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Hey friend, I’ve something cheap and good to share with you today – a Japan-made blusher that I’ve hauled back from Okinawa. After using Cezanne Natural Cheek N for close to half a year, I am ready to share its pros and cons. And I think by the end of this post, you would likely want to include this blusher in your Japan Must-Buy List

Cezanne Natural Cheek N Blusher
Cezanne Natural Cheek N Blusher


More about Cenzanne Natural Cheek N

Cezanne is a popular drug-store cosmetic brand that has been around in Japan for more than 50 years. Last year, Cezanne entered the Singapore market. That’s good news to Singaporeans, isn’t it? Having more options is always a good thing. 

Now, in terms of blusher, Cezanne currently offers four different types. The one being reviewed today – Cezanne Natural Cheek N – is distinct from the rest as a single-shade blusher. If I recall correctly, it could also be the cheapest. I got it at ¥340 after tax rebate which makes it just over S$4. In Singapore, it retails for S$10 at Watsons. So, now you know why this is a must-buy in Japan, right? Half-price, babe! :)

What It Promises

Cezanne Natural Cheek N offers a total of 11 colors (view colors). Most of the colors contain pearl and are said to add luster and dimension and “highlight the facial contours”. Sounds good!

But, given its cheap pricing, would that translate into an inferior product? Well, the answer as you know from the intro is “No!”. Let’s run through its pros and cons. 


What’s Good about Cezanne Natural Cheek N

1. Smooth and Easy-to-apply

Have you ever come across a blusher that deposits color ineffectively, requiring you to swipe it on your face too many times for the color to show? Well, Cezanne Natural Cheek N is not such a blusher. Even though it is cheap, the blusher works well. A few sweeps and you’ll get an evenly spread of the color on your cheeks.

The blend is good and you won’t see ugly demarcation of color on the face. 

2. Natural-looking

If you are looking for a blusher that is natural looking, this is the one. Even though the color that I’ve gotten contains pearl (#01), I thought it looked quite matte on the skin. That’s why I’ve been using it even for casual occasions such as running errands or getting groceries.

Look at the photos below. Doesn’t this resemble a naturally-flushed cheek?

Cezanne Natural Cheek N
Wearing Cezanne Natural Cheek N (color #01)

Extra Makeup Info – I’m wearing the following in the photo above:

3. It’s Cheap

How often can you get a Japan-made blusher for S$4? I think there’s no other words to describe Cezanne Natural Cheek N other than it being extremely cheap! :) So cheap that it did worry me a little initially. You can view the online prices here (Amazon | Ebay).

I bought it because it was sold in a classy Aeon Rycom Mall and not off the streets.

4. Many Colors to Choose From

There are 11 colors to choose from, out of which 2 are matte. To someone who can be really indecisive, I was glad to see a product label indicating the best-selling color. And so I bought color #01, which is a pink with a subtle peach tone. 

I find color #01 to be very versatile as it resembles a naturally-flushed face and goes well with any dress code and color scheme. As such, I find myself using this blusher almost everyday. 

Cezanne Natural Cheek N Blusher
Cezanne Natural Cheek N in Color #01

5. Travel-Friendly 

Cezanne Natural Cheek N comes in a small and lightweight plastic packaging, making it easy to carry around. The compact case also has a built-in natural-hair brush. This comes in really handy when travelling light.

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Cezanne Natural Cheek N Blusher
Comes with a natural-hair brush

6. Fragrance-free & No Mineral Oil

Those with sensitive skin or nose may be pleased to know that Cezanne Natural Cheek N doesn’t contain fragrance or mineral oil. 


What’s Not So Great?

1. No Noticeable Luster or Highlight

Yes, there is pearl in it. However, when I applied Cezanne Natural Cheek N on the face, I do not see obvious sheen or highlight. Therefore, I can’t quite agree with her marketing statement that this blusher adds luster or dimension. Even if it does, the level is subtle.

It may not be a bad thing though as this lack of obvious shimmer is what made Cezanne Natural Cheek N so natural-looking.

2. Cheap-looking Packaging

The product casing is well, just a clear plastic with a low-quality printing of the brand name over it. The silver print (which you can see in the first photo) faded off very quickly. Well, that’s fine. We get what we pay for. He he! 

Cezanne Natural Cheek N Blusher
Cheap-looking packaging


Cezanne Natural Cheek N definitely offers more value than what it is being priced at (in Japan). Although the packaging looks cheap and you won’t get an obvious glow or luster on the cheeks, it does provide a nice, smooth and lasting color. Anyway, it is not the primary task of a blusher to contour the face. This can be better achieved with a specialized highlighter or bronzer.

If I am to revisit Japan, I wouldn’t have a second thought about buying and getting more colors there. This is definitely going into my Japan Must-Buy list. Rating: 4/5.

View latest price on:  Amazon | Ebay


And this concludes today’s beauty review. So, are you game in trying a blusher as cheap as this? Thanks for reading and I hope this gives you inspiration on what to get on your next shopping spree. Before you go, don’t forget to click the button below to subscribe to more honest beauty and travel reviews. See ya! 


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Cezanne Natural Cheek N

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