Can Laser Facial improve laugh lines? | Review of Gangnam Laser Clinic

Have you guys read my first review of Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic? The affordable laser facial works great in controlling blemishes and giving dull face a good exfoliation. Check it out if you haven’t:

Part 1: The Treatment

Part 2: Pimples cleared in 7 days

A few months later, I revisited Gangnam Laser Clinic with a different skin concern – skin laxityMy skin was losing volume making my laugh lines and tear troughs more obvious. Gangnam Laser Clinic proposed 5 sessions of the same ‘Laser Facial’ treatment, but customized the laser to a different setting to address my current concerns.

This second review continues from Part 1 – “Laser Facial for Skin Firming, Can it Beat Fillers?”. Let’s see if Laser Facial is able to reduce laugh lines.

Laser Facial (Gangnam Laser Clinic)
Laser Facial (Gangnam Laser Clinic)
Gangnam Laser Clinic
Gangnam Laser Clinic

“Can laser facial beat fillers?”

To be honest, during the past few weeks, I’d thought that the answer was a clear-cut ‘NO’. The effect of the laser facial wasn’t obvious when I observe myself through the mirror. Maybe human beings are born with short memories? I must have forgotten how I’d looked like just a couple of months ago. 

Anyway, I’m glad that after reviewing the photo sequence, I was able to see an overall improvement in skin contour and firmness. Pardon me, that the first photo was with makeup while the rest were without. Let’s just focus on the skin firmness and face contour, okay? 

It’s better to compare the photos on the left column. These are the “Before” photos of each treatment and can provide a more accurate comparison than the “after photos” [right column] which may include some temporary swelling. 

Examining my left cheek (your right), I can see the cheek looking more lifted with each subsequent treatment. The sunken middle-segment was also less prominent with time.  

Before-After - can laser facial improve skin laxity?
Before-After – can laser facial improve skin laxity?

Side-by-side comparison. See the pink arrows? The cheek was bulging out less in Week 11. It has received a slight uplift.

The laugh lines were also less obvious, albeit still present when I look at myself through the mirror. 

Before-After - can laser facial improve skin laxity?
Before-After – can laser facial improve skin laxity?


So, can Laser Facial Beat Fillers?

To tell the truth, I don’t think so. But it can delay the need for fillers if your skin laxity is mild.

For those with moderate to severe skin laxity, filler should be a quicker and more effective solution, albeit minimally more invasive!

Yes, filler is more costly. But don’t forget that it gives instant result and requires only one visit a year as compared to fortnightly visit for laser facial. Comparing them on a yearly basis, the cost difference may not be significant. Furthermore, filler is less harsh on the skin.

My skin was dehydrated during the last 3 months when I was undergoing the laser facial. This is a photo taken immediately after the laser shots. The mosaic marks were the work of ablative laser.

Gangnam Laser Clinic - Laser Facial
Laser Facial – Deliberate wounding of the skin to boost collagen

Don’t worry, these marks would disappear after a few minutes, especially after the 15-min mask session. I just wanted to show you that this laser is real stuff and hence can be drying.


Should I go for Laser Facial? 

You can consider going for laser facial if you like to treat acne or pimples. This can also be a good exfoliation tool to achieve radiant and reborn skin. For those with mild skin laxity, laser facial can stimulate collagen and give a minor lift. 

If you have more significant loss of volume to your face, fillers may be a better choice.

Considering that I have both blemish and skin laxity (mild) concerns, this would be a suitable treatment for me. However, due to the drying effect, I would consider doing it less often (maybe once a month). 

In a Nutshell: 

The 5 sessions of Laser Facial gave the following results: 

  • Blemish Control:         Yes
  • Fade Pigmentation:    No
  • Rejuvenate Dull Skin: Yes
  • Skin Firming:              Yes (but only treats mild skin laxity)


Extra Tips for you!

If you are daring enough or want something more affordable, at-home superficial peels such as 40% glycolic acid and 40% lactic acid peels can achieve the same benefit as laser facial. Similarly, there is no downtime involved. 

As with all cosmetic procedure, be it a surgery, a minimally-invasive procedure or at-home peels, there are always risks involved. So do your due diligence in research before deciding if you want to proceed. 


The Service at Gangnam Laser Clinic

Service has improved since my first visit which is great. Perhaps, they can enhance customers’ experience further by reminding customers of post-care instructions despite repeat visits. I think this step is important as its laser that we are talking about. A brief 30-second session would suffice.

