These 5 Dermalogica Products Perfectly Nourished My Face when I was traveling in Cold Taiwan

I itched all over in Taiwan due to cold rash but my face was perfectly nourished, all thanks to Dermalogica skincare products. In today’s post, I’ll share the skincare products that had accompanied me in my 9 full days in Taiwan

Dermalogica Skincare Travel Kit
Brought along these Dermalogica products to Taiwan

In case you wonder, this is not a sponsored post and it’s also a rare occasion that I’m reviewing samples. I normally refrain from talking about samples as the quantities are often too little for me to reasonably conclude anything. Furthermore, there are things that I can’t review from a sample, such as the packaging, ease of use and how long the product would last (or turn bad). 

So, why am I making an exception to review samples today?

That’s because I could detect a positive difference, despite a short period of usage.

As you see, I’d brought along some Dermalogica skincare samples for my Taiwan trip and used them exclusively in the cold and dry country. While the rest of my body were itching from cold rash (despite being protected by heavy body butter), I didn’t notice a single dry patch on my face. 

Weather in Taiwan: Just to give you a background on the cold climate that I’m talking about, the temperature during my Taiwan 2019 trip was actually quite comfortable, hovering mostly between 15 to 22 degrees celsius. There was only a brief period when I was exposed to sub-10 degrees climate, when hiking at Hehuanshan. 

Despite the not-too-cold climate, my skin suffered from cold rash, probably due to non-adjustment (I come from Singapore, a hot and humid country where temperature is mostly 30 degrees all-year-round). 

Now, without any further ado, let me introduce the five products that’d helped protected my face from the harsh elements.


Which Dermalogica Products were used in Taiwan during Winter?

I was fervently using these five products from Dermalogica on a twice-daily basis. Here’s the sequence of usage.

1. Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution (30ml)

After removing my makeup with Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid, I double-cleansed with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution. Unlike a foaming wash, this cleanser was milky and did not foam up. I was worried if it could really get rid of all the remaining impurities, and I’m glad to report that it did.

I didn’t spot a single pimple throughout the 9 days of usage. Phew!

It’s actually pretty risky to bring along a new set of skincare when travelling. I was a little hesitant initially but was drawn by the convenience of these readily portable skincare products.

2. Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner (30ml)

The next product that I used was Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner. This sample came in a 30ml spray bottle. It’s my first time using a toner via a spray bottle and I found myself getting used to it very quickly. I like the convenience of not having to use (or bring along) facial cotton.

I gave my face three spritz of the toner and then patted the liquid into my face. It felt a tiny bit slippery and was absorbed quickly. The face felt just a tad sticky and hence I believe this is a moisturizing toner.

Dermalogica Skincare Travel Kit
From left to right: Intensive Moisturizer, Toner, Cleanser

3. Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift (6ml)

The last few steps involved moisturizing different parts of my face. I applied Dermalogica Positive Eye Lift around my eye areas.

This eye lotion felt light and I was initially concerned if it would be rich enough to combat the wintry dry climate in Taiwan. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any tightness around the eye areas.

4. Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance (10ml)

After the eye cream, the next step was to hydrate my face. I was expecting the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance to be a thick cream because of the word “intensive” in its product label. But it is not.

The “intensive” moisturizer appeared in the form of a light lotion. And for some peculiar reasons, this lightweight lotion was super-nourishing. 

5. Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment (4ml)

The last item that I applied on my face was Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment. The sample came in a convenient packaging. I could squeeze the tube and apply the cream directly over my lips using the angled surface (just like a lipstick). The white lotion felt cooling on my lips. And most importantly, my lips were in great condition throughout the trip.

However, I cannot entirely credit Dermalogica for my non-chapped lips because I was also using DHC Lip Cream in the day. :)

Dermalogica Skincare Travel Kit
Sample-sized Dermalogica Lip treatment and eye cream


Results after Using Dermalogica Skincare Products

After using the Dermalogica Skincare products for 9 days, I came back with a nourished face while my partner’s was flaking badly (he’s just too traditional to accept any skincare from me despite my constant plea).

I’m really impressed with this set of Dermalogica products because they cured the skin dryness which I’d spotted even before departing from a hot and humid country (Singapore). Travelling to a cold and dry country should have worsened my skin condition. On the contrary, I came back with better skin. Furthermore, I did not spot a single pimple after using these Dermalogica products.

Which Dermalogica Product contributed more to the Positive Results? 

I normally test beauty products one at a time. In this instance, I used them concurrently because I never intended to review them. How then do we know which product contributed more to the skin’s improvement? Is it the cleanser, the moisturizer or a combination of the products? 

Unfortunately, I do not know. I can only say that the combo works. :)

Dermalogica Skincare Travel Kit
My favorites of the lot


Where to get Dermalogica Skincare Travel Kit? 

Those who have followed my earlier post would know that I’ve gotten the Dermalogica samples when I attended an AsterSpring event. There was no obligation for me to review any of the products and honestly, I didn’t intend to (remember, I don’t normally review samples). So I can confidently tell you that there’s no bias in this review.

How can you get hold of travel-sized Dermalogica products if you like to try them? When writing this review, I did some research and saw that the Dermalogica website has a section on “Travel Sizes” products. Unlike my samples, these travel kits are slightly larger in size. If you are not ready to splurge on full-sized Demalogica products, this is one economical way to test out their efficacy.


How I Hydrated My Body in Winter Taiwan

Since we are talking about skincare used to combat the cold climate, I might as well share with you what I’d used on my body when travelling in Taiwan.

A few days before my trip, I entered a Bath & Body Works and asked for their richest and most intensive lotion. The staff introduced me to these two products:

  1. Coco Shea Coconut Richly Nourishing Whipped Body Butter
  2. Coco Shea Coconut Richly Nourishing Lightweight Body Oil
Bath & Body Works Coco Shea Coconut
Used these for my body

I used the body butter in the day and the body oil at night. Unfortunately, these power combo didn’t work for me. I was experiencing uncontrollable itch on my abdomen, shins and hips. They were so bad I could see red spots on my skin. In fact, I’m still recovering from the ugly red and brown marks.

The shea butter from Bath & Body Works seemed a little gimmicky than functional. I can still recall my first impression after applying the body butter, thinking that the texture was too light and the scent too overpowering.

It’s subjective though because admittedly, I’ve never really been a fan of strongly-perfumed products – my eight bottles of perfume bought more than a decade ago are still waiting to be emptied. :)

Oh, but I love Bath & Body Works’ cleansing products. Love the smell, which isn’t overpowering as it doesn’t linger for too long. 



It’s a little awkward having this section now that I’m talking about so many products. LOL! There’s no real recommendations per se. I can only say that the combo 5 works. I’m also really drawn to the Dermalogica Cleansing Solution, Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner and the Intensive Moisturizer.

Perhaps, I’ll do a thorough dedicated product review if I do end up purchasing the full-sized products.

Dermalogica Skincare Travel Kit
Might just end up getting the full-sized bottles

If you reside in Singapore or Malaysia, you can get these Dermalogica products from AsterSpring. Another recommendation is to get The Body Shop’s Shea Nourishing Body Butter instead of Bath & Body Works’ body butter and oil, i.e. if you are looking for something to combat the winter dry climate.

I had a short stint working as a cabin crew and The Body Shop Shea Butter was one of the products introduced by my seniors. 


And that’s it for today’s review. Is there any product in this list that piqued your interest the most? I hope you have found this review useful. Before you go, don’t forget to click the button below to subscribe to honest beauty and travel reviews. See you soon! 


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