Chin Filler Treatment by Cutis Medical Laser Clinics | Part 2 – The Injection

This is Part 2 of the Chin Filler series. Check out Part 1 – The Consultation if you’ve missed it.  

Are you ready for some really gruesome images?

Don’t worry. I’m just kidding. How gruesome can a minimally-invasive procedure be? But do be warned that there’ll be images of needle-marks, blood and redness of the skin.

1ml of filler


Anticipating the Pain: Chin Filler Treatment

Now, before I continue, I’ll need to declare the following. I tend to believe that I have a higher threshold for pain than an average person. This has not been scientifically proven, but let’s just say that I’m normally not too afraid of injections or say chemical peels.

Before the injection, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez described how the sensation would be. She explained that the feeling would be more of a pressurized push than a sharp prick (as compared to botox).

Earlier on, one of the aestheticians I’d spoken with told me that filler was less painful than botox, according to her own experience. When I asked Dr. Ramirez about this, she responded with an expression that seemed to indicate her disagreement. So I probed further asking if the aesthetician’s experience was representative of an average patient.

Dr. Ramirez replied that she would normally want to manage a patient’s expectation. So at this point, she didn’t want me to think that it was pain-free.


Chin Filler Injection Begins

Dr Ramirez told me to take a deep breath as she was going to poke me. *smile*

Chin Filler - The First Prick
Chin Filler – The First Prick

Honestly speaking, I didn’t feel much pain. Right now, I couldn’t even remember that there was any pain at all*. Perhaps, the numbing cream did its job well. I was also told that the filler itself contains a numbing agent which would take effect as soon as it was injected. Or perhaps it was because Dr. Sylvia was busy distracting me by chit-chatting and asking me casual questions, even though I couldn’t speak most of the time. LOL. But I think that trick worked.

Why is everyone smiling? It's an injection!
Why is everyone so relaxed? It’s an injection!

Pretty Doctor

Look at how gorgeous Dr. Sylvia Ramirez is. Sometimes, your confidence in a doctor is directly correlated with how good he/she maintains his/her appearance and overall grooming. I felt assured that Dr. Sylvia has a good eye for beauty, and is well attuned to the concept of aesthetics.

Thought I should at least mention that beauty and brain can go together. Dr. Sylvia was trained in Harvard Medical School, and obtained her Masters at the Harvard School of Public Health. She has over 20 years’ of experience in aesthetic medicine.

*The only slight pain (Pain level: 1/10) I felt was when Dr. Ramirez tried to correct a slight chin defect (she nicely called it a dimple) that I have.  

Single Moment of Pain
Single Moment of Pain

See the depression on my left chin? That’s caused by an over-active chin muscle. 

Chin Filler
Spot the chin dimple!

In fact, she spent the bulk of time trying to correct this slight imperfection of mine. It wasn’t easy as my dimple was playing hide and seek with Dr. Ramirez. It would only be visible when I made certain facial expressions. It was amusing to hear Dr Ramirez almost helplessly saying, “I need my botox!”. 

Chin Dimple
Chin Dimple

Alright, filler may not be the best tool to deal with this muscle-induced depression. But let’s see if it works when we examine the before-after photos later. It was kind of Dr. Ramirez to attempt to correct this, even though this was unexpected as my dimple issue was not raised during the consultation.

Because of the effort to fill up the slight depression in my chin, there wasn’t any filler left for the nasolabial folds *Sob*. Well, in any case, I don’t think any balance of a 1ml syringe can do much to reduce the nasolabial folds, right?


Chin Filler Completed – An Enhanced Chin

See I was smiling again, while they tried to stop the bleeding. I don’t want you to walk away thinking this is a pain-free process. Our experience may vary. 

End of Filler Injection
End of Filler Injection

The entire session including preparation, consultation and treatment took about 1.5 hours. The actual injection lasted about 10 minutes. Yours may be shorter if you do not have ‘dimple’ issue to correct.

(Chin Filler Treatment)
The Final Examination

The redness you see in the photo above was a temporary response to cold compression. The yellow sphere held by the aesthetician is an icing tool, used to control swelling. The redness lasted for a short while, like less than a minute.

How many needle marks in total? This is difficult. The marks were so tiny that I could only see…er…well, I give up. You tell me.

Needle marks (Chin Filler)
How many needle marks?


Chin Filler Result (Day 1)

To show you the real results, I will not be using any photo-flattering tricks such as high-angle shots….like this one. 

