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Did you guys know you can order prescription glasses online at cheap prices averaging USD30? Thanks to GlassesShop, I’ve had the chance to try out the service. I was skeptical. How do you try glasses over the internet? 

Online Prescription Glasses from GlassesShop

I was privileged to be able to select two pairs of glasses for this review. Let me share with you the process of selecting, ordering and receiving the glasses. Most importantly, let’s see if they fit on arrival.

Getting my Eyes Examined

This review was tedious for me simply because I don’t wear glasses and hence know very little about them. What is bifocal? What is PD? What is progressive? I didn’t even know what’s my degree of myopia. It might have worsened since the age of 11 when I was told I needed one.

What’s the most economical way to get eye prescription in Singapore? Visit the Polytechnics’ Optometry Centre. For a nominal fee of $5, I had my eyes thoroughly examined by a young teenager from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. His work was later verified by an adult professional and the whole process took 2 hours. By the way, do verbally ask the student what your Pupillary Distance (PD) is. You’ll need this piece of information later. Also, do note that prior appointment is required.

At the end of the eye-check, I was surprised to learn that my eyesight didn’t get much worse after all these years.


Online Selection & Virtual Fitting of Glasses is Time-Consuming

Armed with the prescription form, I was ready to shop! 

Having very limited knowledge of glasses in general, it took me a few days of online browsing to arrive at two that I thought would fit me most. The well-organized website definitely helped in the process as I was able to sort glasses based on attributes such as price range, frame-type, shape of lens and material.

We all know how important it is to wear the eyeglasses frames if we want to know if they fit. Some online stores including tried to overcome this with technology. For instance, I was able to upload my photo and to superimpose the glasses onto my face. This virtual fitting helped, but had its limitations since the proportions of the glasses and the face were not controlled. Even with the dimensions of the glasses provided on its product listing, it’s still anybody’s guess on whether the frame would really fit? Will the frame be too large on my face? Will the lens sit too high (or too low) on my face? Will it sit comfortably on my ears?

I remember taking out the only glasses I own – a pair of sunglasses – and measuring it repeatedly. I compared the dimensions I recorded with those indicated on the website even though I knew that inaccuracies abounded when comparing frames of unique and distinct designs. How reliable is it to compare the width of a pair of thick-framed glasses with a frameless one? Still, that was the best I could do. 


The Day the Glasses from GlassesShop Arrived

They arrived at my doorstep in small white boxes. Each pair of glasses was packed within a light plastic hard case and comes with a piece of microfiber cleaning cloth.

Online Prescription Glasses from GlassesShop
They arrived!

The glasses looked rather sturdy. The ones I’ve chosen were made of acetate and I understand that acetate is more durable than plastic.

Online Prescription Glasses from GlassesShop
Packed in a white hard case, and wrapped with microfiber cloth

The glasses do not look like the flimsy ones you see in makeshift stalls or mass-market fashion outlets. Neither do they have a luxury finish.

The first was a brown pair of glasses with simple silver embellishment on the side of the frame. The spring hinge system that it came with allowed it to be extended outward for a more flexible fit. Sitting on the higher end of the price spectrum, it was retailed for USD49.95.

Online Prescription Glasses from GlassesShop
The brown pair of prescription glasses
Online Prescription Glasses from
Came with silver embellishment

The second was a pair of polarized sunglasses.  I like it that this comes with prescription and hence gives me good vision while blocking off the sun’s glare. It was priced at USD45.95

Online Prescription Glasses from
Prescription sunglasses

Do online glasses fit?

In terms of prescription, they were spot on. For the first time in a few decades, the world was a lot clearer. I didn’t get any dizzy spell like the ones I got when I was a child trying to adapt to my first pair of glasses.

In terms of fit, the brown pair suited my face shape, but sat a little too low. As such, I had to constantly push it up or get used to having a brown horizontal line in my vision whenever I look straight. On hindsight, I should have chosen one with a narrower bridge distance. This is probably a mistake that a newbie to glasses would make?

Online Prescription Glasses from GlassesShop
Design suits me, but sat a tad too low on my face

The second pair fitted like a glove. Do I love it? Some friends said I looked amusing. Others said I looked younger and more playful. My mom said it was an elegant look.  What do you think?

Online Prescription Glasses from GlassesShop
A polarized pair of prescription sunglasses

 I think it’s a good change to my otherwise stoic and serious look. 

Online Prescription Glasses from GlassesShop
How do I look in this?


Final Thoughts: Will I order Glasses Online again?

As a newbie to glasses, ordering glasses online can be a time-consuming and ‘hit-or-miss’ affair. Still, I am willing to place my bet again. At such a low price point, it is worth a few more tries. I hope “Practice makes perfect”?

Did I tell you that my parents have expressed keen interest when I showed them these cheap glasses? The last pair of glasses they ordered from a brick and mortar shop cost $350. I’m guessing that my next order may be in multiple of three. Rating: 3.5/5.

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