Review: At-Home 40% Glycolic Acid Peel from MUAC (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the review on 40% Glycolic Acid Peel (MUAC). For details on price, application instructions and photos, check out Part 1 of the review.

To recap, this is my first attempt with a 40% Glycolic acid, and I had it on for 2.5 minutes.  Let’s see if any flaking or peeling took place?

pH Prep Solution & 40% Glycolic Acid
pH Prep Solution & 40% Glycolic Acid


Day 2 Account

The slight itch that I’d experienced on Day 1 (post-3hr) stopped, and I felt and looked as normal as I would on any other days.

When I touched my face, I could feel pore-size scabs which might be the dried-up sebum or clogs. I kept my fingers crossed that this meant my recent breakout was under control.

My face also appeared slightly shinier than usual, albeit less so than my medium depth peel.

Day 2 - 40% Glycolic Acid (MUAC)
Day 2 – 40% Glycolic Acid (MUAC)

Placing the BEFORE and AFTER photos side by side allows me to better observe the difference brought about by MUAC’s 40% Glycolic Acid peel.  

I notice a significant improvement in the skin tone and the blemishes don’t look as angry as before. What do you think?


Day 3 Account  

The pore-size scabs now felt like hardened white-heads that could be easily scraped off. I couldn’t stop touching (and scraping) my face though I knew I really shouldn’t.

My pimples cleared up a lot and I thought I looked so much better than before. The pimples were under control, and the redness had subsided. 

Day 3 (40% Glycolic Acid peel - MUAC)
Day 3 (40% Glycolic Acid peel – MUAC)


Day 4 Account 

As with MUAC 40% Lactic Acid and 5-acid Body peel, I was expecting that I would see some peeling and flaking by Day 4. It didn’t happen.

In fact, my face felt pretty moisturized (and oily) when I was expecting it to be dry and flaky. 


The Results (40% Glycolic Acid – MUAC)

Alright. I’m convinced that I won’t peel or flake from 2.5 minutes of 40% Glycolic acid application.

Today is Day 6. My face feels quite moisturized and firm. I recall that both 40% lactic acid and 5-Acid body peel caused my skin to look flaky by Day 4, and my palms started peeling from  Day 4 or 5. 

Hand Peel (Other acids)
Hand Peel (Other acids)

Not with Glycolic Acid!  My palm didn’t peel at all. My face didn’t flake. Everything looks extremely normal, with the exception that my skin feels firmer and my blemishes have improved a great deal.

Day 6 - 40% Glycolic Acid (MUAC)
Day 6 – 40% Glycolic Acid (MUAC)

“By the way, no peel doesn’t mean no good. Since this is a superficial peel, the ‘peel’ could be microscopic by nature.”

Given how affordable this acid is and the results it bring, this is definitely my Holy Grail At-Home Peel. I’m looking forward to trying it again, this time for a longer duration. I wonder if I’ll peel with the maximum duration of 12 minutes. When i find out, I’ll let you know for sure. Rating: 5/5.  

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[This para was inserted after post was completed and scheduled for publishing]

Oh gosh. I just discovered something really important by chance and I need to share this with all of you. Please bear with me if you are already aware of what I’m going to share about.

After I’ve completed this post about 5 hours ago, I shut down my PC. But I couldn’t stop touching my face. Although the blemishes were under control, I could still feel the dried-up sebum/clogs in my pores, sticking out like annoying whiteheads.They were everywhere, especially on my nose, corner of my mouth and my chin.

Would these dried-up sebum develop into nasty new pimples? Should I use a tweezer to pluck them all out? How long would that take? I do have a lot of pores, alright?

Then, something came to mind. I took out my Cure Natural Aqua Gel ‘Do I really want to exfoliate my face so soon after an acid treatment?, I thought and pondered for a while for fear of over-treating my face.  

Cure Natural Aqua Gel
Gentle, water-based exfoliator

I’m so glad that I’d decided to proceed. After applying CURE Natural Aqua Gel on my cleansed face and massaging it through (on Day 6), the white residue generated from the gel were at least twice the normal amount generated. I was a little puzzled.

After washing off the residue and drying my face, I couldn’t believe what I saw. No more whiteheads. I couldn’t feel anything sticking out of my pores. They were gone. If not totally gone, I would confidently say that 90% were gone

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I’m so excited typing this and I can’t stop touching my face. The skin surface feels so smooth now, vastly different from just 5 hours ago. That kept me thinking, “What would happen if I didn’t discover this by chance?”. Do I have to live with dried-up sebum and clogged pores after every acid treatment?  

Glycolic Acid + Cure Natural Aqua Gel will be my new-found tool to deal with aging, blemishes and enlarged pores! 


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8 thoughts on “Review: At-Home 40% Glycolic Acid Peel from MUAC (Part 2)”


    1. Thanks for leaving the thank-you note. I really appreciate it. Enjoy the healing process! Let me know if the cure gel works for you too. Cheers…

  2. Your posts and photos are extremely helpful. You’ve good complexion to start with and the glycolic acid enhanced the glow. I’m keen to try it but couldn’t find the product URL. Does the seller ship directly to Singapore?

  3. Thank you for your prompt response and the link, Nicole. I’ve been using Devita glycolic acid. It does smooth the skin but it’s a very mild one.
    Acid is possibly a hazardous item. I’ll find out more about shipping.

    1. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts. Let me know when you get hold of MUAC Glycolic Acid. I’ll like to know how it works on you and which logistics provider you used to get it delivered to Singapore.

      Yes, Acid is hazardous and shouldn’t be used too often. Glycolic peel being a superficial peel is frequently prescribed by aesthetic doctors for fortnightly or monthly usage. I tend to use it when I have a major pimple breakout, which kind of happens once a month or every two months.

      By the way, mind sharing with us your motivation in switching to a higher-strength peel?

  4. I used to ship clothing and essential oils via vPost. 7 years ago, vPost asked me to provide a chemical report on the essential oils. I didn’t have it but they shipped for me anyway. Ive stopped using forwarding service since then as iHerb is much more cost efficient. Last year, I’ve switched to ezbuy. Ezbuy is more efficient and so much cheaper. I’m not sure whether ezbuy can ship glycolic acid though.

    A friend has large pigmentations on his face. I’m thinking to help him to lighten them as he doesn’t want to see a dermatologist. I’m also thinking to use it on my arms. I’m so vain! Hahahah

    1. Thank you for sharing. I’ll consider iherb and ezbuy next time. :)

      Men are so not vain unlike us, right? If the aim is to remove pigmentations, superficial peels may not be too quick to produce result. You may need many many many rounds. A medium peel may be more effective, but I understand he’s not keen to go to aesthetic doctor and I don’t recommend doing medium peel DIY.

      If your friend is able to lighten his pigmentation using at-home glycolic peels, do let us know.

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