Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel is so good it’s definitely worth the price tag

Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel is so good it took me just one week to fall in love with this Japan-made moisturizer. This is an exception rather than the norm because I normally need more time to confirm a product’s goods and bads.

For instance, after 3 months of testing, I’m still unable to confirm whether Melano CC Essence is able to lighten age spots or friendly to acne-prone skin. Therefore, I’m really happy with Dr. Ci:Labo because it makes my work here so much quicker and easier.

Today, I’m going to share with you what I love about Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel.

Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel


About Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel

Dr. Ci:Labo is a Japan skincare brand that has been around for over 20 years. According to the creator Dr. Yoshinori Shirono, the brand focuses on two things – 1) hydration and 2) making sure its products contain only necessary ingredients. The aim is to achieve “eternally beautiful skin”. 

When I was shopping in Osaka a while ago, I chanced upon Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel and decided to bring it home with me. It wasn’t a quick decision as this collagen gel isn’t cheap. A full size tub (120g) would set me back by over S$100, which is premium pricing considering that I got it from a drugstore and not a standalone beauty counter or outlet.

I Got the Deluxe Samples

Luckily, when making my way to the cashier, I passed by a display shelf and saw some nicely-packaged deluxe samples from the same brand.

These travel-friendly kit would allow me to try more products from Dr. Ci:Labo without bursting my budget. What’s even better is that they are actually cheaper on a per quantity basis. The other two items within each package are essentially free too!

Dr Ci Labo Samples
Deluxe samples – Super Moisture EX (1000 yen)
Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel
The other two cleansing products are essentially free

Therefore instead of getting one tub, I brought home a few bundle sets, some of which I gave away as gifts. For info, each bundle contains a 15g collagen gel and two other items. They were priced at ¥1000 to ¥1300 per pack, depending on the variant. 

Dr Ci Labo Enrich Lift EX
Gold packaging “Enrich Lift EX” – 1300 yen

This review is on “Super Moisture EX” Aqua Collagen Gel

Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel is available in at least four variants to suit different skin needs. The one I’m reviewing today is the “Super Moisture EX” that comes in white packaging.

This gel is the first iconic product developed by Dr. Shirono and has been around since 1998 to target those who seek “super moisture”. Here’s how Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel (Super Moisture EX) is being described as: 

“…the ultimate moisturising gel – helping to restore skin’s texture, tone and radiance, while supporting the skin’s natural healing ability.”

See the keyword “ultimate moisturising”? Let’s see how effective it really is. 

Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel
A 15ml deluxe sample – Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel


What’s Great about Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel? 

1. Comfortable After Feel 

Now, I’m hesitant to call this product a gel because Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel looks like a day cream and feels like one. It’s not watery or quick-drying like a gel.

Look at the image below – I was holding the pot vertically against gravity and the ‘gel’ didn’t move a single bit. Therefore, you may see me refer to this gel as a cream from time to time in this review.

Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel
Feels and looks like a day cream

Am I unhappy with this ‘misrepresentation’?

Not at all! The cream spreads easily, feels refreshing and doesn’t suffocate the skin. After giving it a few minutes to absorb fully, the collagen gel would leave behind a film of moisture that feels just right – light but not gone.

It’s truly a comfortable after feel that adds no burden to the skin, even when used in a hot and humid climate.

Dr Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel

2. A “Super Moisture” Gel without a doubt

Even though it’s not a thick and rich cream, Dr.Ci:Labo Collagen Gel delivers much more moisture than one. 

My skin feels soft, supple and healthy. And I like how this plumping effect lasts for hours. After two weeks of twice daily usage, my 40-something skin has improved with less skin flaking and dry patches. I am confident the skin will improve further with longer-term usage.

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3. Great Ingredients

I’m not an expert in the area of science or chemistry. But in a glance, I could identify quite a number of great ingredients such as squalane, niacinamide, collagen, hyaluronic acid, soybean, ceramide, placental protein and vitamin E, just to name a few. 

I’ll show you the full ingredient list later, because I don’t want you to get overwhelmed (yet)! :)

4. No Pimples

One of the most important things I look out for in a beauty product is whether it will clog pores and cause a pimple breakout.

After using Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel (Super Moisture EX) for two weeks, I’m happy to report that the product was very friendly to my pimple-prone skin. My pores feel clean, clear and unclogged. 


What’s Not Great about Dr. Ci:Labo Super Moisture EX? 

1. Not a Cheap Moisturizer 

As I’ve shared earlier, Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel is not a cheap moisturizer. In Singapore, the Super Moisture EX collagen gel is priced at S$62 for the 50g tub or S$125 for the 120g tub. 

Here’s the latest online price

2. Formulation isn’t exactly simple

Although Dr. Ci:Labo said it doesn’t put unnecessary components into its formula, this doesn’t mean it has a simple ingredient list.

Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel

In order not to overwhelm you, I’m only showing you 20% of the ingredients because it’s a long list:

Ingredients of Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel (Super Moisture EX) 

Water, glycerin, squalane, butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, betaine, vegetable oil, carbomer, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, phenoxyethanol, sodium dilauramidoglutamide lysine, potassium hydroxide, pullulan, glyceryl caprylate, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, artemisia capillaris flower extract, glycine soja (soybean) germ extract, ectoin, pentasodium pentetate, soluble collagen, camellia sinensis leaf extract, ganoderma lucidum (mushroom) stem extract, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, cholesterol, hydrogenated lecithin, lecithin, hydrolyzed prunus domestica, eugenia caryophyllus (clove) flower extract, ceramide ng, ceramide 3, oryza sativa (rice) bran extract, glycine, serine, potassium cocoyl hydrolyzed, collagen, alanine, succinoyl atelocollagen, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed elastin…

~ To see the full list of ingredients, click here

Having too many ingredients may not be good for those with sensitive skin. Luckily, Dr. Ci:Labo has another variant specially created for those with sensitive skin. And it’s the one in pink bottle.


Recommendations: Who should get Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel? 

I highly recommend Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel (Super Moisture EX) to those who are combating dry and/or flaky skin.

I love how this gel effectively nourishes the skin without burdening it with the heaviness and grease of a rich cream. It is comfortable for use even if you stay in a hot and humid country like mine (Singapore).

And because of its unique texture, Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel is versatile enough to be used as both a day and night cream. With all the great ingredients that go into the product, I think this collagen gel is worth the hefty price tag. This will, without a doubt, enter both my holy grail and Japan Must-buy lists! Rating: 5/5


To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE


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Dr Ci Labo Collagen Gel

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