excessively to pamper yourself? Well, I’ve been under lots of work stress lately and found myself eating more ice cream and cheesecake in a month than I have in the past one year. For some reasons, I felt like I deserved those sweet treats after the hard work that I’ve put in.

Cheesecake 30 Days Challenge

But, that’s not right and not healthy. I can feel my shorts getting tighter by the day. Although it hasn’t reached the stage where I feel very out of shape, I think I need to nip the bad habit in the bud before it has the chance to deepen its roots and control my life.

Therefore, I’m urgently re-starting a new 30-day Slim & Fit Challenge. Hopefully, by the end of this challenge, I would have regained control of my eating and fitness habit. Without any further ado, let’s get this going. 


30-Day Slim & Fit Challenge – Goals & Targets

I’ve done this slim & fit exercise so many times. So I won’t repeat too much. You can refer to previous Slim & Fit Challenges if you like to know my daily goals and how I track them. 

In short, my goals are to:

  1. Exercise everyday (at least 30 minutes or 12k steps)
  2. Eat within daily allowable calories and carbohydrates

30 Days Challenge Feb 2021


Live Health & Fitness Log 

I’ll post my daily fitness and diet progress here wef 15 Feb 2021 (yah, give me 2 more days to enjoy CNY feasting. LOL!). If you are joining me in this new challenge, do keep a daily log too as doing so will help you stay motivated. And don’t forget to take your BEFORE body measurements so that we would know how much we have improved at the end of the 30-day challenge.

Let’s get this ball rolling and start our healthy living!

Daily Exercise & Diet Log

DayDateCardioStepsStrength (Upper)Strength (Lower)Diet 
115 FebJog (4.2km)16,000Squats (90 reps)Pass
216 Feb11,600Sit-ups (90 reps)

Squats (90 reps)
Squats w/ weight (80 reps)
Hip Extension (90 reps)
Side Leg Lifts (60 reps) 

317 FebJog (4.2km)14,500Squats (90 reps)Pass
418 Feb11,300Sit-ups (90 reps)Squats (90 reps)
Squats w/ weight (80 reps)
Hip Extension (90 reps)
Side Leg Lifts (60 reps) 
519 FebJog (4.2km)15,000Squats (90 reps)Pass
620 Feb (Sat)14,000Pass
721 Feb (Sun)10,300Squats (90 reps)Fail (+423 calories)

End of 1st week:
I was very disciplined until weekends arrived. Indulged a lot. Will work it out next weekdays to compensate.
Weekly Calorie: – 1,355

 822 Feb (Mon)Jog (4.2km)18,000Sit-ups (90 reps)Squats (90 reps)Pass
923 Feb (Tue)10,100Sit-ups (90 reps)Squats (90 reps)
Hip Extension (90 reps)
Side Leg Lifts (60 reps) 
1024 Feb (Wed)13,000Pass
1125 Feb (Thur)12,100Sit-ups (90 reps)Squats (90 reps)
Side Leg Lifts (60 reps) 
1226 Feb (Fri)13,500Pass
 1327 Feb (Sat)12,700Pass
 1428 Feb (Sun)15,600Fail (+297 calories)
End of 2nd week: 
 151 Mar Jog (4.2km), climb 20 storeys15,400Sit-ups (90 reps)Squats (90 reps)

 162 Mar20,000Pass
 173 Mar Fail 
 184 MarJog (4.2km)  
 195 Mar     
 206 Mar (Sat)     
217 Mar (Sun)     

*Set A (4.5 – 5.75kg dumbbell) = Per Arm  >>  Bicep Curl x 12 reps, Shoulder Press x 12 reps, Tricep Extension x 12 reps, Dumbbell row x 20 reps

^Set B (6kg ankle weight) = Per Leg  >>  Hip Extension x 30 reps, Donkey Kicks x 40 reps, Side Leg Lifts x 20 reps

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