Why Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask deserves a brilliant 5-star rating

Gosh. I’m so excited now because I’m going to share with you the first holy grail discovered in 2018 – Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask. Do you know how hard it is to find a holy grail these days? Those of you who have tried all sorts of hydrating masks or moisturizer and couldn’t find one that works, this mask could be THE ONE.

Read on and I’ll share with you the goods and bads of Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask, and who I would recommend this to.

Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask
Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask


First Impression of Nature Republic wasn’t Great

Can you believe it that this Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask was sitting in my fridge for nearly two years and I didn’t even try it until recently? In fact, it’s actually expiring this month, LOL.

Okay, so what happened was mom bought this huge bulk pack of sheet masks during her trip to Korea. I was hesitant to try them because I wasn’t exactly a big fan of sheet masks and secondly, anything that comes in bulk packaging kind of looks cheap, don’t you think so?

“This must be an inferior mask!”, I’d thought.

Recently, I was ‘forced’ to put on masks regularly because of how dry my skin condition was. After trying a few masks from different brands, only one stood out. I’ll have to say that I am now SUPER impressed with Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask.

Nature Republic Mask


Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask’s Marketing Claims

Nature Republic has over 10 types of masks under her “Real Nature Mask Sheet” line – from olive and orange to tomato and avocado. What I am reviewing today is ‘Shea Butter’. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the product description on its packaging because it is in Korean.

Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask
Ingredient and label

Online information shows that this Shea Butter mask would ‘nourish the skin with a luminous glow’ and is suitable for all skin types. It comes in a standard packaging that is relatively light (23ml) and typical of basic sheet masks from Korea.


6 Great Things about Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask

Does the title sound like a marketing campaign? I am not sponsored okay? Just a little hyper due to the excitement of finding good stuff. Come on, it took me four months to find my first holy grail of 2018, okay?

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Without any further ado, let’s see what’d made Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask appeal to someone who really isn’t a big fan of sheet masks.

1. See! No Drips

Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask must be one of the most hassle-free sheet masks I’ve used. See, it didn’t drip at all even after turning the pouch upside down. You don’t have to worry about messy application when placing and adjusting this mask on your face.

Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask
Upside down? No problem.

2. Deeply Nourishing

This must be one of the few masks that does what it says, i.e. to nourish.

Look at the serum near the opening of the package! It’s not even serum, it’s shea butter lotion! After using it, I was in awe with how “nourishing” Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask was.

Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask
Can you see the white serum on top of the opening?

As you see, my skin was undergoing severe dehydration due to a coincidental combination of events – I was having a pimple breakout and had to use my 40% Glycolic acid to kill them. It worked perfectly! Unfortunately, I ran out of my gentle facial wash and had to make-do with one that no longer suit my dehydrated skin. I also started applying Vitamin C Serum a week later without knowing how harsh this relatively new serum was.

The result: Flaky and leathery skin that was so irritated it was patchy red. I tried heavy cream moisturizers and other sheet masks, but they didn’t help much. It was only after using Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask that turned things around – very quickly.

The next morning, I woke up to a well-moisturized face and the skin didn’t look that red and irritated anymore. Within a few days, I achieved 80% recovery and my awful leathery and wrinkly skin was gradually shedding away.

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3. Greasy, but Non-Sticky

I left Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask on for 30 minutes. When I removed it, my face felt wet, greasy and slightly sticky. In fact, the grease would probably last till the next morning. Some won’t like it. But I was okay because I like how it gave me extended nourishment throughout the night.

Luckily, the slight stickiness dissipated after about 30 minutes and didn’t interfere with my sleep like how this mask did.

Do note that official instruction is to leave mask on for 10 to 20 minutes. 

4. Wow! No Pimples

With the essence of Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask being thicker than usual, I was almost expecting myself to see some fresh pimples the next day. But no, I didn’t find a single pimple at all! That’s simply amazing for a pimple-prone old girl like me.

5. So Cheap! 

So far, only a handful of masks I’ve tried worked well in hydrating my face, such as L’Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose Mask and Hada Lobo Gokujyun Mask. But they were at a price point much higher than Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask.

Therefore, I was extremely pleased to see Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask being sold in Amazon for about US$ 0.95 per piece (as at time of writing). It makes it a no-brainer for me to replenish once I’ve depleted all. And I’m glad I didn’t have to fly to Korea to do so.

6. No Excess Serum to Worry About

I guess I’m a little different. From what I’ve read online, many actually like sheet mask to come with excess serum so that they could store and use it over the next few days as a moisturizer.

I actually dislike it because I find it a hassle to find a container for the excess. Throwing it away would be wasteful too. So I was often left with a dilemma and soon I found myself less willing to use these face masks.

Luckily, Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask doesn’t come with excess serum. Everything was absorbed into the sheet paper (remember, no drip) and I didn’t have to worry about anything except placing it onto my face.


Why some won’t like Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask? 

1. Not the Best Fit

As with most basic entry-level sheet masks, the fit of Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask wasn’t quite exquisite. It was a little too big for my Asian face and you can see the mask extending to my hair. The bottom area also appeared too big leading to some overlapping folds.

Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask
Slits were too shallow to hug my face

Furthermore, I felt that they could do better with a few more slits. The few that they had were also cut too shallow and I couldn’t quite use it the way it was intended to. 

Now, although the slits weren’t able to hug my face well, it didn’t cause any issue in terms of functionality. The mask stayed firmly on my face for that 30 minutes I had it on. 

2. The Grease may Offend Some

Not everyone can get used to having their face looking oily throughout the day. Makeup may also not sit well on super-greasy face. This is how my face looked like 30 minutes after removing the mask. It’s probably not obvious, but my face looked and felt very oily.

One solution is to use Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask only at night, just before going to bed.

Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask
Greasy shine 30 minutes after removing the face mask

For the purpose of writing this review, I applied this mask during the day (because I needed to take photos of it during daylight). It’s now been 4 hours since I removed it and although the shine has toned down a bit, my face is still too oily for any makeup to go on.


I would highly recommend Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask to all, except those who hate having greasy stuff on the face.

This, being a holy grail find, would probably work well for all skin types, pimple-prone or not. Those who have dry skin should really give this a try! This is another product going into my holy grail and pimple-safe lists. Rating: 5/5.

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