SANA Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash – It works great on my dry & aging skin!

Hi all, I’m happy to share a 5-star product – SANA Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash. If you are battling dry and aging skin and want a foaming face wash that won’t aggravate your skin condition, you’ll be interested to find out more about this Japan cleanser. 

Read on and check out its pros and cons! 

Sana Moist Cleansing Wash


More about SANA Namerakahonpo 

This is the third SANA Namerakahonpo product I’ve reviewed and so far, all have worked great. If you have not heard of this brand, you can read more about it in my first SANA review. In short, SANA focuses on the use of soymilk isoflavones in its products as this ingredient is known to brighten skin and improve elasticity and fine lines.  

SANA Namerakahonpo Cleanser

Back to face wash, SANA offers at least 5 different options – from cleansing water and mousse, to cream and foam. Even among the foaming ones, you can choose either regular, moist, brightening or those containing retinol or coenzyme Q10.

Seriously, if you stand in front of a drugstore aisle in Japan, you will be very confused, I swear! That’s because everything is in Japanese and there are just too many product variations. :)

Sana Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash

What SANA Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash Promises

The cleanser we are reviewing today is the moist option of a foaming face wash. Known as SANA Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash, this product is said to be suitable for dry skin and contains added ingredients such as Glycine Soja and Soybean Oil.

What benefits does it promise? According to its marketing label, you can expect this moist cleanser to leave your skin clear and supple. Your skin’s natural moisture would also be retained. Let’s see if the promises hold true.


What’s Great about SANA Moist Cleansing Wash? 

1. Not drying even as a foaming wash

Most foaming cleanser can be drying to the skin. Of course, if you have oily or normal skin, you may not notice the drying effect….yet. For example, I was perfectly fine with foam wash until I reached my 40s. As my sebum production slows, some brands of foaming wash have caused my face to flake or develop dry patches. 

But SANA Moist Cleansing Wash is an exception. My face did not experience discomfort resulting from skin tightness after a wash. As I’ve used it for a few months by now, I can safely say that it doesn’t worsen the skin condition or cause the skin to be drier than it already was. 

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Sana Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash


2. A little goes a long way 

This face wash reminds me of Perfect Whip, in that you need only a tiny amount to generate thick and dense foam.

Even though the instruction asks to dispense 2cm, I normally only squeeze out about 0.5cm. That is perfectly enough to cover my entire face and neck. 

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Sana Namerakahonpo Moist Face Wash
A tiny amount (<0.5cm) is sufficient for me

3. Cleanses well 

So far, I’ve not gotten any pimples. Hence, I am confident that SANA Moist Face Wash is able to remove dirt, grime and remnant of makeup-remover (which may contain oil).  

But can SANA remove makeup effectively? I bet you’ll be as surprise as me to hear that this face wash can remove makeup too. To be honest, I didn’t know about it until I started working on this review. Hence, I’ve yet to try using it as a single-step makeup-remover cum cleanser.

Maybe, I’ll give it a try soon when I feel courageous enough. Will report here if it works! 

4. Good quantity

SANA Namerakahonpo Moist Wash comes with 150g of product. This is quite a good size considering how many other brands have gradually reduced their tube size to just 100g. 

Sana Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash
150g (700 yen before tax)

5. Price

In terms of pricing, I think it’s not the cheapest you can find but neither is it expensive. Although its official retail price is 700 yen, I bought it at just 540 yen in a random drugstore in Okinawa. In Singapore, you may pay about $10+ for one.

Here’s its latest online price

6. Free of Fragrance & Colour

Yes, this face wash doesn’t contain added fragrance and colour. It is also free of mineral oil. This may be good for those with sensitive skin. 


What’s Not Great? 

1. May not be moisturising enough for some

As with most foaming face wash, SANA Namerakahonpo Cleansing Wash contains myristic acid. This ingredient can create foam, but is also known to be drying.

I did share earlier that my skin did not worsen or become drier than it already was. However, this doesn’t mean SANA moist cleanser offers the best moisturising formula. If you have very dry skin, you may want to try non-foaming cleansers instead, such as the creamy or milky ones.


Should you buy SANA Moist Cleansing Wash?

If you have dry or aging skin and prefer a face wash that foams but isn’t overly-harsh, SANA Namerakahonpo Moist Cleansing Wash is definitely worth a try. This cleanser removes impurities effectively, isn’t drying and offers great value. One tube can last you a very long time! Rating: 5/5


To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE

Or view prices on Shopee (SG)


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SANA Cleansing Wash

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