Anti-aging: Is it better to eat your tomatoes raw or cooked?

Did you know that tomato is a good anti-aging food? Rich in antioxidant, tomato can slow down the oxidation process taking place in the body, which is a leading cause of aging.

But is it better to take your tomatoes raw or cooked? 

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Contrary to logical belief, tomatoes are best taken when cooked. The cooking process boosts the antioxidant power of tomatoes and makes it more easily absorbed by the body. The trade-off however is the reduced vitamin C in a cooked tomato.

Did you also know that tomatoes can make your skin less sensitive to UV light? As many of you would have already known, sun exposure is the No.1 cause of skin aging. In fact, the sun takes credit for 90 percent of the damage to the skin.

So, all the more we should include tomatoes in our regular diet?

I take tomatoes almost every other day, and love them boiled or pan-fried. Do you like tomatoes as much as I do?

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(This post was first published in Aug 2014)

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