Glo-therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ | Get Firmer and more radiant skin in 3 days

Hello lovelies, I’m so eager to share with you about this amazing product that I’ve recently been using. It’s unbelievable how quickly the results came. Yes, I know it sounds almost too good to be true, right? I mean firmer skin and radiance within three days. Is that even possible?

Well, at least, that’s what I’ve experienced for myself. The product we are talking about is Glo-therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+.

Glo-therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+
Glo-therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+

Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ is a vitamin C serum containing 20% L-Ascorbic Acid. Comes in a 30ml dropper-style bottle, it claims to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. How? Have you seen how apple slices turn brown after a while? That’s oxidation.

The same goes with our skin – oxidation can cause free radical damage to our skin leading to the annoying yet inevitable outcome of aging – pigmentation, sagging or even wrinkles.

Fortunately, we have anti-oxidants to slow down the aging effect, and one of the most powerful anti-oxidants is Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been proven to protect our skin from UV damage and helps regenerate the collagen in our skin. It also has a brightening effect.


Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ is made of L-ascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid, zinc sulfate, mimosa trnuiflora bark extract, acetyl tyrosine, sweet iris and other actives. These actives work together to:

  • Aid absorption of Vitamin C
  • Improve elasticity of skin
  • Brighten your skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Know how it smells like?

It doesn’t have an overpowering smell. For the purpose of this review, I took a long deep sniff. The faint smell can be described as something leaning towards red wine/scented vinegar. I’m not a scent expert – do drop me a comment if you can find a more appropriate word to describe the smell.

More about Vitamin C

Vitamin C comes in different forms.

It can vary in terms of the percentage of Vitamin C active in it (normally up to 20%).  You may notice that the higher the percentage, the more costly it gets. You may also notice many drug-store vitamin C products don’t even bother to indicate the strength, because it probably didn’t contain enough.

Vitamin C can also be made of different actives such as L-ascorbic acid and ester C.  L-ascorbic acid is said to be the most powerful form of all, although it’s also one of the least stable. What this means is that it may turn bad/oxidize more quickly. An easy solution is to put it in a cold and dark place. A fridge would be ideal.

Did you know?

Once an item is placed in the fridge, getting it out into normal temperature ‘permanently’ may degrade the product and this applies to many beauty products, not just Vitamin C.

Glo-therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ comes in 20%, and is made from L-ascorbic acid. Could this potent combination be the reason why I saw results in just three days?


What’s Good about Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+?

1.  No breakout

Have you ever developed small bumps or pimples when using Vitamin C products? I have, and that’s the reason why I’d stopped using Vitamin C products for a while until this product emerged in my life.

In fact, I just read that it’s common for some people to breakout from Vitamin C due to the base that is used to stabilize the product.

I breakout easily, but have never gotten any pimples from Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+.


2.  Absorbs beautifully

Different from other vitamin C products that I’ve used, Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ comes in a pale-yellow liquid, with thin water-like consistency. It is neither a cream, nor a serum. Yes, I know I’ve said it already, but it feels exactly like water, is non-greasy and absorbs beautifully.

Wait. I hear you. Doesn’t a ‘pale yellow’ color mean it has oxidized? I’ve asked my clinic about it, and they told me 20% is a high concentration and it’s normal for it to come in pale-yellow form. As long as it has not turned orange or brown, it is still good for the skin. 

Glo-therapeutic Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+
Pale yellow liquid

3.  Brighter skin

In 3 days, my skin took on a dewy radiant look. I was caught off-guard by the visible difference, as I did not expect any results to come so soon. I couldn’t take my eyes off the little mirror I had in front of my desk.

My pigmentation and pimple marks also faded a little. 

4.  Firmer skin in 3 days

My skin appeared more plumped-up. I just couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. Isn’t it a bit too soon to see results? Due to the firmer skin and lifted cheeks, my jaw lines appeared more defined and my nasolabial folds were slightly less obvious. I’m not exaggerating. I hope you get the same good results as I’m getting. 

Another good thing – the collagen boost made my pores appear smaller. Super happy! 

5.  Not harsh

I’ve previously used a 10% product from Kiehl’s that gave off a warm tingly feel. Surprisingly, Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ which comes in  twice the strength did not cause any stinging. This is even the case after my skin went through laser facial and glycolic peels.

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What’s Bad?

