Recipe for Lemon Drink | Stop Aging. Fight Blemishes

A lemon a day, keeps aging and blemishes away. Did you know that lemon can reduce wrinkles and keep the pimples away? Not only that, it keeps you slim without the need to starve yourself. 

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Lemon keeps pimples and wrinkles away

A while ago, I kick start a new beauty routine that promises healthier body and skin. It has given me more energy while making me less greedy too. I am so eager to share with you how easy it is to have lemon included into your daily diet.

3 Good Reasons to Have Lemon Every Day

Half a lemon with water first thing in the morning (before any food intake) can help:

1. Slows formation of wrinkles

Lemon is a good source of anti-oxidant and can help fight the aging process. Not only does it help prevent the free radicals from damaging your cells, it also increases the production of collagen. What this means to a layman is firmer and more elastic skin that’s less prone to wrinkles.

2. Clears blemishes

Want blemish-free skin? Get a lemon. Its rich source of vitamin C purges toxins from your body and gives you clear and radiant skin.  

3. Slims you down

Craving for a slimmer body? Do it the healthy way and let lemon retard hunger cravings.


Recipe for Lemon Drinks: 3 Simple Steps

Come come. Take a glimpse at the three simple steps to get this power juice ready in the morning.  

Step 1 – Peel the Lemon

Half a lemon is all you need.

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Need only half a lemon

You can extract the lemon juice with a squeezer. But my preference is to peel it with a knife. You get 100% of the juice and fibre. None of the goodness is wasted.

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Peel the Lemon

Step 2 – Put Lemon into Blender

Cut the peeled lemon into small pieces.

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Cut lemon into small pieces

Put them into a blender.

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Put lemon pieces into blender

Add a small amount of water and close the lid.

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Close the lid

Step 3 – Blend it. Drink it.

Years ago, I bought a really good blender (see similar ones here). It cuts down the steps required to make a cup of juice. Let me show you how.

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Blend the Lemon

Pressing the cup downwards initiate the blending mechanism. After blending, open the lid and add water to make up one cup of lemon juice. And there you go, the juice is ready for consumption, right from the container that was used to blend the lemon.

Recipe for Lemon Drink
Lemon juice ready to drink

Dish washing was also cut to the minimum – just rinse the cup blender and the lid.

How to drink Lemon Water? 

Drink this lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach. For best results, consume food only after about 30 minutes.


Need more reasons to embark on this Lemon Journey?

Listed below are other benefits of having lemon in your diet:

  • Lemon can improve your immunity against common colds and flu. It can also cure throat infection
  • Lemon helps in digestion, and relieve symptoms of indigestion such as bloating and heartburn
  • Lemon can be used to detox your body of unwanted materials
  • Lemon gives you more energy
  • Lemon freshens your breath

Try it and let me know how you like it.

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