Singapore is doing OK! Goodbye, Pandemic…soon!

Ok, I’m bidding farewell to pandemic in advance. Because I am confident Singapore will do well in no time, with our vaccination moving up at a healthy pace. As of today, 67% of our population have been fully-vaccinated.

Even those who were initially reluctant to receive vaccination are also changing their minds…quickly, as what I can see from people around me. My relative aunt in her 80s who stopped at her first vaccination months ago due to hearsay in the wet market (that vaccination could cause stroke) is now urging her children to bring her for the second dose. 

Singapore Vaccination

The media and government have done a great job in steering people towards the move to setting us free, at least domestically. 

And this didn’t involve any use of incentives. Rather, it was more of a moral persuasion, peer pressure and community spirit. Everyone doing our part to make it possible for us to beat the virus (and achieve herd immunity). It could also be due to the “privilege” given to vaccinated people, e.g. the possibility to travel or dine out in larger group when Singapore opens up.

Nobody likes to lose out, especially not Kiasu Singaporeans. :P

Image Source: The Business Times

As of now, Singapore has entered the second “no-dine out” phase since May 2021, all thanks to clusters emerging from KTV and Jurong Fishery Port. We would emerge from this soft lock-down on 18 Aug and I can’t wait to see how the economy would bloom again, especially for the retail and F&B. They have suffered the brunt of these Covid-related restrictions.  

Now, as we welcome Singapore’s 56th birthday on 9 Aug, I look forward to us moving from pandemic to endemic and coping well/living with the virus. It would take a mindset change definitely, considering how the word ‘Covid’ has struck fear in us for close to two years. But in the near future, Covid may just sound like “flu” when it’s mentioned. 

Happy birthday to Singapore!

You’ve done well! We’ve done well. :)

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