Review: Chin Filler Treatment by Cutis Medical Laser Clinics (Part 1 – The Consultation)


Zero Desire for Chin Filler Treatment

Want a genuine review from someone who has never thought of having a chin filler done or craved for one? You’ve reached the right place.

I’ve never felt the need or desire to augment my chin. Not that I have a perfect chin, but probably I’m not vain enough to long for a perfect chin. As far as my own standard goes, I didn’t feel anything amiss with my chin. While I’m more inclined towards anti-aging procedures such as botox and skin-firming treatments, chin augmentation had never crossed my mind at all.

Before Chin Filler
Before Chin Filler

Things changed. One day, I received a note from my favorite aesthetic clinic, inviting me to try out their chin filler treatment. To receive an invitation for a treatment worth about $1k should have made me a happy girl. However, I wasn’t exceptionally exhilarated because I didn’t need this treatment. I have zero desire for this. I was wondering how it would have made my day if nasolabial filler, jaw botox (I grind my teeth at night) or thermage were offered instead.

As the popular saying goes, ‘Don’t fix what’s not broken.’

Perhaps that’s why I had a lot of questions and doubts in my mind, probably more than an average patient.


Lots of Questions & Doubts on Chin Filler Treatment

1) Will I look like a witch or a horse?

Face of a witch?
Face of a witch? (Image:


2) Will the filler shift (sideways) if I sleep on my side?

3) What if I (or someone) accidentally knock on my chin? Will my chin slant to one side?

4) Will the filler block my vessels and cause my chin to decompose

5) Will the skin around the chin loosen or sag after the filler is gone?

6) Will this really enhance my look, or make me uglier?

7) Will I look unnatural?

8) What is the downtime?

[Answers can be found below. Read on.]


Chin Filler: Why I did it?

Sounds like a lot of doubts. So why did I even consider? For me, the motivation arises from the following: How much do readers desire this information? What additional information can I bring to the online resources? How can this review boost traffic?

On an aesthetical front, I told myself to keep an open mind as this treatment may enhance my look more than I know it would. Furthermore, the risk is low since filler is an easily reversible procedure and is minimally invasive. I also knew I would be in good hands as I’ve been with this clinic for two years, way before this review site was launched. I was aware of Cutis Medical Laser Clinics’ focus on safety and effectiveness and had experienced first hand on their excellent customer service, professionalism and zero-upselling.

My final fear was allayed when Cutis Medical Laser Clinics shared that a face-to-face consultation would be arranged to confirm my suitability for this treatment.

So I said yes.


The Consultation for Chin Filler Treatment

We spent about 30 minutes in the consultation room, having my photos taken and analyzing them.

Consultation Room
Consultation Room

Who owns the pretty eye caught in the reflection of the table mirror? Could be a poster image on the wall, for I was alone in the room. Sorry guys (if there are any reading this post), can’t introduce her to you.

Image Device and Analyzer
Image Device and Photo Analyzer
Photo Analysis Collage
This software can even view the underlying melasma or highlight the pores on your face.

Dr Sylvia Ramirez explained that a good rule of thumb to see if your face is proportionate is to apply the rule of one-third, i.e. the vertical length should be the same from 1) forehead hairline to the lowest point on the nose bridge, 2) lowest point on the nose bridge to the nose tip, 3) nose tip to the tip of the chin.

One-third rule of thumb
One-third rule of thumb

Much to my relief, she said that my face was in rather good proportion. Hence, she would not be adding a lot of length to my chin. Phew! Horse-face fear erased. Witchy-face fear crossed off.

She further analyzed my side profile. Ok, I’m not that perfect after all. The base of the nose should be in line with the chin. My features would look better if chin was brought out a little bit more. 

Photo Analysis (2nd Rule)
Photo Analysis (2nd Rule for side profile)

Which Filler was used?

Naturally-derived filler, made up of hyaluronic acid was used. Such a filler pose a smaller risk as compared with synthetic fillers. What’s more, they help stimulate collagen from within, and is often known as an “internal hydrator”. If you do not like the result, the procedure can be easily reversed by injecting Hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler.

The downside is that such a filler breaks down faster than the synthetic ones (or commonly known as semi-permanent filler). In my opinion, this may not necessary be a bad thing especially when problems arise, as the problem would likely be short-lived.

There are many types of naturally-derived filler brands in the market. Even within a brand, there may be different types of fillers to suit different facial areas and problems. In my case, Restylane Perlane which is a more viscous filler was used for my chin.

Restylane Perlane
Restylane Perlane

Filler is normally charged by the syringe. Each syringe of Restylane Perlane contains 1 ml of filler. This is 1 ml.

1ml of filler
1ml of filler

I was told that Restyane Perlane can be used for nose, chin or nasolabial folds and the filler lasts about 1 year. If you like to know how it looks like, there’s a tiny bit of balance – look out for the transparent gel in the syringe.

Filler - Transparent Gel
Filler – Transparent Gel

FAQs on Chin Fillers

Here’s the answers I got after a good consultation with Dr Sylvia Ramirez.

Q1) Will I look like a witch or a horse?

No. Base on the one-third rule, Dr. Ramirez will not be adding much length to my profile.

Q2) Will the filler shift (sideways) if I sleep on my side?

I just slept sideway on Day 1 (day of injection), and the filler did not migrate. Dr. Ramirez also explained earlier that the filler is inserted under the muscles, and hence should not shift easily.

Q3) What if I (or someone) accidentally knock on my chin? Or say I fell down really hard and landed on my chin. Will my chin slant to one side?

The filler would normally not migrate as it is injected under the muscle. However, during the first 14 days, the filler is still soft and moldable. If a high-impact knock is made during this period, please visit your doctor for examination.

Q4) Will the filler block my vessels and cause my chin to decompose? 

I vaguely recall her explanation that the likelihood of hitting a vessel in the chin is smaller than hitting one, say in the nose. But in any case, please only allow a certified doctor to perform any invasive procedure on you. They would know the skin structure and functions well.

Chin Filler Day by Day Recovery

Q5) Will the skin around the chin loosen or sag after the filler is gone?

No. On the contrary, the filler itself (hyaluronic acid) is a collagen booster.

Q6) Will this really enhance my look, or make me uglier?

The one-third rule shows that there’s a basis for an “ideal face”. Find a reputable doctor who focuses more on improving your look than boosting her revenue.

Q7) Will I look unnatural?

You’ll soon find out.

Q8) What is the downtime?

On Day 1 (the day of injection), the area will be 10% more swollen than usual. This would be followed by bruising (if any) which would last 5 to 7 days. The bruise can be covered with concealer.


The Injection – Chin Filler

After the consultation, the aesthetician removed my makeup and applied numbing cream on my face. She also numbed the nasolabial areas as any balance can be used to minimize the nasolabial folds.  

Numbing Cream (15 mins)
Numbing Cream left on for 15 mins

Stay tuned to Part 2 of this series where I’ll share with you details on the actual injection, the Before and After photos and how bad the swelling and bruising is (if any).

Coming up very soon.  I promise! If you like to get notified of my new posts, you can click the button below to subscribe, or connect with me through facebook or instagram. See you there.


Filler Injection
Filler Injection

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