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Do you often break out from using BB cream? If you do, this review on Media BB Cream may be good news to you.

Media BB Cream
Media BB Cream

I’ve never really had much luck with BB cream. Most of them caused me to breakout even if the package stated ‘non-comedogenic’. This had included BB Creams from The Face Shop, Etude, Ettusais and more. It took me a while to find one that doesn’t and I’m going to share this review with you.

About Media BB Cream

Media is a brand under Kanebo, and the products are made in Japan.  As with many Japanese brands such as Integrate, I was able to get them in Taiwan probably due to the proximity between the two countries.

What’s Media’s target audience? Based on the age of celebrity ambassador ‘Selina Jen’, I believe this product caters to women in their 30s to 40s.

Media Kanebo


Media BB Cream comes in a 35g lightweight tube and is available in three colors. I’m using the lightest colour – 01 for my skin tone (Mac NC20 / Lancome P0-03).  

The product is marketed as one that:

  1. Conceals pores and dark spots
  2. Reduces dullness
  3. Boosts skin radiance and luminosity

Let’s see if Media BB Cream lives up to her claims.


What’s Good about Media BB Cream? 

1. Non-greasy

Media BB Cream doesn’t leave behind a greasy after-feel. The skin feels just like how it is after applying a light lotion. There’s no need to set it with powder unless you want a better coverage.

2. No Pimples

I’ve broke out from using many BB Creams in the past, but Media BB Cream has never caused my pores to clog. It’s pretty awesome to finally be able to finish a tube of BB cream than throwing them away after just a few applications.

3. Sufficient Coverage

Media BB Cream offers sheer-to-medium coverage by BB cream’s standard (and extra-sheer coverage by foundation’s standard). It does well in minimizing pores and fading redness and dark spots.

I feel confident wearing this when attending casual and brief outings (e.g. grocery, going for haircut, errand-running). 

I happened to have a serious breakout after using C20 Vitamin Serum before taking the before-after photos. You can see that the redness and pore size were less obvious after applying Media BB Cream.

Media BB Cream
Half of face with BB Cream, and the other without
Media BB Cream
After using Media BB Cream on entire face


4. Perfect Balance between Matt & Dewy Finish

It doesn’t have the dewy finish of Integrate Liquid Foundation or the shiny finish of Innisfree’s Waterglow Cushion. I’d wanted to say it is matt, but it isn’t too. Perhaps, it’s more aptly described as an almost-matt finish, but with very subtle gloss for radiance. Refer to before-after photos above. 

5. Sunscreen Protection

It’s good to know that Media BB Cream comes with medium sun protection factor of SPF 35PA ++ which acts as a good double protection when used above a layer of sunscreen.

Media BB Cream


Did you know? 

SPF in make up is hardly sufficient to protect us from the sun’s harmful effect. We would need a thick layer to make it work which is generally impossible unless we like to walk around in super thick makeup. Hence, do remember to use a specialized sunscreen lotion and treat makeup that comes with SPF as a double protection.

6. Moisturizing

Although the finish wasn’t greasy, rest assured that it’s not drying too. My dehydrated skin felt comfortable wearing Media BB Cream. Reading the Taiwanese Website, I realized that this product contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturized.

7. Travel-Friendly

Media BB Cream comes in a lightweight and compact 35ml tube and is travel-friendly.

Media BB Cream

8. Affordable

At Y1100 or NTD281 (equivalent to USD10), Media BB Cream is value for money for all the benefits that it brings with it.


What’s Bad? 

1.  Too Sheer for Some

For those who expect flawless skin, Media BB Cream may disappoint. Though it’s able to cover reasonably well, Media BB Cream can’t hide all imperfections. I tend to use it only for brief casual outings.

Actually, I like its light texture because I thought that’s what a BB cream should do. If I want heavier coverage, I would reach out for my foundation. So theoretically speaking, this shouldn’t be counted as a bad point. I’m listing it here so that you guys are aware of its limitation.

Media BB Cream
Sheer and light coverage


2. Smaller Quantity

Some other brands such as Etude, Innisfree or Lancome may offer 40 to 50ml of product in their BB Cream. Media BB Cream offers only 35ml.

3. Listed as a 6-in-1 Product? Not really

Media BB Cream has marketed itself as a convenient 6-in-1 product multi-tasking as a Serum, Emulsion, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Makeup Base and Foundation. It says that you can use this immediately after applying toner.

I don’t quite agree. It’s sheer coverage definitely doesn’t qualify itself as a Foundation. And we just said earlier that makeup SPF shouldn’t replace a real SPF product. So it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a super multi-tasker.

Having said that, I think it’s indeed a convenient product for short outings.

Media BB Cream
A 6-in-1 BB Cream?



If you are looking for a sheer-to-medium coverage BB Cream that won’t trigger a breakout, Media BB Cream may be a good consideration. It’s extremely affordable when you get it from Taiwan or Japan. This product has been included in my Japan-Must-Buy and Taiwan-Must-Buy lists. Rating: 4/5.

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