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Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation

Hide Imperfections naturally with Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation

We haven’t talked about foundation for quite a while, have we? Today, let’s talk about one that I’ve brought back from Japan – Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation.  Are you looking for a foundation that’s formulated to suit middle-aged skin? Do you want to hide your skin’s imperfections without looking like you have a lot of makeup on? If you […]

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow OR481

Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow was one great Japan find!

Sorry, beauty pals. I’ve been busy at work and could only dedicate time for travel posts. But today, I’m gonna skip that and share one wonderful and affordable Japan beauty find. And that’s Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow. Bought this eyeshadow during my solo Tokyo trip and absolutely love it! If you like a small and portable eye shadow that suits

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara

7 Reasons for loving Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara: 2nd Best Mascara I’ve Used

This post was first published in 2018. Five years on and I found myself repurchasing Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara during my recent trip to Tokyo. When I first reviewed it, I was super delighted to find another beauty item to add to the holy grail family. Today, I am still happy using it. Read on if you are looking for

Welcia-BHG Takashimaya

Welcia-BHG is where you can get your Jap-beauty fix in Singapore!

Where’s a good place to shop for Japanese beauty products in Singapore? Yesterday, I spent a good one hour shopping at Welcia-BHG Takashimaya and was delighted to see so many items on sales. Most of them were at 35% off with some at an even more attractive discount of 50%. From now till 31 Oct, Welcia-BHG Takashimaya is having a

Cezanne Natural Cheek N Blusher

Cezanne Natural Cheek Blusher | Another Cheap Japan Makeup that Works

Hey friend, I’ve something cheap and good to share with you today – Cezanne Natural Cheek Blusher which I’d first hauled back from Okinawa in 2019. After using this blusher for more than 4 years, I am still loving it and have repurchased it many times. Check out the pros and cons of this Japan-made blusher which you can now

Some said Decorte Liposome Repair Serum is a must-try elixir. Is it true?

When travelling in Tokyo, I asked a Japanese local which beauty products were worth recommending. And she said, “Decorte Liposome Repair Serum.”  Hey all, if you’ve read my Tokyo Travelogue, you would know that I made a new Japanese friend on a train when travelling to Hakone, a mountainous hot spring town. This friendly lady recommended two beauty products of

Media BB Cream

Why Kanebo Media BB Cream is still a Japan-must-buy after 6 years

Do you often break out from using BB cream? If you do, check out Media BB Cream as it has been proven to be safe on my pimple-prone skin. I like it so much I’ve repurchased this every time I visit Japan or Taiwan.  As you see, I’d never had much luck with BB cream. Most of them caused me

DHC Color Lip Cream

What I thought of DHC Lip Cream after 9 years (Incl. Swatch of DHC Color Lip Cream)

Hey guys, let’s talk about one popular beauty product from Japan – DHC Lip Cream. I first reviewed this product in 2014. Since then, some things have changed. For instance, they now have tinted ones known as DHC Color Lip Cream, and “extra moisturising” ones among others. I also found out a few cons of this product. Instead of updating

What to buy in Japan

25 Things to Buy in Japan that are Affordable & Loved by Locals

What do we buy in Japan? Today, I’m going to share 25 things to buy in Japan that appeal to both locals and tourists alike. Yes, we are going to skip the touristy souvenirs – those that are so steeply marked-up that locals would shun. So, come take a look and check out the practical and functional stuff that I

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