Hiking Teapot Mountain in Taiwan, plus Nanya and Yin Yang Sea on Day 6 (pt 1)

Teapot Mountain

Hiking Teapot Mountain was the highlight of Day 6 of our Eastern Taiwan Tour. In fact, there were so many attractions located along Northeastern Coast of Taiwan that our initial plan was to set off from Luodong at 4am. What? Such ungodly hours! Why so early? If you stay till the end of this story, you would probably suggest that we set off earlier.     Other than hiking Teapot Mountain, we also visited Bitou, Nanya, Yin …

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Chasing waterfalls at Wufengchi and Yuemeikeng in Eastern Taiwan (Day 5)

Wufengchi Waterfall

Day 5 of our Eastern Taiwan Tour would be an adventurous one filled right to the brim with activities ranging from chasing waterfalls at Wufengchi and Yuemeikeng, to visiting museum, eating seafood caught fresh from fishing harbor and more. Join me as we explore attractions around Yilan and Luodong of Eastern Taiwan and see how we got lost in some.

Best hike of Taroko Gorge was at Lushui Trail! (Day 3)

Lushui Trail

What a wonderful day on Day 3 of our Eastern Taiwan Tour! That was probably the first day we actually enjoyed ourselves. Lovely sunshine and beautiful hike at Taroko National Park, what more could we ask for? In fact, the best hike we had in this trip was at Lushui Trail (綠水步道)! It was so stunningly beautiful you have to read this post, okay?

Exploring Shakadang Trail and Chisingtan Beach of Eastern Taiwan (Day 2 – pt 2)

Chisingtan Beach

What a morning of Day 2 that saw us getting “bullied” by Taroko Gorge! Would the afternoon of Day 2 be kinder and offer us a respite from the persistent typhoon-rain? The short answer is ‘No!’. Nevertheless, the fearsome Taroko Gorge would still reward us with a spectacular and one-of-a-kind type of scenery that most tourists would miss. I’ll also show you how pretty Chisingtan beach was. Read on. 

Taroko Gorge on a Rainy Day (Day 2)

Taroko Gorge on rainy day

Here’s what we did on Day 2 of Eastern Taiwan tour – we explored Taroko Gorge! The whole day was dedicated to this immensely-popular gorge in Taiwan. In fact, that was the reason why we were here in Hualien in the first place. I’m not sure why some would dedicate just a few hours to Taroko Gorge. Honestly, a few hours could only touch the surface, i.e. the “touristy” portion. If you have a choice, get your own …

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Boracay Island Hopping Tour (Day 8 – pt 2)

Puka Beach

After an early morning session of helmet diving when we had the opportunity to walk on seabed of Boracay, what’s coming up next would be to continue with another tour – Boracay Island Hopping Tour. This tour on Day 8 of our Philippines 10-Day Tour would bring us to Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island and Puka Beach.

This is why Aguinid Falls in Philippines is so well-loved by all! (Day 2 – pt 2)

Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls was next in line on our Day 2 tour itinerary, after having spent the morning swimming with Whale Sharks and bathing in icy-cold Tumalog Falls. Now listen, I highly recommend Aguinid Falls as a tour destination because it was so unbelievably FUN! Officially, this marked my virgin attempt in hiking up a gushing waterfall. How cool is that?  I won’t hesitate to rank Aguinid Falls as the top 3 highlights of our Philippines 10 Days …

This is why Aguinid Falls in Philippines is so well-loved by all! (Day 2 – pt 2)Read More »

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