Sachelle Collective Ear Rings

Sachelle Collective Review: Timeless Jewelry that’s safe for sensitive skin

Hi folks, I like to introduce a new brand – Sachelle Collective that offers jewelry for everyday modern women. What appealed to me about the brand was its focus on jewelry that won’t irritate the skin.  In the PR email, I like how honesty was part of the promise: “…this led us to build a brand that can deliver honest […]

Welcia-BHG Takashimaya

Welcia-BHG is where you can get your Jap-beauty fix in Singapore!

Where’s a good place to shop for Japanese beauty products in Singapore? Yesterday, I spent a good one hour shopping at Welcia-BHG Takashimaya and was delighted to see so many items on sales. Most of them were at 35% off with some at an even more attractive discount of 50%. From now till 31 Oct, Welcia-BHG Takashimaya is having a

Goldwell Kerasilk Control Smoothing Fluid

Try Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Fluid if you like better-looking curls

I’ve had Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Fluid for a while already, and had attempted using it previously. However, I’d never really understood how it could help my hair. That changed after I’ve had a perm. Since then, I’ve been applying this hair serum daily without fail.  If you have permed hair and want something subtle to manage your curls, check out

Innisfree Nail Remover

5 Things to love about Innisfree Nail Remover – It’s not just speedy in removing stubborn polish

Tired of inefficient nail polish remover? I’ve recently bought Innisfree Nail Remover because I’ve grown sick of acetone-free polish remover which is less harmful to nails, but would take forever to work. And let’s not talk about glittery nail polish. It’s an exasperating and uphill task trying to get rid of them using acetone-free varnish remover. That’s how Innisfree Eco

salon de pro hair color

Salon de Pro Hair Color – Here’s a cheap hair dye to tackle your random gray hair

All thanks to Covid-19 pandemic, I haven’t visited a hair salon for a very long time. Luckily, I have with me a very handy at-home hair dye – Salon de Pro Hair Color. It’s unique application makes it cost-effective and a breeze to cover random gray hair clusters. If Salon de Pro sounds familiar, that’s because I did a review

Etude Play Nail Polish

Etude Play Nail Review: How does it compare with Innisfree Nail Polish?

During Etude’s closing-down sale at Wisma, I couldn’t help grabbing a few Etude Play Nail as the price of the already affordable nail polish was further slashed by half. Having been mostly an Innisfree Nail Polish user prior to the purchase, I found myself instinctively comparing Etude with Innisfree. Hence, in this review, I’ll point out the key differences between

Manage thick hair

8 Insider Tips to Manage Super Thick Hair: Yoon Salon

Are you struggling with super-thick hair? Do you find yourself having to constantly explain to people why you aren’t happy with your luscious and age-friendly crown? Worry not as I’ll share with you some insider tips on how to manage thick and puffy locks, as well as some of the daily life inconveniences that chunky-hair owners struggle with. The next

Hair colouring diarrhoea

Can a Hair Salon Visit cause headache, fever, diarrhoea and neck pain?

Can a visit to the hair salon cause persistent headache, fever and even diarrhoea? I thought I would share my experience with you so that you can take preventive measures especially when you expect a long stay at a hair salon. Right now as I’m typing this, I’ve only been able to stay awake for 2 to 3 hours per

Matomage Hair Arrangement Water

This is how Matomage Hair Arrangement Water keeps your hair updo sleek & immaculate

Having unruly hair these day? All thanks to Covid-19 pandemic, I haven’t rebonded my thick and coarse hair for 9 months. And the new-grown roots are starting to look poofy. Luckily, I have with me a styling product known as Utena Matomage Hair Arrangement Water. This styling water that I brought back from Japan has allowed me to look presentable

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