Having seen how Gangnam Laser Clinic responded to my earlier comments, I am confident that it is a company that is receptive to feedback and would continue to improve on her service and operations. 

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7 thoughts on “Can Laser Facial improve laugh lines? | Review of Gangnam Laser Clinic”

  1. Didn’t Dr Daniel Chang leave Gangnam?

    I’ve undergone fractional co2 laser this Sep and Oct at a different clinic. My doctor said I need 3 sessions and my skin isn’t as good as you. I think you’re not undergoing fractional co2 laser since you need 5 sessions. And I can’t see brown scabs after laser on your face. What’s the type of laser you’re undergoing?

    I received a printed aftercare advice before the treatment. I don’t think it’s specific enough though. I found out later on realself website that I shouldn’t wash my face with facial cleanser for 2 days and I shouldn’t resume vitamin A and C until 3-4 weeks later.

    1. Hi Belle, I’m not sure as I haven’t visited this clinic for quite some time.

      You’re right. What I’d received at Gangnam Laser Clinic isn’t the full-blown fractional CO2 laser. The real CO2 laser is stronger and requires downtime (about 7 days for me). I did it before at a different clinic and unfortunately during the 3rd treatment, the doctor raised the setting and I ended up having multiple nicely-spaced permanent holes/pores on my face after recovery. The one by Gangnam Laser is milder.

      Thanks for sharing about the aftercare. I’m guessing that Vitamin A and C are both quite harsh and hence may irritate the already ‘injured’ skin. How many days is your downtime with this CO2 laser treatment?

  2. Hi! Nicole. Thank you for your response. I’m sorry your previous laser left you with marks. Does Vitamin help to fade aways the marks?

    On the 5th day, most of the scabs have fallen off because I removed my sunscreen with cotton pads and oil. My skin still appeared pink in the 3rd week but much brighter. After 4 weeks, the pinkines is subsided.

    You’re right that laser doesn’t lift nasolabial fold, only fillers do.

    1. Hi Belle, the previous laser didn’t leave me with marks. It left me with something worse – holes. :) Multiple pores. That’s why I get pimples easily even at my age….coz products get into the multiple holes, caused by a blotched Fractional Laser Job. Therefore, Vitamin wasn’t able to help.

      What skin problems are you trying to address with CO2 laser? Hope you’ll get pretty and firm skin after the series of treatment. Just remember not to peel the scabs prematurely. And talking about fillers, I think I probably need them soon. :)

      Thanks for sharing the articles. It’s really interesting to get to know more about these treatments. Let us know if any of these work for you.

  3. Would other lasers help to shrink the pores?

    My concerns are open pores, dull skin tone, pink pimple scar, and fine nasalabial lines. I haven’t seen improvement in fine lines yet.

    I just had filler 11 days ago. My first filler. My Doctor recommended Restylane and Juvederm. I chose Restylane because I read that it has more benefits to the skin.

    Since you wish to fill nasolabial fold, it won’t cost much. I’ve more than 3 syringes in my face! And you can estimate how much it cost. Grrr… I’m not blessed with full cheeks. I really have to do Ellanse when my Restylane syringes are finished because Ellanse lasts longer and more cost efficient in the long run.

    Wish you Merry Christmas!

    1. Unfortunately, I think my “new” pores are here to stay. I’ve given up hope after all these years of remedy. Maybe a deep peel will help, but I don’t think I’m ready to try that yet. :)

      Based on my experience, laser or peels may temporary minimize pore but they do return to same state if we do not maintain laser/peel treatments.

      If your fine lines are dynamic wrinkles, you can consider botox.

      So excited to hear that you have your first filler. Did it help? 3 syringes are quite a lot – I hope I won’t need more than 2. It’s pricey! Which doctor are you with?

      Merry Christmas. I wish you great health and ever-lasting youth.

  4. With technology advancement, shrinking the pores is getting easier.

    Gosh! I thought lasers minimising the pore size permanently.  We can’t stop ageing but we can defy ageing. I’m fine to do maintenance once a year, if it helps.

    Ha! Filler helped my signature panda eyes and hollow cheeks tremendously. The look is natural and not overfilled. No one can tell.

    I wanted Ellanse instead of Restylane but my doctor didn’t recommend it for first timer. He thought first timer may feel weird that something is in the cheeks given Ellanse is harder than Restylane. He was right, I didn’t feel that I’ve filler in my face unless I touched it.

    What’s the type of filler are you considering?

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