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Things to do in Kundasang

12 enjoyable things to do in Kundasang, except for No. 11!

Is Kundasang worth visiting? What are the things to do in Kundasang? Read on as I unveil 12 things I did in this beautiful mountainous town, located about 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu.  For a chronological flow of my 10-day Kota Kinabalu trip, check out these posts first: First 3 Days in Kota Kinabalu Town Central Getting from Kota Kinabalu […]

Where to stay in Kundasang

From Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang: Travelling to a sanctuary with magnificent view!

Still thinking about where to head to for your next holiday? Consider Kota Kinabalu as it offers enough things to make an interesting trip even if you don’t love mountain-climbing. Today, we will continue from Part 1 of our Kota Kinabalu trip and make a 2 hours drive to Kundasang, the place where many would visit to climb the popular

Hakone Cruise

9 things to do in Hakone Loop Tour (My first day in Hakone)

You’ve read how I travelled from Tokyo to Hakone in the morning. Now, let me embark on the tourist-friendly Hakone Loop Tour and share 9 things to do in Hakone. Specifically, I would be covering Hakone attractions in an anti-clockwise direction on my first day there. You’ll also see why more than one day is recommended to fully enjoy this

Hibiya Park Ginza

How I spent my time in Ginza, Tokyo (and discovered this Oasis by chance)

This was my final day based out of Akihabara, and my plan was to shop around Ginza and Tokyo Station. You’ll also see me travelling to Shinjuku to collect Hakone Free Pass, which I would tap on for all my travelling needs for the next 3 days. If you like a chronological flow of my 9-day Tokyo solo trip, check out

Food in Ueno Park, Tokyo

11 things I did in Ueno, including great sushi find in Tokyo (Day 2 Itinerary)

After a fruitful morning enjoying the sights at Asakusa, we are moving on to Ueno to see what this district offers. Ueno, an area located in the same NE region of Tokyo (and near my base in Tokyo) is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy park, temples and street food. Before we proceed to Day 2 (PM) itinerary, read these

VinWonders Phu Quoc

8 Days in Vietnam: Things to do in Phu Quoc & HCM (Part 1)

Hey all, need travel ideas? We spent 8 days in Phu Quoc and Ho Chi Minh and I thoroughly enjoyed my South Vietnam trip. I highly recommend Phu Quoc island especially to those who love water activities, theme parks and great views.  The sea view in Phu Quoc island was beautiful – you’ll get multi-tones of blue set against the sandy

Golden Bridge Da Nang

Is Ba Na Hills worth a visit? Here’s what I think!

Ba Na Hills is a must-visit destination on most tourists’ map when they visit Da Nang, Vietnam. Other than the Instagram-worthy giant palms that hold the Golden Bridge, what else can you do at Ba Na Hills? How long should you spend there? And is the pricey admission worth the experience?     Let me share my experience visiting Ba Na

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