Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil - normal packaging

Editor’s Favorite Makeup Remover | Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

  One very important step in a woman’s daily beauty regimen is to ensure that whatever that is painted onto the face gets removed completely. Not doing so can have undesirable outcomes, ranging from occasional pimples to a full-fledge acne breakout. However, more often than not, an effective cleanser is also a synonym for being drying to the skin. Is there a product in the market that can do an amazing job in removing makeup, sebum …

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Neck Peeling and Seepage (VI Precision Peel)

Day 5 – VI Precision Peel | Don’t even think of leaving the house today!

  This is an account of Day 5 of VI Precision Peel. Start with Day 1 story if you’ve missed it. Morning of Day 5 (VI Precision Peel) I woke up to a second day of extreme dryness. The corner of my eye was sore and red. And my skin texture was uneven and patchy-red.   The neck started to peel too and felt rather itchy.

DHC Lip Cream

Review of DHC Lip Cream | Editor’s Favorite Overnight Lip Cream!

  There are so many lip-moisturizing products out in the market. But what if you are just looking for one that you can wear at home or in bed! DHC Lip Cream meets this need with a beautifully-designed product that looks more like a lipstick, yet gives you long-lasting moisturizing benefit without the stain. No more fear of colour staining on your pillow sheet, yo!  

Day 4 - Lip Crack (VI Precision Peel)

Day 4 – VI Precision Peel | Extreme dryness

  This is an account of Day 4 of VI Precision Peel. Start with Day 1 story if you’ve missed it. I kept waking up to find myself subconsciously scratching my face. While semi-awake, I told myself to stop doing that. But I would doze off and by the time I woke up again, I would find myself scratching my face…again. This cycle repeated itself a couple of times during my sleep. Luckily, I didn’t manage to scratch off anything.   Itch Level …

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VI Post-Peel Protectant

Day 2 – VI Precision Peel | Life as per normal!

  This is an account of Day 2 of VI Precision Peel. Catch Day’s 1’s story here if you’ve missed it. Generally speaking, I slept quite well though I could recall feeling itch on my face during the night. I tolerated the itch well and did not need to use any of the 3 lifelines, i.e. post-peel protectant, hydrocortisone or tablet.   Morning of Day 2 (VI Precision Peel) By morning, the itch had stopped. And …

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Day 1 – VI Precision Peel | How painless can a peel get?

  It’s time for my regular VI Precision Peel again. Let me share with you a day-by-day account of the peeling experience. Hopefully, this can help you understand the timeline of events, and plan your days better. That is, if you decide to try it too.

Lancome Bi Facil

Review on Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover

  Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover has been around for the longest time!  Way back in 2000, when I was a young lass (and way before internet became a ‘necessity’ in life), I’d already heard rave reviews for Lancome Bi-Facil. It was then considered a really unique and innovative product. As far as I can recall, no other products during that era had such half-oil*-half-blue-liquid concoction.

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