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REVIEW: Digital Perm at Kimage Tiong Bahru (Part 2)

Kimage Tiong Bahru Digital Perm - 2 months

  You’ve read about how I was acutely bored with my decade-long unchanged hair style that I allowed a random hairstylist from a random hair salon to snip off my hair. You can read more about my hair transformation (Part 1). Today’s post is a formal review of services received at Kimage Tiong Bahru.  I’ll reveal my friends’ reactions to my new hairstyle (it’s a big one by the way!) and the goods and bads of …

REVIEW: Digital Perm at Kimage Tiong Bahru (Part 2)Read More »

How Kimage Hair Studio (Tiong Bahru) Transformed My Decade-Long Unchanged Hairstyle (Part 1)

Kimage Hair Studio (Tiong Bahru)

  How desperate can one be to walk into a random hair salon and request for a random hairstylist to chop off her chest-length hair – a hairstyle she has kept for more than a decade? That’s me that I’m describing and the random hair salon was Kimage Hair Studio (Tiong Bahru). I was extremely desperate and walked into the hair salon without making any appointment. It was an impulsive moment. LOL! Want to know why I …

How Kimage Hair Studio (Tiong Bahru) Transformed My Decade-Long Unchanged Hairstyle (Part 1)Read More »

Things to buy in Phuket? And what to Avoid?

Things to buy in Phuket

  Hi guys, I’ve just came back from a super relaxing getaway in Phuket and would like to share my hits and misses in Phuket. This post addresses the following questions: ‘What are the things to buy in Phuket?  ‘What NOT to buy in Phuket?’ Hope this list can help you save some money. ;) Now, let’s get started!  

Philippines Tour (Day 9) – How to get from Boracay to Cebu?

Boracay to Cebu

This 10-day Philippines travelogue is finally coming to an end. Today, we would be bidding farewell to Boracay. Join me in this return journey where I’ll share some minor mishaps (sob!) as we made our way from Boracay to Cebu. It would be for a short stay near Ayala mall before catching a next-day flight home.

Boracay Island Hopping Tour (Day 8 – pt 2)

Puka Beach

After an early morning session of helmet diving when we had the opportunity to walk on seabed of Boracay, what’s coming up next would be to continue with another tour – Boracay Island Hopping Tour. This tour on Day 8 of our Philippines 10-Day Tour would bring us to Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island and Puka Beach.

DFS Beauty Hauls from Phuket & Singapore Airports

Things to buy in Phuket and Singapore Airports

  Travelling soon and need ideas on what to purchase from duty free shops (DFS) in airports? Let me share my DFS Beauty Hauls with you as I’ve just returned from a trip to Phuket. Most of these products are my holy grail and I’ve repurchased them umpteen times. I’m sure you would love them as well. Without any further ado, let me bring to you beauty items bought from both Phuket International and Singapore Changi …

DFS Beauty Hauls from Phuket & Singapore AirportsRead More »

Hotel Experience staying at Ilig Iligan Beach and White Beach of Boracay (Day 6)

White Beach Boracay

Oh dear. Sorry for the short hiatus –  I was exploring other parts of the world including El Nido, Puerto Princesa, Eastern Taiwan etc. Now that I’m back, let’s continue with where I’d left off. On Day 6 of our Philippines 10-day Tour, we bade farewell to Ilig Iligan Beach and waved a big “Hello” to White Beach!  Yes, we would ‘move house’ to stay near the most popular and crowded part of Boracay where White Beach is.

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