Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation an absolute must-buy in Japan and Taiwan

If you are visiting Japan or Taiwan, look out for Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation. Because, you would likely want to get it after reading this review. Yes, this has been included in my Japan Must-Buy list.

Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation
Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation – Half-used already!

It’d been a while since I last used a powder foundation. When you get more mature with age, your skin becomes drier and well, more wrinkled too. Powder foundation would likely not sit well on the skin as it tends to emphasize fine lines and wrinkles.  

I’m glad that Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation proved otherwise. It’s one of the best powder foundations I’ve used in quite a while.

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More about Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation

Integrate is one of the offspring brands from Shiseido. Made in Japan and associated with Shiseido, we can be assured of its quality.

Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation comes in 4 shades.  It is said to be formulated for women in their 20s and 30s.

Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation
4 colors available

I didn’t fall in love with Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation when I first got it. The color that I bought (00) was too fair for my Mac NW20 skin tone. After more than a year, I re-tried the powder again and by then, the color had suited my skin tone to a tee. What happened? 

I think my Vitamin C 20% serum helped lightened my skin tone without myself even knowing it. Check out the review below if you love being fair and radiant.

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What’s Good about Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation? 

1. Dewy Finish

It’s a beautiful finish – not flat, not matt and not dull. Plus it gives off a subtle sheen.  The first word that came to mind was how Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation gave an alluring 3D dewy effect. Love it!

2. Doesn’t Emphasize Lines

Those with dry or mature skin would know how difficult it is to use powder foundation. Powder just blows up and turns your subtle fine lines into obvious wrinkles.

Not with Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation! This great foundation sank into my lines just like how liquid foundation does and my lines were not blown out of proportion.  My skin didn’t show any dry or patchy spots.

3. Controls Oil Well

For a foundation that’s great on dry and mature skin, I was impressed how it also managed to control oil pretty well. Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation held up so well even after an entire day out under the hot tropical climate.

The coverage was intact at the end of the day, and I did not observe any fading or streaking. 

4. Great Coverage

You can achieve sheer to medium coverage with Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation because it is buildable. You just need to add more layers, and the layers blend and melt in nicely, all thanks to the fine and smooth powder texture. Pores, redness and imperfections can be concealed easily.

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Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation
Before-After application

5. SPF Protection

We can’t hate a foundation that gives us free sunscreen, can we? Integrate Mineral Foundation comes with SPF 16 PA+. Not a lot, but would serve those who work in office environment. Otherwise, just wear it on top of your regular sunscreen for double protection. 

6. Small and Compact Case 

The foundation comes in a small compact case which is easy to carry around. It’s definitely a great choice for those who love carrying small handbags.

7. Value for Money

For the kind of quality you get, Integrate Mineral Powder foundation isn’t expensive at all. It cost around Y1800 (incl tax).  They also sold refillable packs at Y1400.

Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation
Refillable option available

8. No Pimples

I get pimples easily and am glad to share that this product doesn’t give me any breakouts. I believe this product is safe on pimple- or acne-prone skin.


What’s Not Great? 

1. Cheap-looking Casing

The white case with some kiddish-looking prints made the product looked cheap. For those who are into classy style, you may not like to be seen carrying this.

For me, I don’t really care as long as the product works!

Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation
Simple and Compact White casing

2. Cakey if applied over Thick Cream

There was an occasion when I applied Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation over heavy layers of skin products (moisturizer + sun screen + rich makeup base).  This combination, all of which contains SPF, gave me a overly-heavy coverage which I absolutely fear and hate.

The full coverage turned into a cakey finish that emphasized my nasolabial lines and made me look older than my actual appearance.

My recommendation – use up to two layers of light products beneath this powder foundation. Nothing more. If you prefer a lighter coverage, take a look at Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB or Integrate Mineral Watery Foundation.



Look at the number of pros vs cons and you will know why I’m heavily recommending this product. Whether you have oily or dry skin, Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation seems to work really well. It’s not too matt, and not too shiny. I say it’s hard to find such a great balance for powder foundation. Get it when you are in Japan or Taiwan. Product added to Japan Must-Buy ListRating: 5/5

*Update* This product has received an update in its packaging – view latest packaging & price.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I can’t use powder foundation as my lines & pores will become obvious. I prefer light makeup and have not found a suitable product to conceal my flaws. Will definitely buy it when I travel to Japan or Taiwan.

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