1.  Dropper control not so sensitive

The dropper isn’t extremely sensitive to your ‘squeezing action’. Or shall I say that the dropper is too sensitive?

Sometimes, a drop might come out even when the dropper was not squeezed. On a few occasions, I had a drop or two on my table when I took the dropper out of the bottle.  It’s not a big problem since it occurs like maybe once every 20 applications. I’ve since learnt to be more careful so as to avoid wastage, and to prevent my table from spotting yellow polka dots.

2.  Expensive

Thanks for coming so far. Now, don’t frown when you hear about the price. I hope I’ve set your expectation that this is an expensive product.

It cost a whopping $180 per 30ml bottle locally, although I did find Amazon selling it at USD90

My Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate (50ml) which is made up of half the strength (10%) costs half of this price in Singapore. However, let’s just say that I did not finish using Kiehl’s, and I did not notice any visible difference. Half-used, Kiehl’s has sat in my fridge for more than a year already.


How to apply?

Apply in the morning after cleansing and toning.

Glo-Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Vitamin C+
Application Instruction

The instruction says to use about 10 drops. Sounds like a lot? Actually, the droplets are tiny.

This is made up of 5 drops.

Glo-therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+
5 drops

For me, 5-7 drops are enough to cover my face and neck. You can then follow up with your moisturizer and sunscreen.

Why do you apply it in the morning?

I read that vitamin C can give your sunscreen an extra boost and works together to protect your skin against UV damage.

Is it better if I also apply it at night?

Well. I don’t think it’s necessary. I read that vitamin C, once applied, can stay in your skin for up to 72 hours. I’ll just follow their instruction and apply it once every morning. This is not cheap, honey!

Can I use it with my AHA product?  

I’m not sure if layering is ok. What I do is to apply vitamin C in the morning and AHA at night. My dermatologist said this approach is ok. 


Where to get it? 

I love this product so much, I actually look forward to the start of every day so that I can have this amazing product on my skin.  I’ll have to thank Cutis Medical Laser Clinics for introducing this product to me. I’d hesitated getting it earlier (and bought the Kiehl’s instead) because it was really out of my budget.

I’m glad this product works out well for me, and I can totally see myself emptying this product. 


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16 thoughts on “Glo-therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ | Get Firmer and more radiant skin in 3 days”

  1. Any idea on what the pH levels are? pH levels are very important in determining how effective the vitamin C will be when it comes to penetrating the skin. I believe Skinceuticals has the lowest pH on the market at the moment.

    1. Thanks for writing in. I’ve gotten a reply from Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, an aesthetic clinic that sells this product in Singapore.

      The PH level of Glotherapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ is 2.2. You may be interested to know that this product has won the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2014 for ‘Best At Home Wrinkle Filler’.

      What is the PH level of Skinceutical? Love to hear from you soon.

  2. The Ph level for Skinceuticals is 2.5-3.0 and I do believe they have a patent for those levels so it’s rather surprising that Glo-therapeutics is even lower. Sounds like an effective product and thank you for checking up on that :)

  3. Hello Nicole! would you recommend buying this from amazon since it is a lot cheaper? will there be any disadvantages to the quality of the serum if bought from amazon? thank u!

    1. Hi Kai, I have not purchased it from Amazon before. So I can’t verify its’ quality. The price quoted in Amazon is in USD. I’d gotten it at similar price from Cutis Medical Laser Clinics a few months ago, as they were having a X’mas promotion. They often have promo for their products. Perhaps you can give them a call or check out their facebook page at Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Nicole, seems like Cutis Medical Laser Clinics no longer carry this product. May I know where do you buy the vit c+ in Singapore?

        1. Hi LY, yes, it seems like Cutis Medical Laser Clinics is no longer carrying this. I’m now looking for an alternative. If I can’t find one, I’ll probably have to order this from Amazon.

  4. Is it compatible with skin brightening spot corrector i.e. Simple Beauty or Chanel le blanc or is it most effective without the other product.

    1. Hi Fern, I’ve not used the products that you’ve mentioned, so I’m not able to comment. You can probably start with one first and see if that can achieve the effect you are looking for. Based on my preference, I would prefer to go for a proven ingredient, i.e. Vitamin C (10-20%).

  5. Hi, I just found this post. Would love to try this but it says it is unavailable (I am in the US). Any idea how I can get it or another product just as good. I break out easily with vitamin C products.

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