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Good day, beauties. I’ve got another great product to introduce to all. L’oreal Excellence Fashion is not new and has been in the market for a while. However, since it works so well for me and is my current Holy Grail hair dye, I thought it deserves a mention here.

If you are keen to know more about a great DIY hair dye that gives visible color and shiny effect, while at the same time minimizes the drying effect of colorant, you have to check out L’Oreal Excellence Fashion.

L'oreal Excellence Fashion (6.13 - Golden Nude Brown)
Loreal Excellence Fashion

I’ve been a frequent user of at-home dyes. In fact, my DIY hair-coloring journey started since my schooling days. This nearly two decades of experience gives me quite a bit of exposure and experience in knowing what makes a good hair dye, yes?  Here’s why I think L’Oreal Excellence Fashion is a product worth recommending. Read on.


4 Reasons why L’Oreal Excellence Fashion is a great DIY Hair Dye?

1. Visible & Intense Color

For those with dark-colored hair, how often have you experienced this? Picking up a nice light brown hair dye only to see your hair turned dark brown instead? I’d experienced this so often that I was conditioned to pick colors that were a few tones lighter than what I really wanted.

Not until I started using L’Oreal Excellence Fashion. The color result was so visible and close to the advertised color that left me in awe. 

So, if you want something obvious, something visible and intense, L’Oreal Excellence Fashion is the one.

Before-After (L'oreal Excellence Fashion)
Before-After (L’Oreal Excellence fashion in 6.13 Golden Nude Brown)

The above is L’Oreal Excellence Fashion in 6.13 Golden Nude Brown. I love the color and have since purchased another box. The color gives me a less serious look and somehow make my thick hair look less heavy.  

2. Color that Shines

In recent years, we see more variations of hair dye such as those foamy bubble hair colors. Unfortunately, the few that I’ve tried didn’t work for me. They either gave me dull and matt-looking hair that resembled hay, or color that didn’t last.

L’Oreal Excellence Fashion, sticking with its traditional non-drip creme formula gave excellent results. You get vibrant color that shines and locks that look healthy and bouncy.

3. Non-drying

All chemical process that involves lightening the hair color are drying. However, L’Oreal Excellence Fashion doesn’t significantly dry up your hair as compared to some other brands I’ve used. In fact, I did not notice my hair being drier than it was before the hair dye.

The protective Pre-Color Serum that was coated on the hair prior to the dye-job may have played a key role in protecting the hair from the harmful and drying effect of colorant. 

4. Long-lasting

It’s been 3 months since my dye-job. The color did not fade although it may have lost a little bit of its initial ‘sparkle’. 


But, What’s Bad? 

1. Strong Smell, Strong Fumes

L’Oreal Excellence Fashion contains ammonia and can make application a slightly uncomfortable affair. You’ll have to bear with the smell and the fumes. Since I only do a full-head dye every half a year or so, I do not mind using an ammonia-based hair dye. They are known to be more effective and longer-lasting.

These days, many hair coloring products are promoting “ammonia-free” feature. You have to do further research on what they use to replace the ammonia as it can be equally harmful to the hair. You can do further reading up here

Ammonia-free dyes are not as natural as the manufacturers lead buyers to believe. The non-ammonia catalyst increase pH is popular because they don’t release a strong smell during the coloring process, but they are also just chemicals that act the same way as ammonia. ~ softerhair.com

2. Doesn’t Cover Gray Well

Even though the product packaging says L’Oreal Excellence Fashion is ‘efficient in gray coverage’, my experience proves otherwise. You white hair may appear minimally tinted, maybe 30% translucency? If you have a high percentage of white hair (more than 20%), this other L’Oreal product may work better for you. My mom has been using it for decades.


How to Apply L’Oreal Excellence Fashion

The box comes with the following:

  1. Protective Pre-Color Serum
  2. Protective Crème Colorant
  3. Crème developer
  4. Protective Conditioner
  5. Gloves
L'oreal Excellence Fashion
What’s in the box?

It also comes with an instruction sheet that tells you exactly what to do. So, I shan’t spend too much of your time on the details. 

Very briefly, apply Pre-color Serum (No. 1) to the length and ends of hair, pour Creme Colorant (No. 2) into the Creme Developer (No.3) and shake vigorously. Twist off tip of 3 and start applying. Leave on for 30 minutes, rinse then condition with No. 4.

During application, you can choose to apply it with or without the comb that comes with it. The comb is good for mid-long hair or straight hair, as it glides easily through the hair. 

L'oreal Excellence Fashion
Loreal Excellence Fashion

My hair is coarse and thick. I like to leave the dye on longer (45mins to an hour) so that the color gets absorbed better.


The Price

L’Oreal Excellence Fashion normally retails for S$18.90 in Singapore. Here’s the live online rate

I normally use just one box to color my long and super-thick hair. However, I’ll have to admit that it is a challenge and some areas don’t receive enough contact with the dye. Ideally, two boxes should be used for those with long and thick hair.



If you are looking for a visible change of hair color and want the effect to be a glossy and shiny one, L’Oreal Excellence Fashion is worth a consideration. What’s great is it doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry and damaged. You do however have to be willing to bear with the smell.

What if you have a high percentage of white hair? This other product – L’Oreal Excellence Creme – would work better in covering gray. Rating: 5/5.

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