Saying Hi from Osaka – Away till End May 2019

Saying Hi from Osaka, guys! By the time you read this, I’ll be exploring Osaka City, savoring Kobe beef and visiting off-the-beaten destinations around Osaka with the help of a rental car.

Want to travel with me? Catch me at Instagram because I’ll be sharing live previews via Instagram Story – all the way till end May 2019.

Hi from Osaka

I may also put up some quick blog posts if I find the time to write it in Kansai, Japan. But most likely, I think I would be relaxing in the onsen instead. Hee! I mean when we travel, we should fully indulge in the new experiences offered by the country, right? ;)

Don’t worry though. I have scheduled some posts so that you’ll continue to receive fresh contents even in my absence. If you need more, you can also go through my Okinawa stories – ummm it’s also Japan. ;P

See you when I’m back in June. Oh, don’t forget to join me in IG story for sneak preview of Osaka. See you there!


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