Review: Erase Under-eye Wrinkles with Botox

Have you been noticing fine lines under the eyes? Those creases and wrinkles looked even more pronounced when you smile?  Now, listen. You don’t have to live with it. I’m glad to say that I’ve significantly reduced my under-eye wrinkles with just one unit of Botox. That cost me a mere $18! 

In terms of aesthetics medicine, this must be the cheapest treatment I’ve ever had.  Read on to check out my before-after photos.

Under-Eye Wrinkles Botox
Dynamic undereye wrinkles noticeable only when I smile

$18 to Soften Under-eye Wrinkles with Botox 

One day, my special someone pointed out to me, “Hey, you’ve got wrinkles under your eyes!”.  I examined myself in the mirror. At age 39, I have to be thankful that these under-eye wrinkles were dynamic and only showed when I smile.

I was equally relieved that only my right eye needed to be treated.  Yes, apparently, the skin on our face can age at different pace. Perhaps, it has to do with my habit of sleeping on my right.

Off I went to Cutis Medical Laser Clinics to get it treated. When Dr Ramirez told me that only one unit was required, I was both surprised and delighted.  She later explained that botox under the eye can affect the way we smile. So it’s better to be conservative and top up only when the need arises.


Botox smoothens under-eye wrinkles, but doesn’t erase it totally!

Learn from my experience and don’t set your expectation too high. I was harboring great hopes that my wrinkles would vanish completely within four days – the same way my forehead wrinkles did with botox. That didn’t quite happen.

After 9 days, my undereye wrinkles still looked quite pronounced. While there might have been a reduction, it wasn’t sufficient, in my opinion.

Under-eye wrinkles Botox
Before-After treatment of Under-eye wrinkles with Botox (Smiling)

Just when I’d given up hope on the effectiveness of Botox on undereye wrinkles, the results came. About two or three weeks later, I was no longer bothered by the wrinkles. The lines were still there, but had softened considerably*.

Under-eye wrinkles Botox
Be patient. Takes a few weeks for Botox to significantly soften under-eye wrinkles (Smiling)

Still, there was a tiny bit of fine lines there when I smile. By right, I should visit the clinic for a review. But as usual, I’m too lazy. Perhaps, I’ll get Dr Slyvia to give me two units next time, heh.

*Note: Day 21 photo was taken with a different camera (lower resolution) as I’d loaned my camera to someone. Still, I’d noticed the great improvement with naked eyes.


How does it affect the way we smile?

Not much with just one unit. The only reason why I could see the difference is because I had treatment only on one eye. So the untreated eye has more puffiness under the eye when I smile (you know, those popular puffy eyebags Korean Girls are crazy over). The treated eye, on the contrary doesn’t form any puffy bag. 

So if you prefer to carry the youthful and friendly-looking under-eye bags, then you have to make a decision between owning dynamic wrinkles and puffy bags, or none of both.


Under-eye Botox. Will I do it again? 

Absolutely! At $18, it’s really a no-brainer. Furthermore, the prick wasn’t painful in my experience. In fact, it was considerably less painful than the botox delivered to my foreheads. It kind of felt like a light and shallow prick into the skin. Pain level: 1/10.

Best of all, I no longer hear any unsolicited “You’ve got wrinkles” comment from my other half. Yay!


Any Swelling or Bruise?

None. I couldn’t even figure out where I was pricked when I observed myself in the mirror the same day.  

Overall Rating: 4/5

In my next visit, I may try out an additional unit of botox, i.e. 2 units in total. If that works in erasing my dynamic lines completely, I will upgrade this score.


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