Editor’s Favourite Liquid Foundation | Lancome Teint Miracle

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation is my No.1 Choice it comes to medium-coverage liquid foundation. I’ve emptied countless bottles and never failed to stock up from the DFS whenever I travel. Here are the 5 reasons why I love Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation. 

Image from Lancome.com.sg
Image credit: Lancome.com.sg

5 Reasons for Loving Lancome Teint Miracle!

1. It gives instant glow and radiance 

Upon application, my face literally brightens up, subtly yet noticeably. Refreshed and radiant in an instant – what else can I ask for?

2. It is super duper natural

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation gives me perfect coverage without overdoing it.  I was able to hide my pores and pimple marks, yet look natural. People often commented that I have good skin. They didn’t know this is all thanks to Lancome Teint Miracle.

I love the way Lancome put it together succinctly, “Sublimely bare, truly flawless.”

Lancome Teint Miracle - Before & After
Before: Zero makeup | After: With only Lancome Teint Miracle. Yet to apply powder and other makeup.

3. No breakout

Lancome Teint Miracle is non-comedogenic and oil-free. So it is really good for me since I have combination skin, and get occasional break-outs.

4. It does not accentuate fine lines

This product is so smooth that it blends and glides on easily. Its’ light-weight formula also meant that it doesn’t accentuate my fine lines, especially those around my eyes. While working on this post, I visited Lancome’s page and found out why. It is formulated with 40% water, preventing unsightly lines or cracks in makeup.

No wonder!

5. Get the right amount dispensed with every squeeze

Imagine how much time I can save, especially when I use this every single day. One squeeze is all I need. Furthermore, this comes in a great-looking elegant glass bottle. After going through many of such bottles, I’m still not sick of this product, which is quite rare according to my normal rate of product-switching.

Lancome Teint Miracle

I used to think that European brand beauty products would not be as well-suited for Asian as an Asian beauty brand such as Shiseido. I guess I have been proven wrong. A lot of research must have been put in place by these conglomerates to ensure that the products are customized to suit the local people. In fact, I found this written on the box:

“Shades and texture designed for Asian skin.  Tested on Asian skin under dermatological control”


Holy Grail: Lancome Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation

Now, you know why this is a definite “Must-Have” product for me! For someone who has gone through bottles of Lancome Teint Miracle, all right to the last drop, I can confidently proclaim this as my Holy Grail medium-coverage liquid foundation. Rating: 5/5

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4 thoughts on “Editor’s Favourite Liquid Foundation | Lancome Teint Miracle”

  1. Hi Nicole,
    The product seems to have changed? Upgraded (?) to a black writing, same name though. I find the new version too sheer, not as good as the previous version. What do u think? It was my holy grail too :(

    1. Yes, it has changed to black labels. I’d accumulated many bottles of the old version that I’m still using the white-version…but last bottle though. Thanks for sharing on your thoughts on the new version. I would have to test it out after I finish the existing bottle. Do update me if you find any good foundation….seems like we may need to start looking around. :~(

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