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Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation

Hide Imperfections naturally with Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation

We haven’t talked about foundation for quite a while, have we? Today, let’s talk about one that I’ve brought back from Japan – Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation.  Are you looking for a foundation that’s formulated to suit middle-aged skin? Do you want to hide your skin’s imperfections without looking like you have a lot of makeup on? If you […]

Some said Decorte Liposome Repair Serum is a must-try elixir. Is it true?

When travelling in Tokyo, I asked a Japanese local which beauty products were worth recommending. And she said, “Decorte Liposome Repair Serum.”  Hey all, if you’ve read my Tokyo Travelogue, you would know that I made a new Japanese friend on a train when travelling to Hakone, a mountainous hot spring town. This friendly lady recommended two beauty products of

DHC Color Lip Cream

What I thought of DHC Lip Cream after 9 years (Incl. Swatch of DHC Color Lip Cream)

Hey guys, let’s talk about one popular beauty product from Japan – DHC Lip Cream. I first reviewed this product in 2014. Since then, some things have changed. For instance, they now have tinted ones known as DHC Color Lip Cream, and “extra moisturising” ones among others. I also found out a few cons of this product. Instead of updating

Essano Rosehip Foaming Cleanser

Review of Essano Rosehip Foaming Cleanser – Why I don’t use this at night!

Today, let’s check out Essano Rosehip Foaming Cleanser – a soap-free facial cleanser from the kiwi land. Ever since I turned “mature” in age, I’ve been looking out for less drying cleansers, and Essano Rosehip cleanser is one of the recent ones that I’ve tried.  I like its claim of being gentle and nourishing. While non-foaming cleansers, such as cream-based

Meeth Ceraderma Essence

Meeth Ceraderma Essence from Japan may give you luminous and glowing skin!

Hey, let me introduce a new Japanese skincare – Meeth Ceraderma Essence. This luxuriously-priced essence is meant for those with sensitive skin and contains 5 types of ceramide to combat skin dryness.  Who should try this essence? According to Meeth, you should try this if you want fresh, radiant and firm skin. Update (Aug 2022): This post was first published

Elizabeth Arden Lip Balm

Review of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick

5 years after my first purchase, I’m still loving Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick. I first published this post in 2017 when I bought a trio pack at Changi Airport DFS. The tinted lip balms in shades of pink, red and nude felt like a practical addition to my luggage, protecting my lips from dry cabin air

Meeth Face Mask

Meet Meeth – A New Luxury Skincare from Japan that wants to boost your self-confidence!

Hey all, I like to introduce a new skincare brand from Japan. Known as Meeth and helmed by Japanese celebrity Sonmi, this brand is based on a simple philosophy – self confidence! Sonmi believes that how you feel about your skin can shape your behaviour, thoughts and chances you grab in life.  So, how does Meeth skincare boost our self confidence

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild

Why Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild is my everyday face wash!

Do you know what’s my favourite cleanser right now? It’s Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild. I would reach out for it every single day, even though there are many face cleansers sitting in my bathroom waiting to be used. Unfortunately, those just ain’t as gentle as Clinique for my mature and dehydrated skin.  Read on and I’ll share more about

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