Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow was one great Japan find!

Sorry, beauty pals. I’ve been busy at work and could only dedicate time for travel posts. But today, I’m gonna skip that and share one wonderful and affordable Japan beauty find. And that’s Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow.

Bought this eyeshadow during my solo Tokyo trip and absolutely love it!

If you like a small and portable eye shadow that suits everyday needs, read on to discover this affordable gem. 

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow OR481


Majolica Majorca from Japan

I believe most of you would have heard of this drugstore Japan beauty brand. In fact, Majorca Majolica was once available in Singapore’s drugstores too. Not sure why they left the market, but you can still get them from online e-commerce platforms. 

So far, I’ve used a few eye products from Majolica Majorca and only find one good enough to repurchase, and that is the Pencil Eyeliner.

Today, I’m glad that I would be able to add a second Majolica Majorca product to my Japan must-buy list. Read on to find out what’s so special about Majolica Majorca  Eye Shadow.


What’s Good about Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow?

1. Compact with no wastage

This Japan-made eyeshadow stood out with its compact size. Some may love a palette eyeshadow, but I find that quite wasteful as most likely, I would only end up using a few colours within.

Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow wins in this aspect as it contains only one colour and is packed in a sturdy and lovely packaging. Other brands also carry single-colour eyeshadows, but trust me that this is really compact.

It’s squarish and flat design makes it space-friendly. In fact, I’ve brought it along for multiple overseas trip and regretted that I didn’t buy more in Japan

Majolica Majorca eye shadow swatch OR481
Compact packaging makes for easy travelling

2. Obvious, and yet natural looking

Another reason why I enjoy using Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow, or specifically the one in orange (OR481), is its obvious pigment.

The powder deposits easily and evenly, and I find that just one sweep can carry enough powder to cover both my lids. 

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow
Applied orange (OR481) on outer lids, and lilac (VI101) on inner lids


What I love about Majolica Majorca is that its’ obvious colour pigment can still be natural-looking. Yup, you won’t end up looking like a clown. 

3. Love this orange eyeshadow from Majolica Majorca

I bought two colours and ended up liking the cheaper-orangey one better. OR481 offers a matt finish and is very versatile for everyday use.

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow swatch
Lilac and orange eyeshadows from Majolica Majorca

In fact, I only brought along Majolica Majorca OR481 eyeshadow for my recent 10-day trip to Guangzhou, and it matched all my outfits. 

How about the other colour?

I didn’t use the shimmery lilac eyeshadow as much. However, when crafting this review, I attempted to apply both colours on the same eyelid (due to lazy photography) and thought the lilac one was great in highlighting the inner lids.  

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow offers more than 30 colours. You can take a look at Majolica Majorca’s official website

Majolica Majorca eye shadow swatch VI101
Majolica Majorca eyeshadow (VI101)

4. Price of Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow

The orange matt eye shadow costs ¥500 while the purple one costs ¥800 (excluding tax). That’s between USD3 to 6. 

Definitely affordable for the quality it offers! So remember to include it in your Japan must-buy list. 


Should you buy Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow?

Normally, I would have a section to talk about the things that I dislike about a product. Happy to share that I am not able to find any bad things about Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow. Perhaps, that it’s not available in local drugstores?

If you are travelling to Japan or Taiwan, do check this out. Rating: 5/5.


That’s all to today’s beauty review and thanks for being a loyal reader. If you find today’s review useful, subscribe through the button below to get more useful and honest reviews. See you soon! 

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