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New to myBeautyCravings


Show Me the Best Beauty Products!

  • Holy Grail: Here’s a list of beauty products that I love and would repeatedly purchase. Check out these holy grail beauty items categorized by year of review.

Holy Grail 2017   |   Holy Grail 2016   |   Holy Grail 2015   |   Holy Grail 2014

  • Top Reviews: These may not be holy grail material (yet), but have received minimally 4.5-star ratings and are certainly in for the running.
  • SUPER Holy Grails: Only a handful of Holy Grails remain as my hot favorite years after years and I call them SUPER Holy Grails. There’re only 11 of them as of now. Get your free pdf copy of SUPER Holy Grails here


Anti-Aging Solutions that Work!

Here’s a list of anti-aging products that I highly recommend incorporating into your beauty routine!

  • Vitamin C Serum can brighten your skin tone, fade pigmentation and promote collagen production.
  • Chemical Peel: Such peels ranging from superficial at-home peel to high-strength ones done at aesthetic clinics can help achieve younger and more radiant skin.
  • Botox: This treatment produces the most significant and quickest result given the price paid, as compared to other aesthetic treatments. 


Give Me Pimple-safe Products!

Since 2014, I’ve been reviewing beauty products and one specific aim was to identify pimple-safe products. That’s because I breakout very easily and make an attempt to take special note during every review.

I’m sharing this list with you – Pimple-Safe list. But bear in mind that we are made differently. What works for me may not work for you. No guarantees okay? (Disclaimers)



Summer all year round at these destinations! 

Here’s a list of destinations that remain bright and sunny all year round.

  • Boracay Island: A small island in Philippines that has received awards for having the best island in the world.
  • Cebu: Experience the oldest city of Philippines by taking on a city tour. This is also the jumping-off point to Oslob.
  • Oslob: Highly recommended for waterfall lovers. You also get to enjoy swimming with whale sharks.
  • El Nido: This is the best island we have ever been to. It offers such a beautiful landscape we recommend you go there quickly before it’s overtaken by mass tourism.
  • Puerto Princesa: Experience island hopping and explore Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the world’s new Seven Wonders of Nature.
  • Phuket: From island-hopping to relaxing at beautiful beaches, Phuket is a well-established resort island in Thailand that provides ample hotel options and great amenities.
  • Langkawi: A small island in northern Malaysia that offers so much activities, from beach-hopping to waterfall-chasing. You can also take in mountainous views from various spots on the island.
  • Kuala Lumpur: If you want to see a vibrant city with an eclectic mix of cultures, food and people, head to Kuala Lumpur. There, ultra-modern malls and dilapidated buildings can be located side by side, and roads can be well-paved or full of pot-holes depending on where you stand. And because of that, it makes the city a very interesting place to be in.  
  • Singapore: How can I forget about Singapore, a country where I was born and bred. You can view Singapore Local Tips on my instagram.


Travel Ideas for Free-and-easy Travellers


Johor Get-away Tips for Singaporeans!

Johor Travelogues: I visit Johor very often, sometimes a few times a month because I’m just too bored in tiny Singapore. I will slowly share these day trips and staycations on the blog. But I have a huge backlog. If you can’t wait, hop over to my instagram for Johor Sneak Previews


What to Buy from Travel Destinations? 



As a financial-savvy value hunter, I’ve always been on a lookout for great products and services that give more bang for the buck. You’ve already seen my beauty and travel recommendations above. What you’ll see in this new section are tips accumulated over the years that can help you save or make money. And they are not just limited to Travel or Beauty.

Check out my recommendations on how to save or make money!


Money Saving Tips



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