Chasing waterfalls at Wufengchi and Yuemeikeng in Eastern Taiwan (Day 5)

Wufengchi Waterfall

Day 5 of our Eastern Taiwan Tour would be an adventurous one filled right to the brim with activities ranging from chasing waterfalls at Wufengchi and Yuemeikeng, to visiting museum, eating seafood caught fresh from fishing harbor and more. Join me as we explore attractions around Yilan and Luodong of Eastern Taiwan and see how we got lost in some.

Philippines Tour (Day 1) – Self-guided Cebu City Tour completed in two hours!

Heritage of Cebu Monument

Ready for some ideas on your next holiday trip? How about visiting Philippines which by the way consists of 7,641 islands. Yes. You’ve heard me right – just 7,641 islands. =) It would probably take you just 20 years if you cover one island a day. I covered three islands in my Philippines 10 Days Tour that brought me to Cebu, Oslob, Bohol and Boracay.  

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