See how Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB Works its Magic

Here’s a peculiar BB cream that would please both ladies and men alike. Yes, you can literally share Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB with your man. Eh, that is, if your man is interested in light makeup. This BB cream stands out with its ultra natural-looking finish and works really well against dry or mature skin. Let’s examine it further.

Integrate Gracy BB


But, what’s the difference between ‘Integrate’ and ‘Integrate Gracy’ by Shiseido? 

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Integrate and Integrate Gracy? Both brands are under Shiseido and can be found in major drugstores in Japan. In fact, they are often found alongside each other. In terms of pricing, there isn’t much difference either with prices hovering around ¥1200.

Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB

When I was shopping in Don Quijote in Okinawa, I couldn’t figure out the difference because I don’t read Japanese. I’m glad I’d selected the right brand for my age group. Apparently, Integrate is meant for those in their 20s to 30s, while Integrate Gracy is designed for more mature ladies (above 40). Now I get it. Gracy means grace? And grace comes with age? Ah…now I see how the name came about. :)

If you are in your 20s to 30s, this review may still be relevant to you if you have dry skin or intend to get some gifts for your elderly folks when you travel in Japan or Taiwan.


Tell me more about Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB

Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB is made in Japan and widely available in both Japan and Taiwan. Like many BB creams out there, Integrate BB is said to be an all-in-one product that performs the following roles:

  1. Moisturizer
  2. UV Protection
  3. Makeup Base
  4. Foundation
  5. Concealer

This BB cream contains 79% moisture ingredients and is said to naturally cover fine lines, pores and dullness. You can choose from two colors – 01 (bright) and 02 (natural) – more info at Integrate Gracy’s official website.

So, can Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB meet these marketing claims? Let’s find out – pros first before we talk about the cons.


What’s Good about Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB?

1. Natural & Translucent Finish

Love a natural and sheer finish like I do? Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB offers just that. In fact, the finish was a little overly-translucent when first applied. I almost thought I’d wasted my money because I didn’t feel confident leaving home with such a thin coverage. All my pores and some redness were clearly visible when I left home.

Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB
Wearing the lighter shade of #01

Luckily, this BB cream was able to magically transform into a higher coverage over time. When I checked myself in the mirror a few hours later, I noticed a better coverage. My pores were blurred out and for some unknown reasons, the overall coverage was so much better. I was really intrigued with the transformation because this is something I’ve never experienced before with other BB creams. All in all, I love the final result, which was a sheer, natural finish with sufficient coverage.

If you don’t wish to wait for the magic to take effect, you can apply some powder over it. I’ve tried layering it with Integrate Gracy Pressed Powder and the finish was soft and seamless. It was perfect for me!

Alternatively, you can check out Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation if you like a good coverage. 

2. Great for those with Dry or Mature Skin

Integrate Gracy BB Cream is formulated well for its mature target audience. The finish was not cakey (unlike this brand) and didn’t highlight fine lines and winkles. I like it that Integrate Gracy contains moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly Extract. No wonder, my skin felt so comfortable when using it during the cold season*.

*Note: Singapore is a tropical country, by cold, we mean 25 to 28 degree Celsius. :)

Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB
Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB is a moisturizing BB Cream

3. Pimple-free

I’m very confident that Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB is pimple-safe on my skin. I’ve never gotten any pimples when wearing it.

4. Offers Sun Protection 

Similar to most BB creams, Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB offers a reasonable sunscreen protection of SPF33 PA++. If you’ll be under the sun a lot, please do wear a specialized sunscreen underneath this BB cream.

Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB
Offers reasonable sun protection of SPF33 PA++

5. It’s Cheap!

I bought it for ¥950 after tax rebate. That works out to just USD8.40 as of today’s exchange rate. For the quality that you get, I think this is a great value product. Here’s the latest price on Amazon and Ebay.

6. Light and Portable

This BB Cream comes with a generous 40g of product, and yet is contained in a small and light tube. I’m most definitely bringing this for my upcoming trip to Taiwan.

Integrate Gracy BB
Light and travel-friendly tube. The tiny opening offers a mess-free experience

Talking about packaging, you may want to know that the product packaging has changed to an all-blue tube. It must be a very recent change since I bought mine just a few months ago in Japan. In any case, I think the redesigned packaging looks more elegant. 

7. A Finely-Formulated BB Cream

As compared to Cezanne BB Cream which I’ve reviewed just a while ago, Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB feels like a better-formulated product. From packaging to how it blends and interacts perfectly with the skin, you can instantly feel the quality difference.

I like it that I can use it on its own for a natural look or layer with powder or foundation to get better coverage without experiencing any cakiness.


What’s Bad About Integrate Gracy BB Cream?

1. Coverage may be too light for some

Those who prefer medium to high coverage should probably give this a miss. Even after waiting for the magic to take effect, it’s still a sheer and natural finish.

Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB
Coverage is too sheer even by BB cream standard (note: This is before the ‘magical’ increase in coverage)

2. Greasy Finish

As we know, this BB cream is meant for dry and mature skin. That may explain the greasy finish. I don’t mind it because I love how it’s keeping my skin moisturized. Furthermore, I know that I can get rid of the greasiness instantly by just setting it with powder.

As compared to Cezanne BB Cream, Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB doesn’t get significantly greasier overtime. You won’t see obvious oil marks when you tap your finger on your face. 



If you love a sheer and natural finish or have dry or mature skin, Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB is worth a try. As far as its marketing claims go, I think it ticks 3 out of 5 boxes: 

  • Moisturizer – Yes! Very good!
  • UV Protection – Yes. Reasonable Protection
  • Makeup Base – Yes. Layers well with powder or foundation
  • Foundation – No. Too sheer 
  • Concealer – Not really. I can still see my age marks. :)

Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB will definitely go into my Japan/Taiwan must-buy list, both for myself as well as for my mom. For info, my mom is using color 02 and she likes it. Actually, she was the one who told me to buy it for her after getting this as a gift a while ago. Rating: 4/5


View latest price: Amazon and Ebay


This concludes the last beauty post for the year. Happy New Year in advance, everyone! Let’s look forward to greater things next year, for both you and me. Here’s the subscribe link if you want to keep yourself posted on more honest reviews. Thank you for your great support all these years! :)



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Integrate Gracy Essence BB

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