We won the Singapore Website Awards. What’s next?

Hey guys, I’ve just learnt that myBeautyCravings is a winner of the Singapore Website Awards 2019. This is an award organized by Exabytes that gives recognition to outstanding performance, talent and effort of the best web developers, web designers and web agencies in Singapore.

Specifically, we won the Site of the Month Award (December 2019) under the “Personal Category”. Thank you to Singapore Website Awards for recognizing the work and effort we put into developing and designing myBeautyCravings.com. 

Singapore Website Awards


Now, I have one request from you, my dear readers. I promise it won’t take longer than a minute of your time. 

Would you vote for myBeautyCravings so that we can be in the running for the “Favourite Website Award”? This will boost our morale and spur us to continually produce honest and helpful contents for our readers. 

All you need to do is to:

  1. Visit Singapore Website Awards Website
  2. Click the Facebook icon at top right corner that says “Login to Vote”
  3. Click the gray heart-shape icon to vote

Singapore Website Awards

Thank you, guys! To be honest, I’m not hopeful that I would win this category because of my low social media followers count. However, I do hope my long-time readers and email subscribers can show me some support. But only if you think you have enjoyed and benefited from our contents. Thank you and see you soon. :)



Nicole Lee

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