Saying Hi from Osaka – Away till End May 2019

Saying Hi from Osaka, guys! By the time you read this, I’ll be exploring Osaka City, savoring Kobe beef and visiting off-the-beaten destinations around Osaka with the help of a rental car.

Want to travel with me? Catch me at Instagram because I’ll be sharing live previews via Instagram Story – all the way till end May 2019.

Hi from Osaka

I may also put up some quick blog posts if I find the time to write it in Kansai, Japan. But most likely, I think I would be relaxing in the onsen instead. Hee! I mean when we travel, we should fully indulge in the new experiences offered by the country, right? ;)

Don’t worry though. I have scheduled some posts so that you’ll continue to receive fresh contents even in my absence. If you need more, you can also go through my Okinawa stories – ummm it’s also Japan. ;P

See you when I’m back in June. Oh, don’t forget to join me in IG story for sneak preview of Osaka. See you there!


Nicole Lee



I’m back. Check out my 2 Weeks Osaka Adventure and see why I kept revisiting Japan!

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