Akihabara: This is where I enjoyed the best Tonkatsu in my life! (Tokyo Day 3)

Hey all, I’m back with Day 3 (PM) itinerary. Having spent the morning exploring Ginza, I was back at my base in Akihabara – a place known for its electronics shops and Otaku culture.

I would be doing a bit of shopping and lots of eating in Akihabara. In fact, you’ll see me savoring the best Tonkatsu I’ve had in my life. Wow! That was a memorable food experience, man! 

Good food in Akihabara
This Tonkatsu was so good!


A bit more about Akihabara 

Since this post is dedicated to Akihabara, I’ll share a little bit more about this district in Tokyo. If you don’t already know, accommodations here are normally cheaper than those in busier districts such as Shinjuku and Shibuya.

That’s why I based myself here for 3 nights and have no regrets doing so! Akihabara served as a great base to explore northern part of Tokyo City Centre, such as Ueno and Asakusa

Where to stay? Here’s where I stayed in Akihabara – which I highly recommend as it offered me the best sleep and amenities as compared to other hotels stayed during this 9-day Tokyo trip.  

Keikyu Ex Inn Akihabara
My clean and functional room at Akihabara, Tokyo

Today would be my third and last night in Akihabara, and I wanted to make sure I dedicate some time to explore what this quieter ‘Otaku’ district offered. Without any further ado, let’s begin Day 3 (PM) itinerary!

Did you know? Otaku means “geek” or “nerd” and is associated with people who are obsessed with anime, manga & idols and video games.


What I did in Akihabara for half a day!

By the time I returned to Akihabara from my morning itinerary in Ginza, it was 4pm. I made my way to Yodobashi-Akiba, the most prominent building in Akihabara that’s linked to Akihabara station. 

Yodobashi Akiba

1. Akihabara Food Options @ Yodobashi-Akiba Mall

If you thought Yodobashi-Akiba is just a place selling electronics and devices, you are so wrong. There was a full level (8F) dedicated to food, and most of them looked pretty decent (and reasonably-priced).

Food in Akihabara
Restaurants at Yodobashi-Akiba

I’d shortlisted a steak restaurant, but was later drawn by the quiet setting of a Tonkatsu restaurant. 

Don’t miss these posts!

Food in Akihabara
I wish I had a chance to try this too!

2. This Tonkatsu at Akihabara almost made me cry!

So glad I decided to have my meal at Tonkatsu Wako restaurant as the food here was soooo good! I couldn’t help texting my partner to declare my victory (in food-search) and showing him every bite I took – live!

Recommended food in Akihabara
What I ordered – a seasonal Spring-time set

I’d ordered a seasonal special comprising shrimp, pork and creamy croquette (¥1600). The batter was so thin and yet crispy in a way it was not hard or rough to the tender lining of the inner cavity.

The cabbage topped with free-flow Yuzu sauce was appetizing too! 

Great food in Tokyo
Even the soup came with unexpected treasures!

It’s the best Tonkatsu I’ve had in my life, though I must declare that I’m not a foodie and haven’t tried a lot of Tonkatsu. :)

FOOD TIP: If you visit the same restaurant, you may want to order the full-pork menu, as the pork stood out among the other items on my plate. I also saw other dinners having pure-pork Tonkatsu.

Good food in Akihabara
My only proper meal in Akihabara turned out to be really good!

3. Sad to miss Owl Cafe Fukurou (Akihabara Attraction)

By right, I should continue shopping at Yodabashi after my meal. But there was an attraction I wanted to visit in Akihabara. And that’s Owl Cafe Fukurou!

I read that this cafe has a large number of owls and visitors can interact and take photos with the “selected” owls. Owl symbolizes wisdom, and I definitely wouldn’t mind having a shot with “wisdom”. :)

But too bad, the place required advance booking, and all slots were booked for the next few weeks. Hence, I missed out the chance to visit the cafe during this trip. Sigh!

TIP: If you are keen to visit Owl Cafe Fukurou, do book your appointment way in advance prior to arriving in Tokyo. You don’t want to be as disappointed as I was. 

Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou
See those ladies waiting outside Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou? At least they secured a slot, unlike me. Sob!


4. Let’s start shopping at Yodobashi-Akiba!


After dropping off some heavy loots at my hotel, I returned to Yodobashi-Akiba to explore what this tall building has to offer. 

On top of the huge selection of electronics devices, Yodobashi also sells cosmetics, liquor, luggage and other lifestyle items. 

Yodobashi Camera Akihabara
Large range of options for electronic devices.
Shopping in Akihabara
Yodobashi-Akiba also sells a good range of liquor

Level 7 was unique as it comprised standalone shops such as Uniqlo and Daiso, instead of the “departmental store” layout on other floors.

Things to do in Akihabara
Bought laundry bag at Daiso on level 7

I wanted to buy a pair of sneakers from ABC store, but couldn’t find one that fit my elephant feet. The sales staff was really patient and I felt bad making him run so many trips to the storeroom.

Yodobashi Akiba
Shopping for sneakers at ABC store in Tokyo

Mid-way through shopping, I felt my legs giving way and badly needed a rest. Went to food level on 8th floor hoping to find a cafe but couldn’t find one that sells matcha latte (yes, I was craving for matcha).

Things to do in Japan
You must do this in Japan. Get a random toy!

While looking for my matcha, I saw a row of capsule toy machines (“Gashapon” that spits out random toys) and decided to give it a go.

See what I got! Cute, isn’t it? 

Things to do in Japan
My random toy was so cute!

5. Beard Papa Akihabara: Did you know this originated in Japan? 


Near the entrance of Yodabashi-Akiba were rows of food kiosks selling take-away food. Since I was still craving for matcha, I decided to try a matcha-flavored cream puff (¥250) from Beard Papa.

Did you know Beard Papa originated in Japan?  

Beard Papa Tokyo
Creamy puff at Beard Papa Akihabara

One bite of the puff and the cream oozed out uncontrollably. That was an overly-generous amount of cream man! I sort of made a mess of myself and struggled to keep my clothes cream-free. 

Akihabara food
Chose this featured cream puff

6. Final indulgence at Cafe Veloce 

Not done with my matcha craving, I popped into Cafe Veloce located outside Yodobashi-Akiba and ordered a matcha latte and cheese cake (¥810). 

Cafe Veloce Akihabara

Well, it’s not the best matcha I’ve had and was a tad too sweet for my liking. That’s alright! I would find a good matcha latte later – stayed tuned to more posts in this Tokyo series. :))

Cafe Veloce Akihabara
Celebrating the end of first leg of trip with a cup of Matcha Latte!

7. Where I did my laundry in Tokyo!

The great thing about my hotel – Keikyu Ex Inn Akihabara – was the availability of coin-operated laundry (¥500). It was so convenient as I could return to my room to rest and relax while the laundry was doing its cycle. 

What was even better was how I could view the laundry count-down timer through the in-room TV.  

Keikyu Ex Inn Akihabara
Very happy with the amenities offered at Keikyu Ex Inn Akihabara hotel

8. Donki Akihabara (Visited on Day 1)

For your convenience, I’m consolidating places in Akihabara I’d visited earlier. View Day 1 post to check out my experience at Donki Akihabara – the first mall I visited after arriving in Tokyo. 

Don Quijote Akihabara
Maid costumes!

9. Shop at 2k540 Artisan Mall (Visited on Day 2)

Here’s another place I’d visited – a mall located beneath train track. Check out Day 2 post to see some of the artisan items on offer.

Akihabara Shopping Mall
For those who love hand-made products!

And that’s all I have for you. Stay tuned to the next post (i.e. Day 4) as I’ll make an exciting trip to onsen town – Hakone! Do also click the button below to subscribe if you like to receive notifications on newly-published travel stories. 



Essential Info (Day 3):

Map Locations of Tokyo Itinerary (Day 3 PM)

Akihabara Station > Yodobashi-Akiba > Tonkatsu Wako Restaurant > Owl Cafe FukurouYodobashi-Akiba > Beard Papa Akihabara > Cafe Veloce AkihabaraKeikyu Ex Inn Akihabara Hotel


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