Why Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip may be my last lipstick from Cezanne

I couldn’t resist the beautifully-packaged Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip even though my first experience with a Cezanne lipstick wasn’t great? “This is a different range and is highly-moisturizing. It totally deserves a second chance!” I’d thought. 

And so, I grabbed two colors of Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip without any hesitation during a shopping spree in Osaka.

Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip
Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip

On the first application, I fell in love with Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip for its color and shine. However, the love dissipated as quickly as it came.

Let me share with you the pros and cons, and who I think may enjoy this lipstick more than I do.


About Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip

Cezanne is a Japan cosmetic brand that is affordable and commonly found in major drugstores in Japan and Taiwan.

In recent years, it also entered the Singapore market although the selection here is not as extensive. But not to worry, Singapore does carry Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip, albeit in limited colors. 

Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip
Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip in color 501 and 101

Among the six types of lip products offered by Cezanne, Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip stands out as one that provides lasting moisture and a colorful shine. I’ve also found out through Google Translate that this glossy lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil.

Sounds like a promising moisturizing lipstick? Let’s see how it fares on me.

Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip
Language barrier when shopping in Japan


What’s Good about Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip?

1. Lovely Packaging

Look at the feminine and glass-like lipstick case that comes with its own “diamond cut” on top. Wouldn’t you be tempted to bring this sparkly thing home? 

Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip
Glass-like packaging

Well, this seems to be the trademark of Cezanne, that is, to offer beautifully-packaged cosmetics. Obviously, this marketing tactic worked on me as I’ve bought more than a dozen pieces of cosmetics from Cezanne during my latest Japan visit.

Now, in case you wonder, the glass-like material is not real glass. It could be acrylic or some form of plastic and feels lightweight. Just don’t expect it to withstand scratches like a glass or diamond. :)

2. Glossy Effect with an Obvious Shine

Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip applies smoothly to leave a colored oil-like shine that plumps up the lips and make them look healthy and moisturized.

Cezanne Gloss Swatch
Cezanne Gloss Lipstick in Color #501

3. Natural-Looking Lip with Just Enough Color

If you love a natural look, you’ll appreciate how Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip leaves a light touch of color on your lips. You’ll get to enhance your appearance without looking over-the-top.

Look at color #501, an orangey shade that turned out to be my favorite color among the batch of lipsticks I’ve gotten in Osaka. This color works great against my cool Asian skin tone and gives me a youthful and healthy look. 

Cezanne Gloss Lip Swatch 501
Shiny finish (color #501)

The other color I’ve chosen – #101 – appears brown on the stick, but transforms into a reddish-brown tint on my lips. Check out the full range of 11 colors from Cezanne’s official website.

Cezanne Gloss Lipstick Swatch
Swatch of Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip (color #101)

4. Affordable Lip Gloss!

I paid only ¥480 (after tax refund) for Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip. This works out to just S$6 which is much cheaper than most drug-store lipsticks sold in Singapore.

Find out the latest online price HERE.


What’s Not Good about Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip?

1. Subtle Color & Undefined Lips

The color pay-off is not great. Although it works well for natural makeup lovers like me, you may not appreciate it you like bold colors. 

Also, you won’t be able to get defined lips with this lipstick. How do you get a defined line with “colored oil”? :)

2. Bulky Lipstick with Insecure Lid

Although the lipstick casing is pretty, there’s a lot of bulk built into it to exude a “glassy” appearance. It’s definitely not one that I would bring along for an overseas trip. 

Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip
Bulky lipstick

Another reason why I won’t be carrying this with me is how the lid kept coming off mysteriously on its own when placed within my bag (even though I’d given it a dedicated slot).

What made things worse was how the brand-new lipstick “overflow” by about 3mm above the cylinder when fully retracted. As such, my bag was stained when the lid came off. And the lipstick got itself disfigured in the process.

3. Moisturizing Effect was Short-lived

Now, this is the deal breaker for me. For a lipstick that has been advertised as being moisturizing, I was disappointed that it wasn’t the case.

The “moisturizing” effect lasted only two hours. Then, my lips took on a matte and slightly stained “bare-lip” appearance and felt chapped.

4. May not work for those with Sensitive/Dry Lips

‘Are all Cezanne lipsticks staining?’ On hindsight, I think the word “lasting” in the product name meant it is staining. This could be the reason why my sensitive lips reacted poorly to the “moisturizing” lipstick.

Cezanne Gloss Stain
Stain left behind by Cezanne Lip Gloss

INFO: Staining lipsticks are known to be drying and can make lip wrinkles more obvious (see source).

After wearing the lipstick for hours, my lips started to feel tight and dry and I found myself licking my lips non-stop.

Luckily, the discomfort wasn’t as unbearable as the Cezanne Lasting Lip Color N. I was able to continue using this lip gloss as long as I avoid using it on consecutive days. Sometimes, I’ll apply it over my DHC Lip Cream



If you have been fine using matte and staining lipstick, I think you’ll love Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip. The colors are lovely and the effect subtle and natural. 

Unfortunately, I have a long history of dry and sensitive lips and need something more moisturizing and less irritable. I’m rating this lipstick based on my profile. Rating: 2.5/5


To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE


That’s all I have for you today and I hope you have found this review useful. If you like to get notified of my new posts, just click the button below to subscribe. I’ll even give you some free and exclusive stuff. See you there!


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Cezanne Lasting Gloss Lip Review

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