Central Taiwan

Hehuanshan East Peak

This Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi gives fast signal even on a mountain top

Hi all, travelling to Taiwan soon? I highly-recommend this Taiwan 4G WiFi which I was so impressed with when I used it during my 9-day Central Taiwan trip. I’ve even tested it at the summit of Hehuanshan East Peak – which is over 3,000 metre above ground – and there wasn’t a single lag. Can you believe it? Updated (Apr […]

Cingjing to Hehuanshan

Rent a Car in Taiwan: My Cheap & Fuss-free Taiwan Car Rental Experience

“Are you sure you want to rent a car through this website? Not many reviews yet, you know?” I’d asked my partner. I was referring to a Taiwan Car Rental listing on Klook.com. I’ve no qualms about being a guinea pig when it comes to testing hotels and Airbnbs. But testing a car is a serious matter. If a car

Driving up hehuanshan

How safe is it to drive up Hehuanshan on your own?

Have you thought of where your next destination would be when you are able to travel again? Taiwan seems to be one of the safest places to visit amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. One way to social distance when travelling is to self-drive instead of joining a bus tour. That happened to be what we did when we rented a car

Things to do around Taichung

Guide to Hiking Hehuanshan in Taiwan – Here’s how to do it!

Did you know that you can hike Hehuanshan, and not just stay around the roadside viewpoints where most tour buses would bring you to? During one winter season, we hiked up Hehuanshan and was surprised to find the climb easy, even for beginners. An hour was all we needed to reach the summit that stood at a respectable altitude of

Cingjing Taiwan

Things to do in Taichung for 9 Days (Itinerary Part 2)

Hey guys, have you been waiting for Part 2 of our Central Taiwan travelogue? Today, you’ll read about the things we did in Taichung region from Day 5 to Day 9. We hiked up a mountain in Hehuanshan, fed some touristy sheep in Cingjing and spent a few days deeply exploring Taichung City. The final day was dedicated to Taoyuan

9 Days Taiwan Itinerary Around Taichung

9 Days Taiwan Itinerary Around Taichung (by rental car) – Part 1

Hey guys, guess you all know by now how much I love Taiwan. It’s been a while since I returned from my fourth trip to Taiwan earlier this year and I’m ready to share with you my 9 Days Taiwan Itinerary around Taichung.  This trip was made possible, all thanks to my personal chauffeur (hee hee!), an affordable rental car

Fushin Hotel Taichung

14 Reasons why I miss Fushin Hotel Taichung (Hotel Review)

I hardly ever say this to a hotel and I’m going to say it to Fushin Hotel in Taichung.  “I miss you!” In fact, I said that out loud just a few hours after checking out of the 4-star hotel. What made me fall in love with this supposedly old and dated hotel in Taichung, Taiwan? Well, plenty of good

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