Here’s why I won’t be repurchasing Innisfree Nail Top Coat

Hey there, here’s a quick review of Innisfree Nail Top Coat. If you have been wanting to get one, hold your horses and read through this review. Because I’m going to show you 5 reasons why I won’t be buying this again.

Innisfree Nail Top Coat



5 Reasons why I won’t buy Innisfree Nail Top Coat again

1. Not Much Glossier

Based on its product description, Innisfree Nail Top Coat is said to add a healthy glow to the nails. To better gauge its effect, I applied the top coat on alternate nails to see if the ones with top coat are indeed shinier. 

They may be glossier, but not by much. If I don’t tell you, you probably can’t tell which nails are the ones painted with the top coat.

2. Chips after 2 days

One of the reasons why we use nail top coat is to extend the longevity of nail colours and prevent premature chipping. I would expect the nail colours to stay pretty for 3 or 4 days at the minimum.

Sadly, I’ve experienced chipping as early as after Day 2. 

3. Fared worse than Nails without Innisfree Top Coat

Take a look at the nails after 4 days. Did you notice that those applied with Innisfree Top Coat chipped off in bigger chunks?

*Those painted with top coat are marked with “TC”.

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Innisfree Top Coat Review
Alternate nails (TC) are painted with Innisfree Top Coat
Innisfree Top Coat Review
Day 4 after applying Innisfree Top Coat on alternate nails

4. Cheap? Not Really

I’d thought Innisfree Nail Top Coat was cheap as it costs only S$6. However, if you look at the quantity, it contains only 6ml which is below the industry average.  

For instance, Sally Hansen Top Coat comes with 13ml and OPI has 15ml, which are more than twice as much as Innisfree. Therefore, I think Innisfree Top Coat is only cheap in absolute terms.

It would still be worth a purchase if the product works well, but sadly it didn’t in my experience. 

Innisfree Nail Top Coat

5. Takes slightly longer to remove nail colours

Nail colours painted with a layer of Innisfree Top Coat took slightly longer to remove. By right, this should be a good thing as it means the nail colours are better protected.

However, in this instance, the nail colours did not enjoy better longevity to justify this lengthier removal process. 

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Innisfree Nail Top Coat


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As with most of Innisfree’s nail polish, I love its wide brush and quick-drying formula. However, since Innisfree Nail Top Coat didn’t meet my expectation of what a top coat should do, I won’t be repurchasing it. Rating: 2.5/5

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Innisfree Nail Top Coat

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