Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic | Part 1 – The Treatment

Heard of Laser Facial? I‘ve recently been invited to try out this treatment at Gangnam Laser Clinic@Raffles Place. Not knowing what it was, I googled and was pleased to find many online reviews, all of which were positive.

The treatment was touted as a lunch time quick fix that treats pimples, minimize pores and fade pigmentation. Do I share the same opinion as the other reviewers? Read on to find out. 

Location of Gangnam Laser Clinic

This new clinic is located at One Raffles Place. Although I used to work in Raffles Place a couple of years back, I did not know where ‘One Raffles Place’ was. A quick look at the map showed that it could be the OUB Centre I used to know it by. And indeed it was. Guess this is the current fad where all buildings aspire to be named after their street name.

For those who haven’t been to Raffles Place for a while, it’s just opposite boat quay and UOB plazas.

One Raffles Place
One Raffles Place

Located on the third floor (#03-04) beside an open-concept spectacles shop, Gangnam Laser Clinics with its modern ‘glowing’ signage looked pretty inviting.

Gangnam Laser Clinic
Gangnam Laser Clinic


The Consent Form for Laser Facial

Upon entering the clinic, I was attended by a receptionist who handed me a consent form. Not only was I required to sign the form, I had to sign against every statement on the form.

Consent Form (Gangnam Laser Clinic)
Consent Form (Gangnam Laser Clinic)

From a legal perspective, I think one signature at the end of the form would be sufficient. The clinic might be trying to ensure that her customers read the form carefully. That I can totally understand. However, wouldn’t it be nice if someone can explain the salient points (e.g. side effect of scarring or pigment change) to you personally?

Coming to the end of the form, I was perplexed that I’d to sign against one para that read:

“I have been given ample opportunity for discussion and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.”

Unfortunately, I hadn’t met the doctor then and had only a 10-word exchange with the receptionist. Given that this clinic was only set up a few months ago, I believe this could be a genuine oversight, and can be easily rectified. 


The Consultation: Laser Facial at Gangnam Laser Clinic

Dr Daniel Chang, a young and trendy-looking doctor started off the consultation by asking me about my key concerns and dishing out general skincare tips.

Gangnam Laser Clinic
The Consultation

He then invited me to the treatment bed, where he continued with the second segment of the consultation. In a resting position, I was told that I have sunken temples which would look better with fillers. He also correctly diagnosed that I have strong jaw muscles – yes, I do have an annoying teeth-grinding habit.

To be honest, I’m too used to having consultation take place at the table that I was feeling awkward. In a rest position, it was also harder for me to register the things that were mentioned.

Urging myself to concentrate, I posed a question which I thought was important, i.e. what would be the possible side effects and downtime from the treatment. I felt that I might have been overly-inquisitive as he said he would explain this to me later.

Gangnam Laser Clinic
Receiving 3rd segment of the consultation

With the metal plates over my eyes, I received the third segment of the consultation where he shared more about the laser machine, the possible side effects etc. I used ‘etc’ because he said a lot more. However, it was frankly difficult for me to register much when I was in a sleeping position, and with my eyes covered.

If given the choice, I would very much prefer the entire consultation to be done at the table. If the patient isn’t comfortable with the possible side effects and downtime, she would then have the opportunity to back out.


Laser Facial treatment began

The treatment began shortly.

Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic
Laser Machine

The First Laser

First, an ablative laser was used to remove thin layer of the skin. Dr. Daniel Chang thoughtfully sprayed the laser on my hand, so as to prepare me for the sensation. It was pretty mild, probably a 1/10.

On the face, the laser felt a little stronger, maybe 2/10 in terms of pain. It was totally bearable and felt like multiple ant-bites. No numbing cream was administered (and I do not think it requires one).

The Second Laser

Next, a toning laser was used. This laser was supposed to tighten the skin. Dr. Chang gave the analogy of someone pulling the belt tightly. I didn’t feel anything from this laser. No pain. No heat. 

The actual administration of the laser was quick, probably within 5 minutes, excluding the talking.

The Mask

I was led into a brightly-lit room with Korean music streaming in the background. Seems a bit gimmicky, huh? Great for those who’s into all-things Korean. The assistant who looked like a Korean (and I think she may be one) placed a paper mask over my face and left.

Hydro-Lift mask
Hydro-Lift mask

I later learnt from their website that it was a hydro-lift mask. I wish the assistant could share a little more about the mask, and how long it would be left on before leaving the room.

The assistant came back about 20 minutes later and still did not speak much. She was not rude, but was generally very reserved and did not smile much.


First Trial Quite a Good Deal

After the laser treatment, I applied makeup and went out for my TGIF. My friend asked why my blusher was not blended well, like there was a distinctive demarcation between the “blush” and “non-blush” areas.

It was only after I went home and removed my makeup before I understood what she meant. There was a red contrast to my face – the areas that received the lasers were red. I was pleasantly surprised. This is real laser ladies. For $48 (first trial), this is a great deal!

Why was I shocked that this laser was the real stuff? Shouldn’t it be a given? Stay Tuned to Part 2 of this review where I’ll share more, plus show you the before-after photos. I’ll also talk more about the effectiveness of this treatment. If you like to get notified of my new posts, you can click the button below to subscribe, or connect with me through facebook or instagram. See you there.



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2 thoughts on “Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic | Part 1 – The Treatment”

  1. I liked how you narrate and review the procedures unlike other blogs that are obviously paid for.
    May i ask, will you opt for this facial though?

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Lene. I will continue to write honest reviews, as always! =)

      As I am able to do DIY superficial peels (glycolic or lactic acid) on myself, I do not need to pay for laser facial which is more expensive. =) You can google “glycolic peel” via the search box on my blog. If you prefer professionals to do the work for you, having such laser facial once a month or so may help stimulate collagen and provide good exfoliation.

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