Review | Say goodbye to split ends with Moist Diane Repair Shampoo

Don’t throw away a shampoo you hate, for it may end up being the best you’ve ever had. That is a real life account. What’d prompted me to write this review was an immense disdain for Moist Diane Repair Shampoo. Little would I have expected that in the process of crafting this review, I ended up discovering one good thing about this shampoo that would offset all its other flaws. Imagine this – No More Split Ends!

Moist Diane Repair Shampoo
Moist Diane Repair Shampoo

If you have thick, dry and chemically-processed hair like mine, you would know how having split ends is just a way of life. It’s like a teenager living with regular pimple breakouts.

For the first time in my adult life, I couldn’t find a single split end after using Moist Diane Repair Shampoo. Before you run to the stores to get this miraculously nourishing shampoo, stay on to find out why I’d initially hated it so much. And see if you can live with the “flaws”.


Why use Moist Diane Repair Shampoo?

Moist Diane Repair Shampoo comes in a dark 500ml bottle.  Made in Japan, this silicone-free “non-greasy oil-based shampoo” promises to “deeply cleanse, repair and moisturise dry, damaged hair.” Below are some marketing write-ups lifted off from its label:

1. Deep Cleanse

This rich and dense lather gives a premium experience to damaged hair, with its blend of Moroccan Argan Oil and 8 different botanical oils to thoroughly remove grease and dirt while protecting the scalp.

2. Extra Deep Repair

Active ingredients improve and strengthen each strand of dry and brittle hair. For a shinier and healthier looking hair.

3. Extra Deep Moisturisation

This intense formula contains Cactus Seed Oil, Baobab Oil and 3 different types of hyaluronic acid to deeply replace and seal in the lost moisture for dry and brittle hair.

Did Moist Diane Repair Shampoo live up to the above claims? I’ll say, “Partially.” 


What’s Good? 

1. No Split Ends. No Breakage

Healthy and luscious great looking hair is what you can expect after using Moist Diane Repair Shampoo. You may also find it a challenge to spot any split ends – it took me a few days to find one even though my last haircut was more than 5 months ago. This is a startling discovery, for I’ve lived with split ends for as long as I can remember.

Moist Diane Repair Shampoo
“Deep repair and moisturise” – valid claims!

On a typical day prior to using Moist Shampoo, I would see countless split-ends and hair so brittle they bent in awkward directions. Out came the scissors (and sometimes the teeth) to cut/bite off the unsightly ends – one strand at a time. More often than not, this frivolous attempt was cut short and replaced with a more effective method – visiting my favorite salon and getting them to chop off 3 to 4 inches of my hair. That was the only way to restoring healthy hair. How sad!

But not anymore after using Moist Diane Repair Shampoo. Yipee!


What’s Bad? 

1. Scalp that Smells like Oil

After using Moist Diane Repair Shampoo, I’d developed a rather unsightly habit.

My sudden obsession with pressing my index finger against my scalp and then smelling it every other hour, is totally unfathomable. He he. Yuckies? Well, yeah.

The scalp smelled like oil, and my finger felt oily. FYI, I do not have oily scalp and I wash my hair every day. After some experiments, it came to my relief that the oily smell existed even right after a wash. So the oil didn’t “ooze” out from my scalp. It was all the work of the shampoo…oily shampoo it is.

Understandable right since Moist Diane Repair Shampoo is an “oil-based” shampoo. But it did say it’s non-greasy and that it “deep-cleanse”.  Seems like it’s not so true after all.


Moist Diane Repair Shampoo
Moist Diane Repair Shampoo (Extra Damage Repair)

2. Itchy Scalp

Despite washing my hair everyday, my scalp started to itch within 24 hours. The oil’s the culprit?

3. No Dense Lather

There wasn’t sufficient lather generated. As such, I needed twice the normal amount needed per wash. So a 500ml bottle of Moist Diane Repair Shampoo feels like a 250ml of other shampoos.

Its claim of a “thick lather” appears not valid. But such should be expected of a “silicone-free” shampoo. 

4. Hair smells like oil too!

Not only does the scalp smells like oil, the hair too even right after a wash. If you like your hair to smell all nice and per-fumy, skip this one for sure.

5. Not the Cheapest

Moist Diane Repair Shampoo is not the cheapest shampoo you can find in drug store – $16.90 (500ml) at Watsons. It is almost twice the price of other mass-market brands such as Dove, Clairol and Pantene (adjusted on per ml price basis).



If you persistently face brittle and damaged hair, Moist Diane Repair Shampoo is worth a consideration. This is provided you do not already have oily scalp or work out (exercise) a lot.

Since I’m an avid “exerciser” (hello, I jog almost every day), I would very likely test another line from this brand – something that’s less “powerful” (aka less oily) but still contains all the fabulous botanical oils. Right now, I’m thinking of their “Moist and Shine” range. Once I’ve tested out successfully, I’ll share the review here as usual. =) Overall rating: 4/5 

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