Liht Organics says its organic makeup is safe enough to eat. But does it work?

Check out a new organic makeup brand – Liht Organics. Founded by Singaporean Nerissa Low, Liht (pronounced as “Light”) offers makeups that are said to be made from safe ingredients. I’ve received four products from its media kit and was happy to see myself enjoying most of them.

Read on and I’ll share more about the brand as well as do a quick review of each of the products I’ve tried, namely foundation, concealer, mascara and lip gloss. 

Liht Organics Mascara


More about Liht Organics Makeup

Launched in 2019, Liht Organics promises makeup that are safe and beneficial for the skin by including up to 90% USDA-certified organic ingredients and 100% natural content. Through the use of flower petals and mineral rocks in its formulations, Liht Organics has established a variety of shades across its products.

In addition, Liht’s products are said to be cruety-free, vegan and free of harmful chemicals. That’s interesting to me because I’ve never really thought of using organic makeup and am definitely happy to have a chance to do so. 

What I’ve observed from its website is a smaller range of products (less than 10) as compared to norm. This is understandable as the company is new – I would rather they start slow and do it right than to make available a wide range of poorly-formulated products. I’m confident that its product range will grow with time if it consistently pushes out honest and safe makeup. 

Now, let’s look at each of the products I’ve received and see how they fare.


Review of Liht Organics Makeup

1. Liht Organics Infinity Lash Mascara

This is a good mascara that I have happily used almost everyday. Despite my initial skepticism, Liht Organics Mascara does a great job in depositing obvious pigment to the lashes. What impresses me most is how the lashes curl nicely and manage to retain the curls even after many hours. 

Liht Organics Infinity Lash Mascara

In terms of application, it was easy to coat the top lashes. The lower ones however faced some challenge, but is quite similar to my experience with many other mascaras. In fact, I’ve only been able to rely on a specific mascara to coat my lower lashes at the moment, and it’s none other than my beloved Integrate Curl Waterproof Mascara

Liht Organics Infinity Lash Mascara

Does Liht Mascara smudge? Liht mascara did not give me obvious smudges if I apply to just my top lashes. If you use a “moisturising” foundation or undereye concealer, do remember to set them with powder to prevent possible smudging. Also, I like to highlight that Liht Mascara is not a waterproof mascara, meaning it is easy to remove. Just don’t go into water with it.

And one last thing to add, this mascara is ideal for sensitive eyes as it’s free from artificial colours, preservatives and fragrances.

Priced at USD36, this is not a cheap mascara. But I can understand the premium, given the natural ingredients used. 

2. Liht Organics Moisture Burst Lip Glaze

Now, this is another product that I enjoyed using. I’d initially thought that the colour “LG06 – Roasted Cherry” would be too strong for my liking. But it turned out looking great and well within my colour threshold. In fact, I’ve been using it regularly when attending zoom meetings. :)

Liht Organics Lip Glaze
Liht Organics Lip Glaze in Roasted Cherry

One thing to note though, the gloss colour doesn’t go on as evenly as compared to others I’ve tried. But all I needed was to swipe a few more times or to even out some parts with my finger tip. That did the job quickly and gave my lips obvious colour while moisturising them at the same time.

Liht Organics currently offers 10 lip colours at the moment, and each organic lip glaze is priced at USD35.

Liht Organics Lip Gloss Swatch
Liht Organics Lip Glaze in Roasted Cherry

3. Liht Organics Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation

I was most excited to try Liht Organics Liquid Foundation as it is said to be anti-aging and offer flawless coverage. Unfortunately, my first impression wasn’t great as I didn’t like the smell – it kind of reminded me of expired oil-based products.

Liht Organics Liquid Foundation

I’ve checked the expiry and it’s still well within usage period, so maybe it’s due to the smell of some natural ingredients or the fact that it is an unscented product.

The scent: Hmm, Liht official website said the foundation is supposed to smell like freshly-baked cupcakes. Maybe my sense of smell is failing me. :)

Smell aside, the foundation offers sheer coverage and gave me a natural and radiant look. It also feels moisturising and should work great on mature or dry skin. I’ve been using it daily and have not experienced clogged pores or pimples. Price: USD58.

The colour “YF02 – Perfection” sent to me was a little too pinkish for my skin tone. Nevertheless, it was still usable, though I look a lot brighter. :)

Liht Organics Foundation Swatch
Foundation in colour “Perfection”
Liht Organics Liquid Foundation
Liht Foundation in Colour “Perfection”

4. Liht Organics Flawless Face Concealer

Liht concealer contains beneficial ingredients such as vitamin E, and is used to cover dark circles and blemishes. I don’t think I’m the best person to review a concealer as I hardly use them.

Liht Organics Flawless Concealer

I’ve always struggled to distinguish the difference between using a good coverage foundation and a concealer. Perhaps the before-after photos below can help me. 

Alright, I do see better coverage of my tear trough. :)

Liht Organics Flawless Concealer

Some concealers can end up making the fine lines and wrinkles under the eye look more obvious. I’m glad to report that Liht Organics concealer didn’t. So I think it’s suitable for mature people like me. Price: USD36.


Quantity Labeling

When writing this review, I was puzzled by the quantity of each products as they differ depending on whether I was looking at the box or the website. For instance, the website said 20ml of foundation while the box indicated 15ml. Similarly, the mascara was said to be 8ml, but the box stated 5ml. 

Since Liht Organics is a young brand, I think such inconsistency can be tolerated as long as they correct the info quickly. 

Post-edit: Liht Organics has clarified that the information indicated on the website is the correct version, i.e. the product contains more quantity than what was listed on the box packaging.

I am sure they will correct the box print soon.


Should you give Liht Organics a try? 

If you are a strong believer of using organic products, Liht is one of the organic makeup brands you can consider. Among the four products, I enjoyed using the mascara and lip glaze and do not mind the other two either.

Price is at the premium level, probably tagged to the “clean” ingredients used. This, obviously caters to women with a good budget for beauty products. Personally, I would love to see this local brand grow, both in terms of popularity as well as its product range and distribution channels. Jia you, Ms Nerissa Low! 


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