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How many of you use sunscreen on your body daily? As religious as I am towards skincare regimen, I’m guilty to admit that I didn’t protect my body via sunscreen on a daily basis until a few months ago when I discovered Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF 30 PA++

Tube 1

This doesn’t mean that I didn’t attempt to use body sunscreen. The initial hurdle was the price. A small tube with less than 100ml can cost above S$15 from a drug store. With the large body surface, how long can sub-100ml last when used daily? 

A second hurdle was the discomfort of having something all over the body. Sunscreen typically feels either too sticky or too dry (especially for some ‘sheer’ or dry-touch formula).

Fortunately (and I hope it’s not too late), Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF30 PA++ came to the rescue with an affordable formula that makes you forget that you have anything on your skin at all. Let’s see how this product converted me into a daily body sunscreen user.


What’s Good?

1. Non-sticky

There are various Japanese/Korean-imported brands that come with gel-based formula and are non-sticky too. However, as I’ve said earlier, they are too expensive. With the tiny tubes that they come in, it’s just not sustainable for me to continue using it on a daily basis.

So, I was really excited when I saw Vaseline coming out with this serum. Though it looks too white for a serum, it does have the light texture expected of one. When you spread it across your body, it absorbs within seconds leaving no stickiness at all. 

Light-weight & Non-sticky (Vaseline Healthy White Body Serum SPF 30 PA++)
Light-weight & Non-sticky

In fact, because of this ‘hardly there’ texture, it motivates me to reapply after a few hours, especially when I’m outdoor. Even with a few layers on, my skin still felt the same – like bare and hydrated skin.

Did I tell you it has a lovely scent with a hint of sweetness?

2. Affordable

Retailing for only S$9.90 in Singapore, you’ll be delighted to find that it comes in a large tube of 180ml. This could easily be at least twice the quantity of other sunscreen products despite it being much cheaper. You can view the latest price on Amazon and Ebay.

Larger tube than other sunscreen products
Larger tube than other sunscreen products

This larger quantity means I can apply liberally and as often as I like. It also ensures that this new habit can be sustained in the longer term.  

3. Spreads Easily

You read about the light-weight texture of this serum. To confuse you a little bit more, let me share about a slightly earlier SPF product by Vaseline – Vaseline Healthy White SPF24. Now, this product is not exactly that old as it was still in the market the last time I visited the drug store.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 vs SPF30
Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 vs SPF30

What’s the difference?

Vaseline Healthy White SPF30  VS  Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

  • SPF30 PA++ vs SPF 24 PA++
  • Serum vs Lotion
  • Runny vs Thicker Texture
  • 180ml vs 200ml/350ml (the photo above shows the 350ml bottle)
  • S$9.90 vs S$7.90 (200ml)/$11.80 (350ml)

The above are the major differences. So why did I bring this up? Other than to confuse you a little, I wanted to share how much better the newer product is.

Normally, a higher SPF product would be thicker to the feel. Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF 30 PA++ defies the assumption with a formula that’s not only light-weight, but was easy to apply. A few swipes and the product was well-spread across the skin surface.

Easy to Apply (Vaseline Healthy White Body Serum SPF 30 PA++)
Vaseline SPF 30 was easier to apply than SPF24

4. No White-cast or Residue

Many body sunscreen products leave an obvious white-cast. Not Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF 30 PA++.

Once again, let me compare Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF30 with the older formula Vaseline Healthy White SPF24. Although the older formula took longer to be rubbed in, both do not leave a white residue.

SPF24 PA++ does however leave behind some awful white residue. That’s a little annoying. Others may mistaken that for skin dandruff.

Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF 30 PA++
New formula does not leave any white residue

SPF 30 PA++ apparently is an improved formula as it did not rub up into some white gooey residue.

5. Lighten & Brighten Skin

Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF 30 PA++ is said to contain vitamin B3 which helps lighten and brighten skin.  

Whitening was not my key concern, so I did not scientifically measure if my skin did lighten or not. Based on memory and non-scientific measurement (i.e. using the Naked Eye), I did not notice any obvious lightening. Still, it’s good to know that it has this whitening ability as compared to other sunscreen products.


What’s Bad?

1. Medium Protection

When purchasing this, I noted that the SPF factor isn’t high – it’s just SPF30 PA++. Nevertheless, I thought of it as a pro than a con.

Why so? Well, because it’s the first time I saw a lotion-specialist brand offering a product with UVA/UVB protection. We all know lotion typically comes in a larger quantity, but not sunscreen brands that often come in 5ml to 90ml. Sustainability is key in converting me to a habitual body-sunscreen user. With this much volume in a Vaseline Serum, it is very affordable.

From zero to SPF30 PA++ protection is definitely a pro to me.

Tube 1

If you are willing to fork out probably twice as much, there are many SPF50 PA++++ sunscreens out there that also feel great on the skin, such as Kose Suncut and Biore Essence.

Do note that the real difference between a SPF30 and SPF50 is quite marginal. SPF30 blocks out 97% of UVB rays while SPF 50 blocks out 1 percent more, at 98%.  

2. Not Waterproof

This is a good sunscreen for daily use. So unless you are thinking of swimming daily, this should be perfect for your needs.

For frequent swimmers, do opt for the reliable waterproof formula from Banana Boat and the like.



If you have always put body sunscreen protection on hold because they are too costly or too uncomfortable for daily use, Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF30 PA++ may just convert you just like how it’d converted me. 

For about S$10 a tube for a size that’s double that of others, that’s no more excuses for not giving your body as much care as your face. Rating: 4/5.

View latest price on: Amazon | Ebay.


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    1. Hi, I do not recommend applying this on the face. In general, products designed for body are strictly for body use, as it may be too rich for the face.

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