Top Angle Shot
Cheating – Top Angle Shot

That’s cheating, as far as this review is concerned. Which means that I’ll have to show you unflattering photos of me. *frown*

Well, in any case, I’m not crazy over an artificially-looking V-shaped chin. I don’t know how Fido Dido lives with it. I think he doesn’t have a choice.

V-shaped chin
I’m born with it, you know?

But what about this poor woman who ruined her face when she took the ‘V-shaped chin’ too literally.

Ruined face (V-shaped chin)
She took it literally 

Would my face turn out to be as unnatural as theirs?

Without any further ado, let me present my new chin (as of Day 1). 

Chin Filler - After (Day 1)
After (Day 1)
Chin Filler - After (Day 1)
Chin Filler – After (Day 1)

My face still looks chubby because this review shows you the pure result of chin filler, and not the combined work of Chin Filler + Jaw Botox.  

No difference? I initially thought so too until I placed the photos side by side for easy comparison (pardon the camera’s auto-exposure setting).

Chin Filler - Before vs After (Day 1)
Before vs After (Day 1) 

Notice the subtle change? Remember, I’m not supposed to receive too much length to my chin as per the one-third rule.  Oh…the dimple defect appears less obvious too.  

Chin Filler - Day 1 (Before vs After)
Before vs After (Day 1) – Smile

The result is so natural that I thought I was born with this chin. Really. I still do, whenever I look into the mirror. 

Chin Filler - Day 1 (Before vs After)
 Before vs After (Day 1) – Show some teeth, will ya?
Chin Filler - Day 1 (Before vs After)
Chin Filler – Before vs After (Day 1)

So, this is where the bulk of the filler went, huh? I really love how the filler gave me a softer and more feminine side-profile (vs an Ape-like look).  

Before vs After (Day 1)
Before vs After (Day 1)

 Do note that Day 1’s result comes with some swelling. 


Post-Injection Chin Filler Experience (Day 1)

Can I Put On Makeup?

I put on makeup immediately post-injection and went shopping thereafter. There were no obvious scars, redness or needle marks.

The Sore

I could feel the soreness within 30 minutes post-injection. Luckily, it was only felt when I moved my chin or strained the chin muscle. For instance, I would feel tenderness when I speak, eat or stretch my chin like this (or yawn):

Chin Stretching
Don’t do this yet!

I suggest that you schedule this after a meal so that you have some time to rest your chin. And don’t meet up with your overly-chatty friend yet!

How does the sore feel like?

It’s like how breast tenderness feels like during PMS.  For guys, it’s like someone pressing on your bruise.  You can still go about with your normal day-to-day business though. Just don’t rest your chin on your hand yet. 

The Firmness

My chin felt quite stiff on day 1. It definitely didn’t feel natural yet.

The Bruise

By night time, I started to notice slight bruising. I believe the additional jabs to rectify the ‘dimple’ could have added to the degree of bruising.

By the way, I do bruise very easily. All my family members are well aware of my ‘condition’ as I have perpetual bruises. A slight knock against furniture when I didn’t see where I was walking would give me instant bruise.  Right now, I have two light bruises on my leg and I didn’t even know when or how I got it. 

And did I tell you that I’d forgotten to ice my chin, even though this was explicitly mentioned to me a couple of times? Well, I was busy documenting my experience here. 


Recovery and Bruises: Chin Filler Treatment

The bruise started to look more obvious by Day 2. Will it get worse? And how will the chin look after the swelling subsides? Stay tune to Part 3 of this series where I’ll share the day-by-day recovery photos and end result.

Bruise on Day 2


The Price 

I wanted to reserve this bit of information to the end of the series, so that you can make a good decision based on the entire account. However, I do not want any interested reader to miss out on this (in case I write too slowly). Chin Filler by Cutis Medical Laser Clinics is normally listed at $1,000 per syringe (of Restylane Perlane). For the month of Nov/Dec 2014, the treatment is available at $850 per syringe. Just quote ‘myBeautyCravings’. 

For your information, one syringe was used on me. If you need more information, you may contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! I enjoyed reading every detail.The procedure doesn’t look gruesome at all. :) I am sort of hesitant to have fillers before but after checking out similar reviews, I feel like I can have this for myself as well. I’m excited to tell my friends about this.

    1. It’s my pleasure. Glad to be able to add on to online resources. Hope you get great results from it. I probably need fillers for my nasolabial folds soon too.

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