7 Reasons for loving Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara: 2nd Best Mascara I’ve Used

This post was first published in 2018. Five years on and I found myself repurchasing Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara during my recent trip to Tokyo. When I first reviewed it, I was super delighted to find another beauty item to add to the holy grail family. Today, I am still happy using it. Read on if you are looking for a mascara that is close to being perfect.

Oh, wait. Does Integrate mascara sound familiar? Good memory you have! Yes, we have earlier reviewed Integrate Volume Mascara, but they are not the same. One offers volume while the other promises great curls! I’ll point out more differences along the way so that you can decide which would work better for you.

Update Jan 2024: This post was first published in Sep 2018 and updated to include latest opinions. 

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara

Tell me More About Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara

You would most likely have seen Integrate when you shop in Japan (or Taiwan). Integrate happens to be one of the many brands under Shiseido Group and offers makeup at mid-low prices (around ¥1200+). It sits between brands like Cezanne/Chifure which are cheap and Shiseido Maquillage/Elixir that are slightly pricier.

As at time of writing, Integrate offers five types of mascara to address varying needs such as a desire for curl, length or volume. Today’s review is on Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara. As its name suggests, this mascara is meant for those looking for great curls that don’t smudge when in contact with water.

What Integrate Curl Mascara Promises

It seems like Integrate doesn’t have an English website – I could only find one in Japanese (Integrate website). Not to worry, Chrome and myBeautyCravings are here to the rescue. Below is an edited translation of what Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara promises to achieve:

“Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara curls lashes from root to tip and ‘memorizes’ the shape of the curl. It is waterproof and doesn’t smudge easily from sweat or sebum and can lasts 12 hours.” ~ Integrate

Sounds good? It is good, but let’s see why it is good. As usual, we’ll begin with the great stuff before moving on to the bad.

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara


What’s Great about Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara? 

1. Easy and Mess-free Application 

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara comes with a unique wand head. It is flat, slim and curved. Instead of a fully-rounded bristle, there are only two slim rows of comb teeth resting on either side of the wand head.

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara Wand Head Collage
Slim profile allows it to reach difficult corners

The wand head’s thin profile allows it to reach any part of the lashes easily. You don’t have to worry about accidental smudge when coating difficult areas, such as inner corners and lower lashes. I am super pleased because this is the first mascara I’ve used that allows me to coat all parts of my lashes evenly.

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara
All parts of lashes coated evenly and easily

2. Absolutely Clump Free

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara’s comb-like wand allows it to coat lashes without leaving any clumps. This is even so when this mascara contains lots of tiny fibres.

By the way, I didn’t know at the point of purchase that this is a fibre mascara – it wasn’t marketed to enhance length. So far, my experience with fibre mascaras hadn’t been good as such mascara tends to clump like no tomorrow (read this review to know what I mean).

Had I known that Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara contains fibre, I would have given it a miss. So glad I wasn’t aware (couldn’t read the Japanese label, yo!). Otherwise, I would have missed this great buy!

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara
No clumps

3. Integrate Curl Mascara offers Lovely Doll-Eye Effect

Once I saw how slim and bristle-deficient the wand head was, my expectation automatically plunged.

“Ah, another no-drama, very natural-looking type of mascara,” I’d thought.

I was wrong! So wrong. The lashes curl so well they open up my eyes and make them appear bigger. Look at the steep angle of the curls. By the way, this curl sets really fast.

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara
Curls and lengthens

For info, my natural lashes tend to point forward/downward. The before photo was taken after curling my lashes with Shiseido Eyelash Curler, which by the way, is another great buy from Japan.

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara
Bigger-looking eyes after applying Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara

You know what? Integrate Curl Mascara didn’t stop at just producing amazing curls. It exceeded my expectation by significantly thickening my lashes. Something I wasn’t expecting because an earlier version of Integrate Curl Mascara (in Gold Packaging) hardly gave any volume or curl. That’s why I didn’t bother reviewing it.

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara
Significantly thickens the lashes

4. The Curl Holds for Hours

I’m truly amazed. The curl really lasts, okay? I’ve tested Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara on outings lasting more than 9 hours and the curl remained beautifully intact.

Remember Integrate’s promise that the mascara can last 12 hours? I’ve not had the chance to test it out for this long, but I’ve no doubt that Integrate can meet this claim. 

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Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara
This curl lasts for hours

5. Yes, Integrate Curl Mascara is Waterproof

I’ve done a test by rubbing wet fingers vigorously against my lashes. There was no smudge. So you can rest assured that Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara can be used during rainy or tearful days. Well, of course you can use it on happier occasions too like at the beach, though I’ve yet to test it against salt water. :)

6. No Overpowering Smell or Fume

Many mascaras that produce dramatic effect also come with strong chemical smell or fume. They may also cause the lashes to harden so as to “set the curls”. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case with Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara. There was no overpowering smell and the applied lashes feel as soft as my natural lashes. How did they do it? Amazing, no?

7. Affordably-Priced

I got Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara for ¥1200 (excl. tax). Five years later and with inflation everywhere, the mascara is still at the same price. That’s about USD8, which is really affordable for the kind of quality you get.

Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara


What’s Bad about Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara? 

1. Slight Smudges with Sebum Contact

Although Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara is resistant against water, it doesn’t seem to do well against sebum. There was a faint smudge on the lower eye area after a few hours of usage.

I’m still giving this mascara a 5-star rating because the smudge isn’t obvious enough to cause embarrassment. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the smudge level at 1 or 2 the most.

And that’s it. I could only find one bad thing about Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara. Oh, maybe another bad thing is that you can only get it in Japan, Taiwan or online. 

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Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara is rated 5-star, so I’m confident to recommend it to everyone. If you like beautifully-curled lashes that can last for hours and are resistant to water, this is definitely a must-buy. In fact, this mascara is in my  Japan Must-Buy List. Rating: 5/5.

Should you get Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara or Integrate Volume Mascara? If you want superb curl and waterproof feature, get the former. Get the latter if you want a sebum-resistant and volumizing mascara. 


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(This post was first published in Sep 2018 and updated in Jan 2024 to provide updated opinions.)

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