L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask provides emergency hydration boost

Congratulations to my first year anniversary of owning the “renowned” L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask. I’ve finally gotten down to using it after 365 days or thereabouts, and WOAH, I have to tell you this. This mask is amazing and it has been included in my Taiwan-Must Buy list!

L' Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask (p) 

What took me so long to try this Taiwan-made facial sheet mask is its prohibitive price. At $11 a pop, I’d to reserve if for a special occasion and this special occasion happened to be the day I returned from Taiwan (again?) when my skin was experiencing dryness.

Some of you would know that I’m a skeptic when it comes to sheet mask. I often wonder what a sheet mask can do that a good quality serum couldn’t.

Why pay $2 to $10 for a sheet mask when a drop of a branded high-quality serum would cost just a fraction?

Actually, I am proven right most of the time except for two exceptional sheet masks, of which L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask is one of them. The second one, if you are curious, is provided in the link below.

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Read on to find out why it may be worthwhile to pay NT250 (S$11) for one piece of L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose Mask.


What’s Good about L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask? 

1. High-Quality Biocellulose Material

L'Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask
Biocellulose Mask

Unlike most sheet masks that are made of paper-like material and would dry up after some time, L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose MaskAcid Mask is made of a smooth and jelly-like material. Based on my experience, this less porous material remained damp throughout my 30-minute application* and ensured my face was constantly in contact with the excellent ingredient.

The mask stayed firmly in place on my face and didn’t peel off from any corners. 

*Instruction stated application time as 15 to 20 minutes


2. Instant Hydration

This is a mask that I use for an instant hydration boost to pacify scaly, dry and patchy skin. Of course, if it’s cheaper, I wouldn’t mind using it every other day. But at NTD250 a piece, let’s just reserve it for moments when you need miracles.

L'Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask
Ingredients & Application

During application, I felt a rather pronounced warm sensation that lasted for a couple of minutes. After lifting off the mask, my face appeared flushed as compared to my neck color.

Immediately after application, I could see how moisturized my skin was as compared to areas that didn’t come into contact with the mask.

After one day, the scaly patch around my left cheek was gone. My face looked and felt firmer and more supple! It was a pronounced difference that none of my serum or moisturizer could achieve in a day.

3. Reduced Fine lines and Minimised Pores 

Even though the eye areas didn’t come into contact with the mask, the fine lines under my left eye seemed to have softened. The effect lasted for about 3 days. Still, it was an amazing feat to see a mask being able to erase wrinkles, albeit temporarily.

Look at the photos below. I was smiling hard so that you can see the fine lines under my eye. Can you tell from the left photo which was taken immediately after application of L’Herboflore that the fine lines were softer?  They reverted to their original state after a few days (see right photo). 

L'Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask
Less under-eye wrinkles

My skin looked so full, firm and supple such that my pores also appeared smaller.

4. No Sticky After-feel

The liquid dried off leaving my face comfortably smooth with no sticky after-feel. 

5. No Pimples

Those who are prone to pimples (such as me) should be able to use L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask with a peace of mind. Rich as it is, it didn’t cause any breakout.  

6. Good for a Second Application

After you remove the mask, you will see at least 10ml of liquid remaining in the foil. I poured the excess into a small sample-size bottle. A few days later, I took out the bottle and dropped one Muji Face Lotion Sheet into it.

Muji Face Mask
Muji Face Mask

Soon, I was having a second application of L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid. The only difference was that the Muji Face Lotion Sheet dried up on my face after a short while. And it didn’t give me the same effect that I’d enjoyed from the original Biocellulose mask. So, yes, I do think the smooth jelly texture of the mask makes a difference.

L'Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask
Apply L’Herboflore using Muji Sheet Mask


What’s Bad? 

1. Expensive

At $11 a pop, it is difficult to justify using L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask on a regular basis. No matter how great it is, we cannot ignore the fact that its significant effects would last only a couple of days. 

Things to Buy in Taiwan
Things to Buy in Taiwan

2. Mediocre Fit

For a premium mask like L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask, I was surprised to see that the mask didn’t offer a customized fitting solution such as “slits”. There was no slit at all.

The piece even draped over my lips, making me look like a white bird. LOL. But ok lah, who can reject a lip mask session.

L'Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask
L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask

3. Won’t Fit Larger Face

I have a small face even by Asian standard, and yet this mask couldn’t even reach my jawline. 

For those who have a larger face (e.g. Men),  L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask may be too small for you.



If you are traveling in Taiwan, why not get one and try it for yourself? This mask works wonders quickly when you need it the most (Oh…just found out, they also sell this in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yipee!)

Due to its price, I will only keep one or two with me as an emergency hydration kit. When those are used up, I’ll fly over to Taiwan to replace them. In short, I will always want to have one with me at any point in time. This is likely to go into my Super Holygrail lists.  Rating: 4.5/5  (Would be a perfect score if it was cheaper). 


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