Choosing between a Stable Income vs Continuing as a Struggling Entrepreneur (Full Time Blogger)

Hello guys, Happy Labour Day! Today is a day to celebrate your contributions to the economy and achievements as a worker. To most people, it’s a well-deserved holiday and I hope you are getting a good rest during this mid-week break.

As a full time blogger, I’m not sure if I qualify to celebrate Labour Day. Oh wait. I think I can because I’m the sole worker of my business. :)

(Erm boss, why am I still working today?)


At a Juncture: Should I Choose A Stable Income or Live from Cheque to Cheque

I spent the eve of Labour Day catching up with old colleagues and had an enjoyable session. It’s also at this moment that I was presented with a good opportunity to rejoin the workforce and to legitimately celebrate Labour Day together with you guys.

Some of you have read about my deep passion in blogging and how I’m running it full-time to turn it into a career and business. Hence, I’ve never applied for any jobs during this period and have never placed myself in a position where I have to choose between a secure lifestyle and a hectic and uncertain one where I live from cheque to cheque.

While I’m grateful for the opportunities presented that would pave the way for an easy reentry into an attractive position and to work with people I love and appreciate, I do find myself facing a dilemma having to choose between what I’ve worked so hard to build versus having a stable income and a secured future.

Capri by Fraser KL Room View
At a juncture

Should I Continue My Life as a Struggling Entrepreneur?

Will I make the wrong decision and end up as a street beggar 20 years later?

Actually, the job opportunities were first shared with me a few weeks ago. I thought about it for a long time before deciding to continue my path as a struggling entrepreneur. The rationale – I’m in the midst of building something and I really want to see it through and give it more time to grow.

When the opportunities were presented to me again via a face-to-face chat yesterday, I swayed. I’ll have to thank these lovely people for thinking of ways to fit me into the organisation while allowing me to pursue my blogging business.

Once again, I thought about it real hard till 5am. It was an extremely tough decision especially when the offer is an attractive one. And how I’ll get to work with people I am familiar with and whom I admire on a personal and work level.


But My Passion in Blogging & Entrepreneurship is Still at its Peak

After much thoughts and analysis, I came to a conclusion. I wished the offer would come 6 months later. Then I may be clearer on which path to take.

The timing is a bit misaligned because I’ve just registered my business – mBC True Media – two months ago (Mar 2019), printed namecards and found a co-working space. I’m also seeing heightened interests from companies on my services.

What’s my unique selling point? I don’t have a huge number of social media followers, but I’m able to give companies long-term exposure on Google Search Engine because 8 out of 10 articles I’ve written are on Google’s first page. I’m also known to be brutally honest and hence am well-trusted by my readers (read more).

If I give up on my business now, will I be giving up on what I’ve worked so hard to build in the past few years? Would I be giving up at a time when the fruits of my labour may soon be reaped?

And if I choose to stay on this path, would I end up getting stuck at the lowest social economic class?

There are a lot of question marks because no one can gaze into a crystal ball and tell the future.

Entrepreneur Full Time Blogger

Decision Made – Will I regret in future? 

After some deeper analysis over the night, I think I’ll continue as a struggling entrepreneur and to add values over here at myBeautyCravings on a full-time basis. It’s my passion and my passion has yet to run dry at this moment.

I also wanted to be fair to the organisation and colleagues because when I work on something or for someone, I want to give it my ALL. I shouldn’t expect them to give me allowance on reduced overtime. That doesn’t sound responsible.

Perhaps, my path would be clearer in 6 months’ time. By then, I’ll probably know if this blogging business would succeed or would it be just a hobby where lots of freebies are offered except money.

Okay, so this is just a quick rambling and a rare diary note on a personal level. My decision may change, but I think at this point, I’ve decided to stay with you, create something that adds value to this world and to continue to grow this business.

Thank you for your loving support.


Nicole Lee

(First published on 1 May 2019)

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2 thoughts on “Choosing between a Stable Income vs Continuing as a Struggling Entrepreneur (Full Time Blogger)”

  1. Hey Nicole! Loving your more personal updates and insights into your life and struggles! Haha, I was just facing a dilemma recently for my blog as well and I’m still at a crossroads at the moment (a rather different scenario, but similar-ish) so I totally understand how you feel! Nonetheless, I believe we will figure it out! More importantly, as long as you are happy with your choice – I think that’s most important! :)

    P.s – why not do both? Blogging and ft work? :) the best of both worlds? The key is finding the right balance between everything! Easy to say but hard to do, I know that very well :)


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Daphne.

      Our country is one where people mostly conform to being employees. So, it would be difficult to step away from this secured path without having excessive worries, whether self-imposed ones or those given by friends and family. Furthermore, blogging is an unconventional path and I don’t think many believe it can become a business or career. I always see people rolling their eyes. :)

      But, like you said, I believe we will figure things out. And I know you will too. You are making great progress!

      I’m happy with my choice, but it hasn’t been easy on the social aspect. Some think I’m loafing around all day – 不务正业. I’m sure you know how much work goes into blogging in exchange for that paycheck, right? :)

      Why not do both blogging & FT? The industry I come from requires a lot of OT and I mean OT till wee hours in the morning during peak months (events, press releases, speeches, launches etc). Knowing my working style, I am sure I would drop my priority in blogging and dedicate all my resources to the “real job” that’s feeding me.

      If one day I decide to do both, that would signal that I have given up on my aspiration and am just sustaining my blog instead of growing it. Anyway, Happy touring Osaka. Nice glimpse of the city before I visit it soon. :)

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