I’m a financially-savvy value hunter and have always been on a look out for great products and services that give more bang for the buck. What you’ll see in this section are tips accumulated over the years that can help you save or make money. And they are not just limited to Travel or Beauty.



1. BeThumbsup2auty Must-Haves: View a list of highly-recommended beauty products including my holy grail must-haves. Getting the right product on first attempt can help you save lots of money.

2. Japan Top Beauty: Check out Top 30 Japan Beauty to grab from the land of the rising sun.



booking-logo 1. is an established hotel-booking portal and has been been around for more than 20 years.  

Klook logo (1)2. Klook: You can get fantastic travel discounts when you book your tours, admission tickets, WIFI and transport through Klook. Most of the time, their prices are significantly lower than even the official rates. I’ve personally purchased products off Klook’s user-friendly portal and highly recommend it. 

3. Top Travel Services: From transport passes to WiFi and tour packages, let me show you the ones I’ve used and highly recommend. These top-notch travel services helped trim my travel expenses and allowed me to see more for less.

4. Great Accommodations: View a list of highly-rated accommodations that I have personally stayed in and would recommend wholeheartedly.

5. Travel Printables: Need some help in travel planning? I’ve prepared itineraries, must-buy lists and more so that you can download it as a reference when you travel. Get these travel printables for free. 



Amazon1.  Check out what I’ve bought on Amazon that were significantly cheaper than what I could get elsewhere. 

2. What to buy online? Take a look at some of the things I’ve shopped and bought online. This should give you some ideas on what to add to your shopping carts. :)


I’ll keep updating this page whenever I come across great products. Great products are either one that help you save money, earn money or improve your life substantially. To ensure that you get the latest updates and honest reviews, click the button below to subscribe.

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