Give your “dying” dog a chance!

The first post in 2016 is dedicated to my dog – BB who has sprung an amazing recovery despite being gravely ill for 3 months. We all thought he wouldn’t be able to make it. I even kept a diary to record his good and bad days. When the number of bad days exceeds the good ones for a prolonged period, I was supposed to help him in his journey to heaven. I almost did! Read …

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I almost killed my dog…Has Dog Euthanasia been overly recommended?

Sick Pekingese

10 Oct 2015 could have been the death anniversary of my dog. I brought BB to the clinic on Saturday and told them I would like to put him to sleep. I couldn’t control my tears, and had already started grieving. They gave me a box of tissues….   Senior Dog Gravely-ill since August If you have read the first post, my pekingese senior doggie has been feeling unwell since late August 2015. He was not …

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Time to let my dog go?

My dog is sick

It has been a depressing and tiring week for me. My 14-year old dog has totally stopped eating and drinking. Even a display of his favorite human food or treats doesn’t tempt him anymore. He simply refused to open his mouth. Two days ago, he’d displayed a loss in appetite, but was still willing to be fed by hand. Things took a dramatic change since yesterday, 26 Aug 2015. Other than NOT consuming anything, he was …

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Watching over Singapore from above – Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Mr Lee Kuan Yew

23 March 2015 The day we bade goodbye to the founding father of Singapore   I was too young to witness the adversities faced in the early days of Singapore’s development. Multi-racial riots where curfews were imposed were only things I’d heard from my mother. She told me that people of different races and religions were attacking one another, leaving many dead and injured.  The expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965 was also something I have …

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