Melaka Street Art

15 Melaka Attractions you can visit in a day (Melaka Itinerary)

How to visit 15 Melaka Attractions in a day? Well, it isn’t really difficult because many attractions in Melaka are compactly located around Jonker Street. A google map and a working GPS on your phone are all you need to wander around Melaka like an expert. Of course, you’ll have to first mark down these locations as part of your travel […]

Where to stay in Melaka

Where to Stay in Melaka that offers a Spectacular Seaview? (Day 2 in Melaka)

Where should you stay in Melaka? How about setting base at an upscale neighborhood that offers an amazing view of the Strait of Melaka? You can be neighbor to a 5-star hotel and swim at an instagram-worthy infinity pool, which in my opinion, qualifies as an attraction on its own. All for a very affordable price, ya know? :) Today’s

Jonker Street Night Market

Melaka Jonker Street Night Market is One of the Best Night Markets in Asia (Day 1 Part 2)

I was surprised that I actually love Melaka’s Jonker Street Night Market, which is likely the most touristy place in Melaka. Those who know my traveling style would know how much I loathe overly-touristy places. So, what made Jonker Street Night Market so special? It’s all about good food, reasonable pricing, vibrant ambiance and beautiful historical buildings! Let me bring you through

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