Meeth Ceraderma Essence from Japan may give you luminous and glowing skin!

Hey, let me introduce a new Japanese skincare – Meeth Ceraderma Essence. This luxuriously-priced essence is meant for those with sensitive skin and contains 5 types of ceramide to combat skin dryness. 

Who should try this essence? According to Meeth, you should try this if you want fresh, radiant and firm skin.

Update (Aug 2022): This post was first published in Jul 2021. I’ve since finished the bottle and am updating this post to reflect latest opinion. 

Meeth Ceraderma Essence


Say ‘Hi’ to Meeth Ceraderma Essence

Priced at S$178 for a 30ml bottle, this is not a cheap essence.  However, I can tell from its ingredient list that Meeth Ceraderma Essence contains a good number of hydrating elements.

Meeth Ceraderma Essence

Check out its ingredients!

Those in bold are hydrating ingredients. You can also see that the list contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C derivatives. The former is meant to delay aging of skin while the latter could possibly boost skin radiance.

INGREDIENTS: Water 、Glycerin、Propanediol、Behenyl Alcohol、Ceramide Np、Ceramide Ng、Ceramide Ap、Ceramide Eop、Ceramide Ag、Phytosphingosine、Hydrogenated Lecithin、Phytosterols、Pyridoxine Tris‐hexyldecanoate、Polyquaternium-51、Sodium Hyaluronate、Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate、Glucosyl Hesperidin、3-o-ethyl Ascorbic Acid、Betaine、Sodium Pca、Sorbitol、Serine、Glycine、Glutamic Acid、Alanine、Lysine、Arginine、Threonine、Proline、Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract、…、TocopherolCholesterol... (Full ingredient list here).

I’m also a little puzzled to see Cholesterol as one of its ingredients. I googled and found that Cholesterol, when added to skincare products can “help support skin’s natural barrier function and improve the moisture content (see source).”


How to use Ceraderma Essence? 

Apply Ceraderma Essence twice daily after toner/lotion. The instruction says use 3 pumps, but 1-2 is sufficient for me. Using too much can be costly too. :)

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Meeth Ceraderma Essence

Here’s a 1-minute video to guide you on the usage. I was surprised to learn that I could use it on my eye areas as well. And don’t you love the soothing music?


First Impression of Ceraderma Essence

When dispensed, the Ceraderma Essence feels light and runny, similar to the consistency of a serum. I like it that it applied like a light lotion but dried quickly on the skin.

Meeth Ceraderma Essence

Once fully absorbed, the skin feels like bare skin but without the tightness or grease. The skin also feels sufficiently hydrated in the hot and humid country that I reside in.

I will continue to use it and see what benefits this essence would bring.

Updated 1 year later: After finishing the bottle, I can safely say that Meeth Essence is safe to use on my pimple-prone skin. Throughout the usage period, my skin has also stayed pretty radiant throughout. I like to attribute it to the vitamin C serum, but maybe Meeth Ceraderma Essence contributed to the radiance too since it also contained Ascorbic Acid?


Would I get a second bottle of meeth Ceraderma Essence? At this high price point, I think it’s unlikely as I did not notice my dry skin getting more plumped-up and hydrated. Also, for radiance effect, I already have a product that I rely on at this moment. 

But if you have sensitive skin and am looking for a potential radiance-boosting serum, you may consider giving meeth essence a try. But that’s provided you have big budget for skincare products since we know Meeth is luxuriously-priced. Rating: 4/5

Hope you like this new product intro. Take care, stay safe and see you soon!


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