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How We Achieve 100% Honest Reviews

When we say we keep our reviews honest, we mean it! We are glad to see readers sharing though our Readers’ Survey that they trust reviews on this website and find our recommendations useful and honest.

We don’t believe in short-term gains in exchange for breaching your trust. Press samples that aren’t aligned with our readers’ interests have been consistently declined. Also, we would only accept press samples if companies allow myBeautyCravings to retain our honest voice. 

It’s not nice to say something bad about people who gift you something, right? The same goes with brands – we would rather not post anything if we have nothing good to say about the free products or services.

Another method to ensure that we remain unbiased is to pay for products first before seeking sponsorship. If the product turns out to be top-notch, we would invite such companies for advertorial opportunity. 

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"You always share such amazing & helpful tips! It’s really different from what’s out there IMO, because your reviews are honest. I always have such a fun time just reading what you write. It’s engaging & truly helpful...it feels like your site treats its audience like family...Keep up the great work!"
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"I love your lists! They’re so helpful and helps me to focus on exactly what I need to buy. Thanks for all of your wonderful recs!"
“Thank you for giving us honest review. I google some products and found your blog…We need honest blogger like you because many others just gave a lot of fake reviews when they were sponsored.”
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“I love your recommended posts – they’re super helpful.”
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"I hardly read these "blogs" ... but honestly this page about Okinawa is well done and gives lots of interesting points!...Thank you for your time making this page!"
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“Thanks for the sharing! I am currently planning for my first solo trip and your post really helps!!”
“Your posts about your trip to Taiwan are very helpful!”
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"Hi! I’ve just read through all 8 days of your very busy and very exciting journey, and wanted to say thank you very much for the level of detail and thought you put into these posts...In the contemporary Instagram world, the only focus is on highly edited picture ‘inspiration’! I mean this is the highest compliment, as I learnt more from your blog than I have from reading 100 other ‘inspiration’ posts. So thank you."
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"Hi, I really enjoyed reading your blog as it was not self-indulgent like so many of the new bloggers...it was all very informative and great tips for others...We are off to Melaka in January and will keep your tips in mind."
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myBeautyCravings EditorHi there, I’m Nicole Anna Lee from Singapore and I’m the founder and editor of myBeautyCravings.

Every product, service or travel destination has been personally tested or visited by me. I pay for most of the products and experiences shared on this website. 

I have just entered my 40s, but like to believe that I look younger than my age. Ahem! :) I credit that to good genes and proper skincare regimen. 

Are you looking for 100% honest reviews on beauty and travel?

Do you want to know which products truly work (and which should be skipped)?

Do you love free and easy travel? 

Would you love to save money on beauty and travel?

If your answers to the above are “Yes!”, stay on as I’ve made it my mission to help readers obtain the best value for their money by sharing:

1) 100% Honest Beauty Reviews

2) Original Travel Stories, Destination Tips & Guides

My main beauty concerns are aging, enlarged pores, blemishes and recently dehydration. I breakout easily when I use the wrong product despite my ‘advanced’ age. LOL! Therefore, you’ll be able to benefit from my reviews because I’ll pinpoint products that are safe for pimple-prone skin (and those that aren’t).

My beauty targets are to find products that:

  1. Slow down aging
  2. Improve skin firmness and hydration
  3. Are safe for pimple-prone skin
  4. Make us beautiful

I love travelling! And I only do it on free and easy, sometimes adding a little adventurous spirit to my travel itineraries. I’m not too keen on over-touristy attractions. By that, I’m referring to places that are touristy for the sake of being touristy and offer very little authentic experience. 

Therefore, you can find me sharing a mix of worthy tourist attractions and places off the beaten track – both of which would be equally favored by locals. Here are the places I’ve been to.

I love beaches, hiking, mountain-climbing, waterfalls, good food and seeking out gems that’re off the tourists’ map. If you are into fun and authentic travel experiences, this site could become your next best friend (and we may become great virtual friends :)).

I’m into personal finance too! That’s why I don’t have the habit of spending excessively, be it on travel or beauty. For example, I would rather walk 20 minutes than take a bus (that’s for health reason too). I would rather take a bus than hire a cab. I wouldn’t mind staying in a budget hotel on days when I would be out the entire day.

Sometimes, you may see me splurging on cool apartments, expensive activities or premium beauty products. That’s because I’d found the experience value for money.

I do things based on a value principle. How much value do I get out of the money I’ve paid? That’s a little different from being on a budget.

Based on the same principle, I like beauty products that work more than how big their branding (and marketing budget) is. Products I like can be a mix of premium and drug-store brands as long as they work and offer excellent value.

Stay connected with me if you find similarities in our likes and dislikes on beauty and travel.


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If you are new to myBeautyCravingsstart here to get to a handpicked selection of posts I feel will benefit you the most. Are you looking for holy grail beauty products? Planning your travel itinerary and need some ideas and tips? 

Everything is listed to get you to what you need easily and quickly. Beach holidays? Solo travelling tips? Pimple-safe products? Anti-aging products that work? You’ll find the answers here.

I’m a financially-savvy value hunter and have always been on a look out for great products and services that give more bang for the buck. View tips and recommendations accumulated over the years that can help you save or make money.

For Advertisers & Press

Thank you for your interest in myBeautyCravings (mBC True Media). Please visit our Partners Page to find out how we can help you boost long-term visibility and reach new audiences by sharing a trustable voice.  

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More About The Founder And Editor

I hold a BBA (Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore, and have 18 years of experience in business, marketing, communications and outreach. I have led production of mainstream TV infotainments, media advertisements and helped companies launch websites and portals to reach out to their target audience. 

My interests other than beauty and travel include personal finance, blogging, business news, jogging and tea!

I believe my addiction to tea helped me look younger than my actual age. If you take away my tea, I will hate you forever. :P

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